26.09.20 10.10.20 17.10.20 31.10.20
Sd 1st Rd 2nd Rd Semi-final FINAL
1 Tony Russo
16 Nick Morison
8 Colin Whibley-Smith
9 Robert Coy
4 George Kirk
13 Shane Cater
5 Chris Ranish
12 Randal Warner
2 Lance Phelps
15 Brian Russo
7 Rob Lopez
10 Jason Shaw
3 Sheldon McNamara
14 Mark Lucock
6 Matt Thomas
11 Dean Schaef



  26.09.20 10.10.20 17.10.20 31.10.20
Sd 1st Rd 2nd Rd Semi-final FINAL
1 Steve Croft
16 Brent McKinlay
8 Michael Rust
9 Grant Newdick
4 Bob Tosswill
13 Edward Brown
5 Derek Stephens
12 Alan Heath
2 Alistair Boyne
15 Richard Mills
7 Doug Ferguson
10 Rick Thompson
3 Peter Gray
14 Guy Walmsley
6 Peter Griffiths
11 Darren O’Dwyer



8th Aug 22nd Aug 5th Sept Final (19th Sept)
Bye Doug/Gumboot
Bob/Doug F Doug/Gumboot
Shane/Tora Bob/Doug F
John W/Dean Bob/Glen
Mike/ Richard M John W/Dean
Bye Bob/Glen
Bob/Glen Bob/Glen
Guy/John E
Bye Guy/John E
Delboy/Dayle Delroy/Dayle
Alec/Eddie Delboy/Dayle
Bye Jason/Brent
Bye Jason/Brent
Colin/Malcolm B Colin/Malcolm B



1st Rd

(27 June)

2nd Rd

(4 July)

Semi’s Final
Trevor H/Chris R
Brent/Pete Trevor H/Chris R
Shane/Tora Shane/Tora
Alec/Brian Shane/Tora
Delboy/Dayle S Shane/Tora (WINNERS)
Rob/Jason Rob/Jason
Pete/Jackson Pete/Jackson
Colin/Malcolm B Pete/Jackson
Bob/Doug F
Guy/John Guy/John
Randal/Dean John/Bob
John/Bob John/Bob
Richard/Mike George/Martin (RUNNERS UP)
George/Martin George/Martin
Bye George/Martin
Doug/Gumboot Doug/Gumboot



Matchplay using h’cap. Please arrange own tee times and play ASAP.
8th March 22nd March Please play ASAP Please play ASAP TBA.
1st Rd 2nd Rd 3rd Rd 4th Rd FINAL
Grant Newdick Grant Newdick
BYE Glen Harper
Guy Walmsley Glen Harper
Glen Harper Glen Harper
Bob Schofield Bob Schofield
BYE Bob Schofield
Edward Brown Edward Brown
BYE Glen Harper
George Kirk George Kirk
BYE Derek Stephens
Derek Stephens Derek Stephens
BYE Derek Stephens
Dean Shaef Dean Shaef
BYE Dean Shaef
Trev Petersen Trev Petersen
John Warner John Warner
BYE Brian Russo
Brian Russo Brian Russo
Alan Heath Brian Russo
Dayle Scrimshaw Dayle Scrimshaw
BYE Dayle Scrimshaw
Andrew Lawler Andrew Lawler
BYE Tora Boyne
Tora Boyne Tora Boyne
BYE Tora Boyne
Doug Fergusson Doug Fergusson
BYE Tora Boyne
Alec Dontertman Alec Dontertman
BYE Alec Dontertman
Kevin Williams Kevin Williams


MGC NEWS 15/12/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we prepare for Christmas in less than a week and get ready to farewell 2019, there is still plenty of golf to be played out there… the recent rain will give the grass a new lease on life; and although the water tanks will be singing out, the mowers of lawns are inwardly groaning!! 

Grumpies results from last week – 1st Bill Jones on +8, 2nd = Guy Walmsley, Jason Shaw, Mariana McDermott and Alan eagle on +7, 6th = Rick Hargreaves, Sandy Bidwill and Terry Blacktop on +5. The only two was Tony Taylor.

Last Thursday was another jaw-dropping, mathematical, phenomenon… 1st Rob McCreary 54, 2nd Dayle Scrimshaw 47. 3rd Mariana McDermott 46, 4th Bill Gordon 45, 5th Ro Griffiths 44, 6th = Gumboot Petersen & Ed Elworthy.  Twos, Malcolm Wood (2), Gumboot, Colin Whibley-Smith, Dean Schaef, Andrew McKenzie, Greg Dalton & Johnson Williams who also took out nearest the pin.

The weekend before last was the mixed foursomes – 36 holes played over the weekend, Gross – 1st Pip & George Kirk 163, 2nd Debbie & Martin Napier 169, 3rd Kris & Rob 176. Nett – 1st Team Gumboot 131, 2nd Team Scrimshaw 133, 3rd, Team Loe. Stableford – 1st Billie & Ali Holmes 83. 2nd Lizzie & Pete 79, 3rd Felicity & Andrew 72. 

Last weekend was the Club Christmas Closing day and a good day was had by all involved! Results as follows (nett), 1st Irene Lovejoy, Doug Clark, Bob Schofield & Steve Lewis 54, 2nd Tingay Davidson, Derek Stephens, Gary Cuttance & Malcolm Bridge 55, 3rd Malcolm Wood, Richard Mills, Andy Morison & Rob Lopez 55, 4th Jason Shaw, Gumboot, Dean Schaef & Terry Blacktop 56.125. Nearest the pins went to Ro Griffiths, Rocky Hudson, Doug Clark & Emily Loughnan. 

We sadly said our farewells to Graham Stephenson this week; he and his wife Leonie have been caterers at our club for the last few years.  Graham’s cheery disposition and support for his community will not be forgotten – our thoughts are with Leonie, Tony & Jan and Nina.

We wrap up the year with Smiddy’s tournament today – good luck to all playing… prepare for a long round, and enjoy the company of your fellow golfers in memory of our good mate Neil Smith.

Look after you and yours, kia kaha and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 02/12/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

This week saw the exciting unveiling of a new mower in Martinborough.  The “Thursday Club” players are gathered around a new greens mower which has been purchased due to the kindness of the late Ian Henderson (nicknamed Spacey) who left a very generous bequest to the club. Ian was a real stalwart of Martinborough for many years holding roles as president and patron during his golfing life. He was also a life member and an Eagle. His family presented the bequest at a recent tournament. The mower has been appropriately branded to his memory.

Mens Shootout Final
It was a balmy day for the men’s shoot-out on Sunday.  Fresh from driving over the Hill Kevin Williams lost in a six-way chip on the first hole. After a wayward tee shot, followed by some drains, Shane Hartnell was next to leave. Number 3 is always tricky and Pete Griffiths second wanted to wander right into the vines.  Phil Eberlien short of the Womens Tee was not what he had in mind on his departure card at gate four. Bull Hill saw a three-way chip off with John Errington given a yellow card. Another chip off on number 6 saw a six-inch differential with debutante Doug Ferguson told to try again next year.  Rounding the Oaks on number 7 the Referees were forced to bring out the tape measure and with a dead heat on the first chip, it was Dale Scrimshaw who was shown the door.  Bob Schofield departed after a three-way chip on number 8. Richard Mills planted a stunning drive down the fairway on nine only to lose with a short chip. The tenth caused angst to first timer Rob Lopez, he learnt that you just go for it. Another soul to fall from a wayward tee shot and no shots Colin Whibley-Smith hopped on the trailer at 11.  Ro Griffiths was one of two to hit OB on 12 unfortunately his recovery was not good enough to stay the distance. The 13th and Glen Harper found himself in a five-way chip off and there were no ands for him. Another chip off on 14 and Gary Cuttance was given the order. On the 15th four of the five remaining had another chip off, this time Trevor Petersen was told to park his cart.  Onto the 16th and the two players without shots chipped off with John Warners chip four inches too long.  Going up 17th the players were clearly tiring at this stage with Alec Donderman finally faltering after a magnificent 16 holes.  The last two standing were Guy Warmsley and Mark Lucock. Great drives from both with solid seconds, their third shots very average, Guy missed his four-foot putt to hand Mark the Stacey Hartnell Memorial Trophy for 2019. Not bad considering he survived after having a nine on number two and being a party to numerous chip offs.   Congrats to Mark and everyone who made the day very entertaining – Thanks to Tora for the write-up!

2019 MENS SHOOTOUT FINAL (updated 02/12/19)

1 58 Richard Mills Before 10th hole
2 62 Dayle Srimshaw Before 10th hole
3 64 Colin Whibley-Smith 11th hole
4 65 Kevin Williams Before 10th hole
65 Bill Jones DNS
65 Gary Cuttance 14th hole
7 67 Brian Russo DNS
8 68 John Errington Before 10th hole
68 John Warner 16th hole
68 Peter Griffiths Before 10th hole
11 69 Rob Lopez 10th hole
69 Alec Dondertman 17th hole
69 Philip Eberlein Before 10th hole
14 70 Guy Walmsley 18th hole – RUNNER UP
70 James Blundell DNS
70 Trevor Petersen 15th hole
70 Shane Hartnell Before 10th hole
18 71 Bob Schofield Before 10th hole
71 Mark Lucock WINNER
71 Doug Ferguson Before 10th hole
21 72 Glen Harper 13th hole
72 Barry Johnson DNS
23 73 Alistair Boyne DNS
73 Ro Griffiths 12th hole
25 74 Rick Hargreaves
26 75 Steve Croft
27 76 Johnson Williams
28 77 Greg Dalton
77 Andrew Lawler
77 Edward Brown
31 80 Nick Morison


MGC NEWS 24/11/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Grumpies results 1st Malcolm Bridge 43, 2nd Doug Fergusson 42, 3rd = Randall Warner, Bill Jones, Alan Eagle and Griff Page 0n 41. Twos went to Randall Warner, Bill Gordon, Doug Fergusson, Alan Yates and Sandy Bidwill.

The ladies had their closing day last week so are all wrapped up for the season – I don’t have a full results list but I understand Sandra Petersen cleaned up pretty well with a number of trophies!!

Thursday was a stunner of a day and a good crowd turned up and moaning was minimal as they were directed to all corners of the course!!  1st = Paul McKenzie & Colin Whibley Smith 44, 3rd Sheldon McNamara 43, 4th Davis Lester Clarke, 5th = Rob Lopez, Mariana McDermott, Dayle Scrimshaw, Kris Chamberlain & Ro Griffiths 41.  Twos went to Paul McKenzie, Brian Russo, Richard Thompson, Sheldon, Greg Dalton, Gary Cuttance and Malcolm Bridge, nearest the pin Tim Loe.  Smiddy’s tournament is being held on 19th December – it’s now in it’s 9th year in remembrance and celebration of the great man Neil Smith; it’s a super fun day – all are welcome.

This weekend is the Masterborough Trophy at Masterton on Saturday and the Men’s Shoot Out final on Sunday – a great spectator day for those not involved.

The AGM is being held in the clubrooms next Wednesday at 5:30.

Take advantage of this run of beautiful weather and get out on the course and good golfing everyone!