MCG News 15/08/17



The catch up rounds of Tilson Salver have gone well for the some members of the team with a great win Sunday week by Marie Scrimshaw who sealed the game with an ACE on the Par 3 15th hole at Carterton against Riversdale team member  Maxine Moss to win 5/3.  Congrats to you Marie, not an easy hole to achieve the ultimate feat in golf! Carol Parkinson also had a good day winning her match 5/4. This Sunday just gone saw the team play Carterton at Mahunga and again it was this winning duo with Carol winning her match 5/3 and Marie 1 up. The last round is next weekend at Featherston against Masterton. Good luck to you all. We have members also playing for Featherston, Riversdale BGC and Mahunga.

Riverside Cup final round is also coming up on Friday 25th at Carterton against 2nd place on the leaderboard Masterton.

The Tuesday Grumpies was won by a visitor from Te Kuiti Graham Lee on +5 as well as Rick Hargreaves also on + 5.

There were 21 starters and 13 who completed their rounds on Wednesday; the hardy or foolish boxed on to play HPMC Stableford with some improvement with the scores. Dairy farmer and well used to the puggy conditions and the odd shower Jo Loe of Oporua slid in with 37 pts, 2nd Carol Parkinson  back from Africa 34 pts, 3rd Venetia Morison 33 pts and 4th Jaclyn Kras with 32 pts. All Teed Up NTP on Number 6 went to Sandra Petersen while Bindy Mc Leod picked up the Medici Voucher for NTP on Number 8. No twos and no birds nest this week.

The Nine hole group supported the towns cafes coffers.

There were forty players who rocked up to the course on Thursday  and those present had brilliant sunshine and for some they have finally got their names in print by advising the writer of their results. Peter Hudson took out line honours with 41 stable ford points. 2nd Malcolm Bridge  who will miss this week as he be delivering the post to the RD2 boxes with 40 pts on a c/b to new comer Davis Clark. 4th Sheldon Mc Namara with 39 pts on a c/b to Andrew Lawler. The prize list went all the way down to 10th with 6th being Shayne Hammond on 38pts on a c/b to Arthur Warren on a c/b to Captaini Bill on a c/b to Rob Mc Creary. Twos to Malcolm Bridge, Craig Andrews and Chris Ranish.

Round three of The Order of Merit  on Sunday saw Ro Griffith winning the day with a solid 42 Stableford points over Captain Bill Crook on 41pts. 3rd Alistair Boyne  & Colin Wibley Smith on 40 Pts .

This Sunday is the Bottle O Lefties and Righties Tournament, format is four ball in the morning and foursomes in the afternoon. Spaces are still available contact the office@