MGC NEWS 16/06/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

The shortest day is tomorrow – so as well as remembering to plant your garlic, you can celebrate that the days will be getting lighter…..slowly but surely!!

Grumpies first up as usual – 1stBill Gordon 40, 2ndCaptain Morison 39, 3rdRoger Smearton  36. Twos went to Malcolm Bridge and John Errington.

Ladies played LGU, putting and shootout and there are no changes to the shootout standings. In top form for the putting was Sandra Petersen with just 26 putts, followed by Adele Cairns and Venetia Morison with 31 putts. Sandra also had the best nett score with 74.  Sue Dinnison and Adele Cairns had 77. Nearest the Pins were: All Teed Up No 6 Julie Dondertman and Cafe Medici No 8 Angela Busby.

The 9 Hole group has finished their Handicapped Champs with Debbie Coom the winner, and Sherryl Howie the runner up.  Billie Holmes won the plate with Jenny Joblin the runner up.  12th June results from a putting round:  1st Jenny Tucker 12 putts, 2nd Jenny Tosswill 15 putts, 3rd Mary Herrick and Jane Fanselow –Price 16 putts.  Nearest the Pin Tingay Davidson.

Thursday club proved that some players will do anything to get out of staying at home – although I was assured it was very mild out there it certainly was wet!!  1stMalcolm Wood 42, 2ndSky Elworthy 38, 3rd= Doug Clark, Captain Morison, Chris Ranish & Nick Morison.  Twos: the Captain, Doug Clark, Malcolm Wood & Colin Whibly-Smith – nearest the pin Doug Clark.

Sunday was the Ngahau trophy and Grandma/Grandpa tournament and from all accounts was a successful day out with the sun shining.  The winners of the Ngahau trophy (Committee members) were Trevor Hawkins and Mary Desbonnet.  Grandmas in the prizes were – 1stMary Desbonnet 35, 2ndBindy McLeod 29 3rdSandra Petersen 28.  Grandpas 1st= Trevor Hawkins and Phil Eberlein 41, 3rdMalcolm Wood 39, 4thBob Tosswill 38. Non-grandmas 1stKaren Shaw 35, 2ndMariana McDermott 32; Non-Grandpas 1stBevan Sweeny 39, 2ndDayle Scrimshaw 36, 3rdSteve Croft 35.  Twos Malcolm Wood & Pete Price.

The course is looking good but do your part by replacing divots and pitch marks – good golfing everyone!

Photo: (L/R) Trevor Hawkins, Mary Desbonnet, and Phil Eberlein.

MGC NEWS 09/06/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Hello winter….she is sure making her presence felt, the home fires haven’t stopped burning since 1stJune – just remember there are still trailer-loads of wood available from the club for the bargain price of $250 delivered – give your details to Sue in the office.

Grumpies winner last week was Alan Eagle on +4, 2ndDavid Marsh on +3, 3rd Bill Gordon on +1, 4thPeter Price on even. Twos were Brent Mortensen, Chris Handley and Terry Blacktop.

Ladies golf was rained off so no news from them, their HPMC round has been re-scheduled for 26thJune.

The sun came out on Thursday and over 40 players joined in the fun. 1stJohn-Dean Smith 40, 2ndSandy Bidwill 39, 3rd= Paul Weeks (Hawkestone) and Colin Whibley Smith 38, 5th= Stu Taplin, Sheldon McNamara, Rob Coy and Mr & Mrs Gumboot; twos Colin Whibley Smith, Bob Schofield, Gumboot, Andy Morison, George Kirk and Malcolm Bridge – nearest the pin Gumboot.  Captain Morison had a significant birthday recently (I know we all said he looked amazing for eighty too), and shouted the bar – thanks Andy…happy 70th!

Coming up this Sunday The Ngahau Trophy and Grandma/Grandpa tournament – divisions for non-geriatrics too!!  Make up your own fours or be at the club by 10am to go in the draw – tee off at 11am – entry fee is $20 per person.

Just remember, golf coaching is available at the Martinborough Golf Club each Thursday from 9am to 11.30am.  If you are interested feel free to contact Joel either through email at or 027 283 9009.

Stay warm and make the most of the sunnydays when we get them – and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 02/06/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Did you hear the one about the butcher, the builder, the plumber and the farmer?  Well, they make a formidable Ambrose team and were back on winning form at the Martinborough Kindergarten Ambrose Fundraiser on Queen’s Birthday.   The day was a huge success with a full field who enjoyed on course refreshments, raffles and an auction to top the night off. There were a host of volunteers and sponsors, but massive thanks to Gloagy and Kate Patterson who took the reins this year and organised the event. They raised over $11,000 – thanks to the generosity of the community, and some further afield. The winning team consisted of (left to right in photo) Nigel Malneek, Shane Hartnell, Craig Colton & Scott Reid, 2ndTeam Taylor, & Stephens, 3rdTim & Jo Lowe, Marilyn McKenzie & Andrew Sim. 4thTeam Gumboot & Scrimshaw, 5thTeam Fenwick & Nicholson.

Grumpies winner this week was the organiser Terry Blacktop  41, 2ndChris Ranish 40, 3rd Elaine Howe on 39, 4th Randall Warner and Garry Cuttance on 38.

The 9 holers are finishing their matches for the Howie Handicapped Champs so those not involved played a Stableford Round last week 1st Jane Fanselow Price 22, 2nd Mary Herrick 20, 3rd Leonie Wilde 19.

The ladies silver Pennants team finished the season in third place, so, with the Bronze team finishing second, it was a good year for Pennants.  Last Wednesday was a Bisque Par round; 1st Julie Weber +9, 2ndJu Allen +8, 3rdBindy McLeod, Carol Parkinson and Marie Scrimshaw +6.   Ju and Carol won nearest the pins and were also the only ladies who scored twos.

Thursday was a lower turn out than usual…possibly due to the inclement weather brewing in the South! 1stNick Morison 42, 2ndPaul Shepherd 40, 3rdEd Elworthy and Dave Stevenson.  Twos, deep breath…..Dave Kershaw, Rob Coy, Nick Morison, Dave Stevenson, Paul Shepherd, Chris Ranish, Malcolm Bridge and Doug Clark who also scored closest to the pin.

Coming up…..Sunday 16thJune – Ngahau Grandma/Grandpa trophy; don’t let the name deter any folks lacking the ‘pipe and slippers’ and/or offspring!!

Stay warm, over these next few wintry days and nights…another high is on it’s way next week – and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 26/05/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Well, goodbye autumn, hello winter and here comes the rain!! On the bright side it’s only 3 weeks until the shortest day…then it will start getting lighter….slowly…but surely!!

Grumpies first up;  1stRick Hargreaves 43,  2nd  = Ro Griffiths and Mariana McDermott on 40, 4th=  Andrew Simm and Bob Tosswill on 38, 6thBill Jago on 36. There were twos by Randall Warner, Nick Allen and Bob Tosswill.

On Friday the ladies hosted Rew & McCracken, which is a Wairarapa competition with 6 players in the team, in the end, home course advantage prevailed with Martinborough finishing ahead.  Well done team.  The Bronze pennants team had been top of the table, but sadly got pipped at the post to finish second, just one point behind Boulcott Farm after their last match on Monday.  Results from last week; 1stJulie Weber 45, 2ndJu Allen 39, 3rdAngela Busby 38.  Nearest the pins were Ju and Jan Lankow and Ju also scored the only two.  Unfortunately, they have had to cancel their Open Day scheduled for tomorrow, due to low numbers.

Thursday was a cracker of a day with a good turnout – Concrete King Mr Mills brought home the bacon with 44, 2ndMalcolm Wood 41, 3rd= Chris Wilkie, Kerry Mountcastle, Rob McCreary & Dean Schaef 40, 7th David Kershaw 39.  Twos – Gary James, Randal Warner (who also got nearest the pin), Dayle Scrimshaw, Joel Macklin, Doug Clark, James Blundell & Kerry Mountcastle – all the best to Kerry for his trip to the states, he deserves all he can get!

This weekend’s competition was par – 1st= Malcolm Wood & Doug Clark 4, 3rd= Pete Griffiths, Phil Eberlein & Cathy Taylor 3, 6th= Shane Hartnell & Brian Russo.  Twos: Rob Lopez and John Warner.

Coming up: – Martinborough Kindergarten Fundraiser Ambrose Tournament on Queen’s Birthday – This Monday 3rdJune – a lot of fun and a good cause – good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 19/05/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we head towards the last week of autumn, we’ve been lucky with the weather, although the mornings have been quite fresh!! Remember there are still cords of firewood available from the club – speak to Doug Clark or Trevor Hawkins.

Grumpies had a good field of 34 last week; although some were delighted there were 7 jugs for not making the ladies tee…..some not so! 1st= Bill Gordon, Frank Colton, Lachie McLeod and Kris Chamberlain on 36, 5thTed Peacock on 35.

The ladies played a par round.  1stJulie Weber (+3), 2nd Pamela Messervy (+2),  3rd on a countback from Adele Cairns was Jo Loe with +1.  Nearest the pins Jenny Wilkie, Marion McKenzie & Alison Tipler.  Longest Drives , Sandra Petersen and Lizzie Goodall.  Next Friday (24th) they are hosting Rew and McCracken.  Please remember to let Sharon Jephson know if you want to play in the Open Day on Friday 31 May – or put your name on the list on the noticeboard.

Thursday Club held the inaugural ‘Friendship Tournament’ last week and it was a brilliant turn out with nearly 60 folks turning up to meet new…and old friends!  Huge thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors…Mrs Gumboot for the organising along with Doug Clark, Mr Gumboot for providing the lamb for the prizes, Jimmy at Cool Change for vouchers as well as the Pukemanu Tavern (Trust House). It was a fun day; 1st= Bindy McLeod & Mariana McDermott (41), 3rd= Keith Rayner & Paul McKenzie (40), 5th= Bill Gordon, Craig Andrews, Ro Griffiths, Andy Sim, Bob Tosswill, Colin Whibley-Smith, Ali Holmes & Malcolm Wood (37). Twos were few and paid well – Mariana (2), Bindy McLeod & Sheldon McNamara. Nearest the pins, Doug Fergusson, George Kirk, Bob Tosswill & Bindy McLeod.  Longest drives, Nick Morison, Tony Didsbury and Sandra Petersen.

Sunday’s competition was Medal, 1st= Colin Whibley Smith & Phil Eberlein (69), 3rdMalcolm Wood (70), 4th= Martin Napier & Andrew Smith (Royal Wellington). Twos, Malcolm Wood (2), Colin Whibley-Smith & Andrew Smith.

After round 4 of Marquis Shield, Martinborough has some bad luck against Mahunga and has slipped down the rankings to 5th– good luck to all involved in Carterton on 9thJune.

Have a good week, stay warm and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 12/05/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we tick over the half way mark for May, the weather is definitely getting cooler – and although we’ve had some beautiful sunny days, it might be time to swop over the summer/winter wardrobes!!

Grumpies kick us off as per usual, the played a bisque par round, 1st = Roger Smeaton and Lachie McLeod on +8, 3rd = Brent Mortensen and Elaine Howe, on +7 5th  Rob McCreary on +6. Twos: Terry Blacktop.

Last week’s ladies competition was a nett round with putting and shootout.  The winner of the nett was Marion McKenzie with 67, in second place and scoring the only two of the day was Carol Parkinson with 72, 3rd Julie Weber,  74.  Joint winners of the putting were Marion McKenzie  and Sandra Petersen with 28.

Thursday was a crackerjack day and had nearly 40 players.  1st Bob Tosswill 42, 2nd Dayle Scrimshaw 40, 3rd Stu Taplin 39, 4th Paul Shepherd 38, 5th Michael Tosswill 36. Twos: Doug Clark (2), Bob Tosswill, Davis Lester Clark, Stu Taplin, Dayle Scrimshaw, Gumboot Petersen, Shayne Hammond, Marty Napier, Sheldon McNamara, Bill Jones and Greg Dalton – needless to say the prize was a coin!!  Nearest the pin Doug Clark.  Today is the friendship tournament, turn up and get allocated a mate be it new or old!!

Men’s interclub and congratulations to the div 5 team who despite only picking up two points in the last round still won by 1.5 point with a catch-up game in hand. Another win to Sheldon McNamara who led the boys well this season.  Halves to Colin Whibley Smith and Craig Andrews. The Div 11 boys travelled to Wainuiomata where they picked up 4.5 points against the eventual champions .Wins to Rob Coy and Johnson Williams with halves to Rick Hargreaves and Pete Gray. A special mention to Pete Grays 10 year old son Jackson  on a 36 handicap who filled in late notice with borrowed clubs who just lost 3/2.

The Beef & Burgundy Tournament was a good success on Sunday and the threatened cold and wet forecast was delayed until later in the afternoon…thank you!!  1st Team Anita Karaitiana 55.5, 2nd Team Trev Hawkins 56.125, 3rd Team Ant North 56.875, 4th Team Kane Lloyd 56.875, 5th Team Eastwood Motors 1 57.625, 6th Team Captain Kirk 58.25, 7th Team Walmsley 58.25, 8th Team Jamie Gray 58.25, 9th Team Scotty the Butcher 58.375 and 10th Team Terry Blacktop 58.375.  Nearest the pins – Russel Kirk, JD, Owen Lloyd and Ray Cocks.

Master-borough on the 18th May has been postponed – no date confirmed yet.

Have a good week, wrap up warm and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 05/05/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Grumpies results 1st Andy Morison +5, 2nd = Andrew Simm & Randall Warner +3, 4th =  Nick Allen, Sandy Bidwill, David Lester Clark & Bill Jago +1.  There were no two’s.

9-holers:- Putting comp 1st Jenny Tucker 14, 2nd Leonie Wilde 15, 3rd = Debbie Coom & Sue Dalton 16, Closest to the Pin Sandra Burgess.

Ladies played a stableford competition – HPMC round 2.  1st Alison Tipler 38, 2nd Sylvia Beavis 37 on a countback from Sue Dinnison.  Twos – Marilyn MacKenzie, Venetia Morison and Alison Tipler.  Nearest the pins were Venetia and Sue Dinnison.  They hold their open Day on Friday 31 May.  It would be great to see as many Martinborough players as possible, but also, please invite your friends from other clubs.  Let Sharon Jephson know if you would like to enter

Special mention to the Thursday Morning Puke Players, I understand Ronny Harley broke a record…I’m not sure whether it was the highest round recorded though?!

Thursday Club was taken out by George Kirk – 1st (43), 2nd Colin Whibley-Smith, 3rd = Tora Boyne, Malcolm Wood & Tim Loe 40, 6th Paul Mckenzie, Sweenz & Sandra Petersen. Twos, George Kirk and Dayle Scrimshaw, nearest the pin….George Kirk – it definitely was his day!!

Sunday’s comp was stableford, 1st = Sandra Petersen & Davis Lester Clark, 3rd Terry Fraei, 4th = Dayle Harwood & Rick Hargreaves, twos – Bill Jones, Malcolm Wood, Marie Scrimshaw & Phil Eberlein.

Mraquis Shield Round 3 was played on Sunday at Martinborough – we played against Carterton and came off in top place winning all divisions – nice work boys.  Current standings after 3 rounds – 1st Martinborough 11, 2nd Pahiatua 8, 3rd Eketahuna 7.5, 4th Mahunga 4.5, 5th Masterton 4, 6th Carterton 1.

This Sunday is the Beef & Burgundy Tournament – good luck to all those involved – and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 28/04/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we hurtle into the last month of autumn, we have been granted some mild days and the sunshine has provided some fine weather for golfing!

Grumpies as usual get us going; 1st a visitor from Miramar Malcolm Revell on 42 (gross 75), 2nd Malcolm Tuitupou, 38 3rd  Alan Yates, Peter price and Terry Blacktop  37. There was only one two to Paul Riddiford.

Next up the 9 holers; Thurlow 4BBBB Stableford Competition 1st Jane Fanselow-Price and Tingay Davidson 23, Ali Russell and Billie Holmes 23; 2nd: Sherryl Howie & Jacquee Reid 22, Jenny Joblin & Di Bunny  22, 3rd: Jo Guscott & Katrina Burgess 20.

Ladies played a Stableford round, 1st Sue Dinnison 41 2nd   Sue Fox 37, 3rd Honor Clark 35.  Honor also managed to get nearest the pin on 6 and Jenny Wilkie was closest on 8.

Thursday Club, 1st Maloni Tuitupou (Opunake), Derek Stephens, Ed Elworthy 40, 4th Nick Morison 39, 5th Ro Griffiths & Colin Whibley-Smith 38. The twos pot was taken out by Marie Scimshaw on her own and was a good return!! Closest to the pin Doug Clark.  Remember May 16 for ‘Friendship Tournament’.

No competition played on Saturday, Sunday was par and on top form in 1st place George Kirk & Stu Taplin (7), 3rd Derek Stephens (6), 4th Cathy Taylor, Gumboot Petersen & Phil Eberlein (3). Twos: George Kirk (2), Gumboot, Ro Griffiths & John Warner.

Men’s interclub and the penultimate game for the season was not great for div 5 as Wainuiomata turned the tables at Martinborough winning 9.5  to 5,5 but big wins to Colin Whibley-Smith 7/6 and Dean Sheaf 5/4 plus John Warner 3/1 Sheldon McNamara 3/2.and a half to Randle Warner ensured the boys only need 5 points last round to win the division.  The div 11 team had their best away game picking up 6,5 points against Boulcott Heritage farm. There were good wins to Tora Boyne 4/3, Rob Coy 4/2, Doyle Harwood 2up and a fighting half to Rick Hargreaves plus three wins in the 4ball.

Have a good week and good golfing everyone!


MCG News 21/04/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As the last week of autumn rolls out, the weather has warmed up again and the mild days are providing good growing weather on our lawns as well as the course!  Unfortunately, the rain over the latter half of the long weekend put pay to the Featherston 54-hole Easter tournament – but a postponement date will be announced soon.

Grumpies kick us off as usual – 1stMalcom Bridge +9, 2nd= Nick Allen and Alan Wadey +3, 4th= Tom Bunny and Andrew McKenzie +1. Twos were Malcom Bridge (2) and Elaine Howe.

9-holers played a stableford Round, 1st Tingay Davidson 23, 2nd Gaylene Selby-Neal 19, 3rd Leonie Wilde 18 and nearest the pin: Jaquee Reid.

Last week the ladies had a small turnout largely due to school holidays but played a par round 1stGeorgie Wadey all square, 2ndAdele Cairns with -2 on a countback from Jenny Wilkie.  Mariana McDermott won nearest the pin.

Thursday club; 1st= Keith Rayner & Shane Hartnell 43, 3rdKerry Mountcastle 42, 4thArthur Warren 41, 5thGumboot Peteresen, Rick Hargreaves, Pete Price, Craig Andrews & Nick Allen 40. Twos: Kris Chamberlain (2), Sandra Petersen, Kerry Mountcastle & Craig Andrews, nearest the pin Nick Allen.

Captains’ trophy is up to 4thround and matches are as follows:- Doug Fergusson v Terry Blacktop, Kevin Williams v Steve Croft, Brian Russo v Darren O’Dwyer and Craig Andrews v Tora Boyne – these have to be played by 4thMay – good luck to all those still in the chase!!

Coming up: Friday 4thMay – Canadian Foursomes, Sunday 12thMay – Beef & Burgundy Ambrose, Thursday 16thMay – Thursday Club: Friendship Tournament.

Enjoy your Anzac Day – Lest we Forget.

Have a good weekend – Good Golfing everyone.

MCG News 14/04/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

With summer rapidly fading away to a fond memory, hopefully you’ve swept your chimney out and are enjoying some nights in front of the fire – remember the club are selling cords of firewood to raise money for the club, so get in there and order yours today.

The greens were cored on Monday and Tuesday so no Grumpies results this week.  The greens staff & number of volunteers did a great job – Thanks!

The 9-holers enjoyed their round in the sunshine, lucky for them!!  Results for a Nett Sue Bunt Round were 1st Adrienne Sisson 32, 2ndJane Fanselow-Price 33, 3rd Tingay Davidson Nearest the pins Tingay Davidson and Billie Holmes.

Ladies played LGU, 3rd qualifying round of Captain’s Trophy and Shootout.  1stMarion McKenzie, 2ndSue Dinnison, 3rdDiana Donald. Adele Cairns and Sherry Weatherstone got closest to the pins.  There was no change to the shootout scoreboard.  The Bronze pennants team had another wasted trip over the hill on Monday with the competition being called off just after they arrived. Thanks for your perseverance girls.  The Wairarapa Womens Open 18 hole 4BBB which we were to have hosted on Friday 26thApril has now been postponed until 6thSeptember.

Thursday club had a lot more at the starting gates than made it over the finishing line due to the pretty steady rain. 1stDavis Lester Clarke 45, 2ndShayne Hammond 42 (clearly 2 months off for harvest does his golf game well!), 3rdRobert Lopez 39, 4= Ro Griffiths, Ray Matthews, Malcolm Wood, Terry Blacktop, Rob McCreary & Craig Andrews 36.  Nearest the pin Rob Smith, twos: Terry Blacktop & John Warner (a birthday birdie for John!).

Sunday was nett and Stu Taplin was back in winning form with 66, 2nd= Guy Walmsley, Liam Annis, Trev Hawkins & Shane Hartnell. Twos: Derek Stephens, Shane Hartnell, Rex McIntosh, Davis Lester Clarke, Eddy Brown & Karen Shaw.

Men’s interclub and the div 5 guys had a long trip over to Otaki where they picked up 7 valuable points to put them in a commanding lead with two rounds remaining Three wins in the 4ball plus singles wins to John Warner, Colin Whibley Smith, Chris Ranish and debutant Tim Baxter made the trip worth it.  The div 11 boys had their best win of the season with a 10.5-4.5 beating of Kapiti at home Both Malcolm Bridge and Alan Heath had their best games with 5/4 wins while Pete Gray, Johnson Williams, Rick Hargreaves and  Rob Coy won and a half to Pete Griffiths. Three wins and two halves in the 4ball secured the excellent win.

Coming up…Canadian Foursomes on Friday, 3rdMay so find a partner and put your name in with Sue for this. The Beef & Burgundy Ambrose on Sunday 12thMay and this will be limited to 36 teams so get your names in quick for this one as Ambrose tournaments fill up fast.  Last but not least Thursday Club is holding a “Friendship Tournament” on Thursday 16thMay.

Keep warm and dry, stay safe and good golfing everyone!