Weekly Report: Saturday parking space on No 1 Tee at a Premium

What could be better than having a game of golf on a Saturday afternoon? Well we all know watching Club rugby is the top priority for many, but as Tuhirangi Greytown had the bye, the writer had the pass for an afternoon game with Jane. It was great to see so many members on the course, and given that space on the No 1 tee was at a premium; obviously there were several visitors who were like-minded, including a group from Royal Wellington, taking a break from their bunkers and heavy roughs.

Saturday was the last day to complete the first round of the Captains Trophy. Highlights -Bob Goodley up against Sam Cooke, took time on the 18th to sink his putt to level the score, going into extra time back up the 1st to win. Ash Reede having a great game crushed opponent Doug Clark, but had to settle for second place in Saturdays comp against Lyall Callaghan with a staggering +9. Playing off a 4, with a near faultless round of 67 (nett 63), Lyall

April Committee meeting report:

The Club Committee met on 24th April and discussed the following:

  • Trees: In-depth discussion took place on all aspects of the proposed tree removal including safety, course closure and suggested tree plantings as advised by Peter Cameron. Followed by motions to carry out work as per submitted tree proposals.
  • No. 1 Tee to have old signage removed plus signage work needed around course.
  • Holes to be drilled in some bunkers to create soak pits.
  • Hole in One: policy formalised and accepted (based on un-documented status quo). To be displayed for members
  • Work continues around the clubhouse and some quotes received for painting.
  • 13 new members during February, 8 resignations.

Weekly Report: Wilkies week a Dream

We are all told that good things do come to those who wait. For some that wait seems to take a lifetime, but for Jenny Wilkie this week was a dream. On behalf of the members at Martinborough we are delighted that you have finally made it into single digits. Further while we are on the subject of Jenny she also had a win on Friday against Masterton at Featherston in the Riverside Cup team- outstanding putting and continued her good form again on Monday against Royal Wellington at Wainuiomata in the Pennant Team with awesome drives!

Riverside Cup on Friday against Masterton 3

Weekly Report: Interclub Friendly at Royal Wellington

The Lady Stout Cup, the interclub friendly against Heretaunga was competed for last Friday 21st at Royal Wellington. It was fitting that this was held on the Queen’s actual birthday. The course was in magnificent condition, a fine display of autumn leaves, very thick rough and lightning greens with slippery slopes. The hosts were friendly, the lunch delightful, unfortunately the golf for some a nightmare, coming in second was not such a surprise. Our star player with the most stableford points and making us proud with 34 was Bindy Mc Leod. Most of team wore their uniform and for those who didn

March Committee meeting report:

The Club Committee met on 27th March and discussed the following:

  • Centennial in 2008: work needs to start early with members involvement.
  • Front Entrance: Ideas to be discussed in forthcoming meetings (possible centenary project).
  • Trees: following a visit by Peter Cameron a summary of his discussions/recommendations to be made available to members and a further visit from Peter to be arranged where interested Members will be welcome to hear his advice. Following that a ‘Tree’ plan to be formulated.
  • Hole in One: there has been some confusion as to the reward made for ‘Hole in Ones’ so a true wording will be presented at next meeting so as to define the policy.
  • A request has been made for a sign from the 12th to Women’s 13th Tee to avoid confusion. Also signage at No. 1 Tee needs attention.
  • New gas hot water system completed plus upgrades to various other plumbing.
  • 8 new members during February, 11 resignations.

Weekly Report: Twos Galore at Easter Tourney

Like bees to the honey pot, this holiday weekend saw a hive of activity at the course. Members and green fee players alike enjoying our warm southern hospitality thanks to Sue in the office, the committee and of course Darren the green keeper and his helpers for the impeccable greens, going by the amount of twos. (Fourteen on Sunday, eight on Thursday)

Our Match Committee Convenor Sherry was delighted with the mighty fine turn out for Easter Sundays Chicken and Egg Tournament. It was great that so many of you came along and brought your guests to enjoy in this fun day. If you thought you

Weekly Report: Martinborough Wins Rew And McCracken Silverware

Martinborough, as hosts this year of the Rew and Mc Cracken Cup fixture last Friday took full advantage of local knowledge to take the silverware. The team captained by Jenny Wilkie, included Bindy Mc Leod, the writer, Jane Cooke, Heather Draper and Diana Donald. Undeterred by the erratic weather conditions, they returned to the clubhouse with a very creditable combined nett score of 461. Three shots back were Riversdale on 464, closely followed by last years winners, Masterton 467. Carterton finished with 477, Mahunga 483 and Featherston 497.

Saturdays Par round was in stark contrast to Sundays results. Peter Bain arrived home all square, while Brian Sklenars, Peter Hudson and Kris Chamberlain came in