Our new club house is finally under construction. We all need to respect the worksite, and the workers, and stay behind the safety fencing – even if your ball goes in there.

You can book tee times online or call the office on 06 3069 076.

You can also book carts through the office with hours depending on availability of carts, staff and charging times.


Lo CaptainsTrophy       
1st Rd 2nd Rd Semi’s Final
Tora Boyne
Colin Wibley-Smith Tora Boyne
Trev Petersen Tora Boyne
Sandy Bidwill Trev Petersen
Jason Shaw Tora Boyne
Malcolm Bridge Malcolm Bridge
Alan Heath Malcolm Bridge
Doug Clark Alan Heath
Pete Price
George Kirk Pete Price
Andy Morison Brent McKinlay
Brent McKinlay Brent McKinlay
Steve Croft Brent McKinlay
Guy Walmsley Steve Croft
Josh Hawkins Josh Hawkins
Rob Lopez Josh Hawkins