2018 Vets Championship

1st Rd 2nd Rd Semi’s Final
By 16/10/18  By 30/10/18 By 13/11/18
Randall Warner
Bye Randall Warner
Ali Holmes Randall Warner
Bill Jago Ali Holmes
Paul Harris Randall Warner (Runner up)
Bye Paul Harris
Guy Walmsley Guy Walmsley
Bye Guy Walmsley
Bob Tosswill
Bye Bob Tosswill
Ted Peacock Bob Tosswill
Murray Blackwell Murray Blackwell
Malcolm Bridge Griff Page (Winner)
Bye Malcolm Bridge
John Errington Griff Page
Griff Page Griff Page


MCG News 30/09/18

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

With the first month of spring behind us the members have been busy with various competitions.  Club champs are well under way and the weather has been kind.  The course is looking great, thanks to an army of volunteers for helping the greens team.  The head green keeper Richard Whisker has left and we thank him for his hard work over the past few years.

The grumpies didn’t play this week, but results from last week are as follows:1stDoug Fergusson & Bill Jago (38), 3rdTerry Blacktop (37, 4thMalcolm Bridge & Pat Jeffrey (35); Tom Bunny got a 2.

The 9-holers and ladies are in the midst of their club champs so no results from them this Wednesday.  On Friday however,  the ladies did win the Cotter Rosebowl after a few false starts and delays. The team were Sherry Weathertsone, Angela Busby, Sandra Petersen, Alison Tipler, Ju Allen and Silvia Beavis – well done ladies.

Thursday put on another beautiful day for over forty golfers; 1stGary Cuttance (41), 2ndNick Allen, Bill Jago, Mark Trafford, Colin Whibley-Smith, David Kershaw and Bill Gordon. Nearest the pin Andy Morison, twos: Joel Macklin & Keith Rayner.

The weekend was superb for the Men’s 72 and 36 hole tournament. Results as follows: 72 hole best gross: 1stCameron Elers (295), 2ndTroy Shaw (300), 3rdAshley Winton-Davis (309). Best nett: 1stJohn Warner (285), 2ndTora Boyne (286), 3rdBrendon Curtis (287). The 36 hole best gross: 1stCaleb Kahui (155), 2ndChris Ranish (159), 3rdDean Corke (164).  Best nett: 1stDoug Clark (133), 2ndRo Griffiths (139), 3rdNick Allen (140). Twos…too many to mention….27 in total!!  A good weekend was had by all and thanks go to sponsors Jennian Homes, and Sandra for keeping everything in order!

Good golfing everyone; enjoy the school holidays, and enjoy escaping for a round of golf too!


Draw for 72 Hole Players

08:30 Troy Shaw Cameron Elers Ashley Winton-Davies Rueben Crook
08:37 Brendon Curtis Brian McHattie Brian Hogg John Warner
08:44 Colin Whibley-Smith Liam Annis Nick Morison Naren Patel
08:30 Kishor Sami Radesh Chandra Trevor Hawkins
08:37 Robert Lopez Guy Walmsley Peter Schenk Michael Rust
08:30 Shane Elers Nalin Pratap Dayle Harwood
08:37 Nuki Gordon Brad Joseph Alistair Boyne


Draw for 36 Hole Players

11:30 Caleb Kahui Josh Kahui Malcolm Wood
11:37 Chris Ranish Dean Corke Danniel Kahui
11:44 George Kirk Andy Morison Doug Clark
11:30 Geoff Pearce Jack Stephens Nick Allen Malcolm Bridge
11:37 Sandy Bidwell Bryan Park Sebastian Pelayo Darren O’Dwyer
11:30 Neville Goldie Craig Andrews John Taylor Roland Griffiths
11:37 Robert Kahui Vernon Boyce Graeme Kershaw James Blundell
11:44 David Kershaw Dayle Scrimshaw Peter Stevens Roly Ellis
11:30 Richard Linney Gareth Whitten Paul Fredrickson Michael Anderson
11:37 William Minchin Doug Haswell Brent Jacobs Rick Taylor


MCG News 23/09/18

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

The fine spring weather has made for a pleasurable golfing week, with plenty of action across the board.

The 9-holers played 1st round of the Club Champs; as there were more not involved in champs some played a Stableford round: 1st : Gaylene Selby-Neal (20) on CB to Sandra Burgess, 3rd: Katrina Burgess 19 on CB to Sherryl Howie. Nearest the Pins Gaylene Selby-Neal & Sherryl Howie.

Ladies first round of the Club Championships was held last Wednesday, but there are few players taking part in each division that a large number of people had a bye.  Round two will be held this Wednesday with many playing their first match.   Open Day will be held on Friday 5 October, they would love to see as many of you playing as possible. Please give your name and club i.d. number to Sharon (jeppy@farmside.co.nz or 308 8956).

Thursday club had a great turn-out for their big prize tournament, 52 players turned up and for those that weren’t lucky at golf had a chance to win some great raffle prizes. 1stChris Ranish (43), 2ndBill Jago (42), 3rdCarl Petersen and Craig Andrews (41). Twos: Chris Ranish (2), Craig Colton, Allan Eagle, George Kirk, Pete Price & Bill Jago. Longest drives: Nige Malneek, David Kershaw & Sandra Petersen. Nearest the pins: Craig Colton, Pete Price, Doug Clark & Carl Petersen.

Saturday’s tournament was stableford. 1stJulie Warner (42), 2ndCraig Andrews (40), 3rdTora Boyne (39). Twos: Malcolm Bridge.

Sunday was a cracker day and the AB Martin aka ‘divorce-ament’ had 24 game couples turn up. 1stTrevor & Sandra Petersen (70.5) on CB from Doug & Jan Fergusson. 3rdRon Wall & Adele Cairns (71) on CB from Doug & Honor Clark. No lawyers required and a fun day was had by all, hopefully we’ll see everyone return for the 72 hole mixed foursomes on the first weekend in November.

Men’s 72/36 hole tournament this weekend – good golfing everyone!

Photo: Trevor & Sandra Petersen

2018 Junior Mens Club Championship

06/10/18 20/10/18  17/11/18
  Quarter’s Semi’s Final’s
Darren O’Dwyer
Darren O’Dwyer
Darren O’Dwyer
Ro Griffiths
Scott Reid
Scott Reid
Craig Andrews
Craig Andrews
Craig Andrews
Bill Jones
Craig Andrews
Dayle Scrimshaw
Rick Hargreaves
Rick Hargreaves


MCG News 16/09/18

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

After last week’s wash out everyone managed to get a game in this week, there might even be some sun burnt golfers after Sunday’s Lamb & Chardonnay tournament!!

Grumpies played stableford; 1stRay Matthews on CB from Guy Walmsley; 3rdAndy Morison.

The nine-holers played combined competition to catch up. Stableford 1stJan Fergusson on CB from Jaquee Reed 18, 3rdSandra Burgess on CB from Sherryl Howie 17. Nearest the pins Sherryl Howie and Elizabeth Goodall. Thurlow Four Ball Best Ball – 1stSherryl Howie & Billie Holmes 20, 2ndJan Fergusson & Jenny Tosswill 18, 3rdMichele Falleni & Jenny Tucker 13.

On Wednesday the ladies also played combined competition, Par: Carol Parkinson (all square), 2ndSandra Petersen (-2), 3rdJu Allen (-3). Nett 1stCarole Parkinson (74), 2ndSandra Petersen (75), 3rdMariana McDermott (77); Mariana also won the putting with 32. Nearest the pins: Felicity Warren and Lyle Griffiths. On Friday the ladies finally broke the drought and for the 50thplaying of the Ladies Stout Challenge took the cup from Royal Wellington, Sandra Petersen had 40 points – top score of the day – well done ladies!

Thursday club: 1stChris Ranish & Bill Gordon (40), 3rdPaul McKenzie and Andrew Sim (39). Twos: Doug Clark, Joel Macklin, Sheldon McNamara, Ro Griffiths & Bill Gordon. Nearest the pin: Keith Rayner.

Sunday was a stunning day with a light breeze, thanks to sponsors Eastwood Motor Group for putting on a great Lamb and Chradonnay tournament! 1stTeam Nick Morison (Doug Vrame, James Blundell, Don McCreary & Nick Morison) – 57.125, 2ndTeam Fahey 58.125, 3rdTeam Trevor Hawkins (Doug Clark, Matt Thomas, Richard Mills & Trev) –  59, 4thTeam Shane Hartnell (Nige Malneek, Craig Colton, Scotty the butcher & Shane) 59.25.  The meat packs look great!

AB Martin mixed foursomes (aka the divorce tournament!) coming up this Sunday and don’t forget to register for the men’s 72/36 hole tournament 29th– 30thSeptember. Good golfing everyone!

The winning team below : Lamb & Chardonnay. Doug Vrame, James Blundell, Nick Morison, Don McCreary.

MCG News 09/09/18

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Well golfers, what a wash out to the start of spring!  As predicted not much golf played in Martinborough this week, the course remained waterlogged until the weekend.  This week looks much more promising with plenty of sunshine and fine days forecast.

Sunday was the only competitive outing of the week, the competition was medal and putting. 1st Stuart Taplin 68, 2nd John Warner 73, 3rd Ro Griffiths 74, 4th Bevan Sweeney & Julie Warner 75. Twos: Stuart Taplin x 2 (Tappy’s back!!) and Pete Griffiths won the putting on 30 with some clever off the green approach shots!

This Sunday is the Lamb and Chardonnay Ambrose Tournament, it should be a great day.  

Thursday Club is having a tournament next week on the 20th September – great prizes – all welcome.

The AB Martin mixed foursomes is scheduled for the 23rd September, if you’re worried it might lead to divorce, do not fear, put your name down and we’ll find you a new friend!

The ‘Jennian Homes’ Men’s 72/36 hole stroke tournament is being held on 29th-30th September – please get your entries in to Sue by 24th September, this is a great tournament.

So, dry out your gloves and towels and wipe the mud from your trundlers and good golfing everyone!

MCG News 02/09/18

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Well golfers, spring has sprung…..a leak it would seem.  I don’t think much pleasurable golf will get played this week as the southerlies and rain line up for attack.

Twenty Grumpies played last week, 1st Peter Price +5, 2nd Guy Walmsley +3, 3rd Malcolm Bridge +2. Twos: Lachie McLeod & Ted Peacock. Five unfortunates didn’t make it past the ladies tees – hopefully Terry will give us a glimpse of the league table soon!

9-holers played stableford, 1st Gaylene Delby-Neal, 2nd Katrina Burgess, 3rd Sandy Burgess. Nearest the pins: Jane Fanslow-Price & Katrina Burgess.

Ladies played a nett round with putting. 1st Marilyn MacKenzie 78, 2nd on CB from Adele Cairns, 3rd Rosie McLeod – a good welcome home game! Twos: Adele Cairns, Carol Parkinson won the putting with 33 putts. There’s still time to register for the 50th anniversary of the Lady Stout Competition against Royal Wellington on Friday 14th September.

Thursday club was a rollover from last week so the prizes were great! 1st Sir William Southgate 43, 2nd Nick Allen, Pete Price & Glen Schofer 39, 5th Tony Taylor, Joel Macklin and John Warner 38. Twos: Arthur Warren, Bill Jones, Chris Wilkie, Michael Tosswill & Greg Dalton. Nearest the pin was won with a supreme hole in one by Bevan Sweeney on number 8 – his first – congratulations! We might see Bevan in a hat for the next few weeks after having his head shaved for the Cancer Society on daffodil day, good on you Sweenze!

Saturday’s tournament was stableford, 1st Chris Ranish & Julie Warner 38, 3rd John Warner 36, 4th Sheldon McNamara 35. Twos: Chris Ranish & Sandra Petersen.  Sunday’s competition was medal. 1st Sandra Petersen 64, 2nd John Warner 66, 3rd John Taylor 70 and 4th Stuart Taplin & Carl Petersen 71. Twos: Sandra Petersen. Putting: Sandra Petersen 27 – well cleaned up Mrs P!

Enjoy the first week of spring golfers! Remember Lamb & Chardonnay Open Ambrose Tournament on Sunday 16th September, hurry and register now, places are running out!