MCG News 10/10/17



Over the past few weeks there has been a steady rise in the numbers of members playing on Tuesdays and we have seen a number of players reaping the rewards from playing very well. Results from the last couple of weeks . 1st Murray Blackwell on 43 stableford points 2nd Doug Fergusson on 40pts and 3rd equal Mike Hattrick and Terry Blacktop 39pts. From 3rd Oct 1st Alan Eagle on 42 points from Guy Walmrsley on 39 with Nick Allen and Andrew McKenzie on 38pts.

The nine hole Women played a stableford round last Wednesday 1st Sherryl Howie 19 points 2nd Julie Riddell 18 points.

The Mens Club Championships are underway and in the Senior Championships George Kirk has played his way into the semi finals, his next opponent is John Warner. The quarter final between Sheldon Mc Namara and Tom Hindmarsh will be a goodie and the winner of that match will be playing Chris Ranish in the other semi.

In the Intermediates the winner of coastal neighbours Bob Tosswill and Alistair Boyne will play number one seed Nick Morison in one semi, while Derek Stephens meets Craig Andrews in the other.

There a number of new or returning to golf players have entered in the Juniors along with a couple who are usually in the Intermediates. Ric Thompson v Nathan Fenwick will meet James Elworthy on the top half of the draw, while the winner of the quarter finalists Malcolm Bridge and Greg Dalton will meet  either Ro Griffith or Chris Wilkie on the other side to complete their semis.

A number of the gals from the District travelled up to Windross to watch Lydia and her pals who put on a fine performance, the weather unfortunately ruined Sundays viewing. While back at home the Club held the Jennian Homes Mens 72/ 36 hole Strokeplay Championships, Big thanks to the Kahui family from Wainuiomata Golf Club for contributing six players to this tournament, four playing in the pure format and and two of the lads Dads playing in the 36 holes.

The Spearman Burns brothers also returned, though they took the relaxed option playing in the 36 holes. A number of players from Royal Wellington also bolstered the numbers.

The Nett winners were the youngest and oldest competitors the field of 70.

Results of the 72 holes 1st local Wairarapa lad Troy Shaw from Mahunga  Gross 72,72,79,71=294, 2nd Caleb Kahui  Wainuiomata Gross 296, 3rd Craig Wilkins Te Maura Gross 309, 4th Joe Cuthers Judgeford Gross 313.

Nett: PNBH lad and local Liam Annis Nett 276, 2nd Dave Clarke Mornington 277, 3rd Hugo Daily RWGC 288, 4th Colin Whibley Smith  291 on a c/b to Davis Lester Clarke 6th Sheldon Mc Namara 292, 7th Mike Edginton Wainuiomata 294 8th Will O Connor 295.

The 36 holes Gross winner Nicolas Changarnier RWGC 76,75-131on a c/b to Peter Spearman Burn Miramar. 3rd Brother Thomas Spearman Burn Miramar Gross 155 4th Local Chris Ranish Gross 157.

Nett: Bill Jones has a stunning couple of rounds to win the Nett 131, 2nd Malcolm Bridge Nett133 3rd Ro Griffiths Nett135, 4th Grizz Kahui Wainuiomata Nett143, 4th Derek Stephens 144 on a c/b to Mark Burn on a c/b to Nick Allen. 8th Robert Kahui Nett148 on a c/b to Graham Archer on a c/b to Malcolm Wood on a c/b to David Kershaw.

Pins were in favourable places for there were loads of twos Winners of the Nearest the Pins were

On Saturday Nathan Astwood, Hagen Faith, Davis Lester Clarke (2) Joe Cuthers, Craig Wilkins and Dave Clarke (2).

George Kirk, James Wood, Chris Ranish and Ro Griffiths.

Sunday NTP.

Nathan Astwood ,Troy Shaw,Craig Wilkins (2),Liam Annis, Davis Lester Clarke, Ashley Davies and Darin Hiroki.

Neville Goldie, Chris Ranish, Bill Cathie and Malcolm Bridge.

Coming up the Finals of the Womens Club Championships, Good Luck to you all.

Photo Jennian Homes Mens Tournament – Bill Jones (Left) Winner of the 36 holes Nett with Liam Annis Winner 72 hole Nett. Bill was the oldest player in the field while  Liam  the youngest player in the field.
Photo Credit: Karen Stephens.

MCG News 19/09/17



The Club Championships have commenced, and  with very little golf being played over this Winter a number of players have found themselves in new divisions this year. The top seeds in the Womens Silver Championships Pip Kirk and Kris Chamberlain have byes this week. Sandra Petersen(4) will be playing Jenny Boyne (5) and Sherry Weatherstone (3) is playing Jenny Wilkie (6).

In Bronze A  four of these gals have eased themselves into this Division. Bindy Mc Leod has the Bye. Ju Allen(5) v Honor Clark(4), Marilyn Mackenzie(3) v Karen Shaw (6)and Jo Loe(7) v Carol Parkinson (2).

Bronze B Marie Scrimshaw(1) v Elaine Howe(8), Angela Busby (5) v Louise Smith(4), Sue Dalton (3) v Alison Tipler(6) and  Nicola Warren (7) v Emily Loughnan (2).

It will be the very first time that these four stateswomen have not played in the main Club Championships opting to play Vets this time. Mariana McDermott v Robyn Blackett and Jaclyn Kras v Sylvia Beavis.

Last Wednesday the women played Bisque par with Jaclyn Kras winning the Comp with +6 on a c/b to Carol Parkinson. All Teed Up NTP on Number 6 went to Sandra Petersen while Louise Smith picked up the Medici Voucher NTP on Number 8. No twos.

The Nine holers played a stable ford round and the limelight has been shining in a new direction over the last couple of months down on the new gals. Congrats to Debbie Coom winning with 21 stable ford points, 2nd Julie Weber 19 pts, 3rd Ann Renall 16pts. Leaders Susan Stephens NTP on 16 was won by Jenny Tucker. They too commence their CC matches this week.

Everyone loves the taste of Lamb and a rich buttery Chardonnay is good with just about any kind of vegetable or salad so it was of no surprise that the annual Lamb and Chardonnay Ambrose Tournament has a wait list a week out from the day. The organisers would like to thank all those who entered the Eastwood Motor Group Ambrose Tournament  making it a runaway success on Sunday. One putt seperated the top 5 placings with 1st place going to Team Mike Paterson having the perfect combo a very low handicap, a mid fielder and the others in the mid twenties winning with a Nett 56.5.  2nd Going for birdies on every hole with a combined handicap of just 3.75 Team Ivan Karaitiana’s  Eastwood MG Nett 57.25. 3rd Locals Colin Whibley Smith and Co Nett 57.375  on a c/b to Clark and Co. 5th Lizzy Thomson inclusion propelled Team Thomson to their winning score and spoils Nett 57.5.

Loads of raffle and spot prizes generously donated by Eastwood Motor Group and friends of Martinborough Golf made the winners very happy.

The Thursday Club continues to be the most popular day on the Mens calendar , this week fifty eight players were there for their weekly fix. Playing some superb golf of late Malcolm Bridge won the days Competition with 44 stableford points. 2nd Murray Blackwell with 41pts on a c/b to Sandra Petersen. 4th Chris Wilkie back from the UK and with coaching from his dad Maurice on 40pts on a c/b to Bevan Sweeney. 6th Rob Smith 39 pts. 7th Colin Whibley Smith 38 pts on a c/b to Keith Rayner on a c/b to Terry Blacktop on a c/b to Guy Walmsley on a c/b to Tony Taylor from Featherston on a c/b to Sandy Bidwill. NTP on Number 8 went to Sheldon Mc Namara who picked up his two on number 6. Other to get a two were Malcolm Wood, David Kershaw, Douglas Clark and Bob Tosswill.

The finals of the AB Martin Fourball was played on Thursday, Malcolm Bridge and Colin Whibley Smith were on fire on the back nine dashing all hope to their opposition Shane Hartnell and Alistair Boyne, Malcolm and Colin slotting five birdies on the last ten holes. What a match winning 4/3.

The finals of the Harry Kershaw Foursomes were played on Saturday , the pairing of Dale Scrimshaw and Derek Stephens after a very poor start had a bit of a discussion walking to the 5th tee. It worked, winning on the 5th they settled down to gain some traction and control of their game against  Doug Clark and Trevor Petersen. Dale and Derek successfully securing the title on the 17th for 2017.

Thanks Gary Allan from EMG for coming along with the Trailer BBQ, Much appreciated.

Photo Guy Walmsley.

MCG News 15/08/17



The catch up rounds of Tilson Salver have gone well for the some members of the team with a great win Sunday week by Marie Scrimshaw who sealed the game with an ACE on the Par 3 15th hole at Carterton against Riversdale team member  Maxine Moss to win 5/3.  Congrats to you Marie, not an easy hole to achieve the ultimate feat in golf! Carol Parkinson also had a good day winning her match 5/4. This Sunday just gone saw the team play Carterton at Mahunga and again it was this winning duo with Carol winning her match 5/3 and Marie 1 up. The last round is next weekend at Featherston against Masterton. Good luck to you all. We have members also playing for Featherston, Riversdale BGC and Mahunga.

Riverside Cup final round is also coming up on Friday 25th at Carterton against 2nd place on the leaderboard Masterton.

The Tuesday Grumpies was won by a visitor from Te Kuiti Graham Lee on +5 as well as Rick Hargreaves also on + 5.

There were 21 starters and 13 who completed their rounds on Wednesday; the hardy or foolish boxed on to play HPMC Stableford with some improvement with the scores. Dairy farmer and well used to the puggy conditions and the odd shower Jo Loe of Oporua slid in with 37 pts, 2nd Carol Parkinson  back from Africa 34 pts, 3rd Venetia Morison 33 pts and 4th Jaclyn Kras with 32 pts. All Teed Up NTP on Number 6 went to Sandra Petersen while Bindy Mc Leod picked up the Medici Voucher for NTP on Number 8. No twos and no birds nest this week.

The Nine hole group supported the towns cafes coffers.

There were forty players who rocked up to the course on Thursday  and those present had brilliant sunshine and for some they have finally got their names in print by advising the writer of their results. Peter Hudson took out line honours with 41 stable ford points. 2nd Malcolm Bridge  who will miss this week as he be delivering the post to the RD2 boxes with 40 pts on a c/b to new comer Davis Clark. 4th Sheldon Mc Namara with 39 pts on a c/b to Andrew Lawler. The prize list went all the way down to 10th with 6th being Shayne Hammond on 38pts on a c/b to Arthur Warren on a c/b to Captaini Bill on a c/b to Rob Mc Creary. Twos to Malcolm Bridge, Craig Andrews and Chris Ranish.

Round three of The Order of Merit  on Sunday saw Ro Griffith winning the day with a solid 42 Stableford points over Captain Bill Crook on 41pts. 3rd Alistair Boyne  & Colin Wibley Smith on 40 Pts .

This Sunday is the Bottle O Lefties and Righties Tournament, format is four ball in the morning and foursomes in the afternoon. Spaces are still available contact the office@

MCG News 22/08/17



The wildly popular Lefties and Righties and no we are not talking politics, golf Tournament was cancelled on Sunday due to yet more rain. Climate change is front and centre stage this year and a number of us are looking forward to a warm and sun drenched Spring and Summer.

With the course closed for a few days its  a good time to dig out the Rule Book from the bottom of the bag and peruse the contents.

The nine hole group played a stable ford round with Julie Weber winning the days Comp with 22 points. Jaquee Reid taking out 2nd spot with 17 pts ahead of hubby Phil on 16pts. 4th Pat Wood with 15 pts. Pat also took out the Susan Stephens Leaders NTP on number 16 while Leonie Wilde picked up the NTP on number 8 sponsored by All Teed Up.

The  Women played HPMC stableford round with Ju Allen winning the day with 35 stableford points. 2nd Jenny Wilkie with 34 pts. 3rd Adele Cairns on 33pts. All Teed Up NTP on Number 6 was won by Jenny Wilkie while Karen Shaw took home the Medici Vouche for NTP on Number 8. The birds nest is growing again with no twos recorded this week.

The Martin four ball matches are progressing and the Captains Trophy is down to the semi finals.

Coming up there is the Lamb and Chardonnay Tournament on the 17th September and the 2017 Jennian Homes Wairarapa Mens 72/36 Hole Stroke Play Championships on the 30th September and 1st October. Entries to or ph 06 3069076

MCG News 29/08/17



Thursday Club was pumping  last week with thirty seven players entered into the days Competition. The Course having been closed since Sunday meant that everything was  fresh for the lads.

Greg Dalton took advantage and blitzed the field with 42 stableford points. Stu Taplin after a long sabbatical found a number of greens in regulation was runner up with 39 pts. 3rd Douglas Clark with 38 pts on a c/b to Captain Bill Crook on a c/b to Guy Walmsley. 6th George Kirk with 37 pts. 7th Randal Warner with 36 pts. Good numbers meant the prize list went down to 8th with Davis Clarke 35pts on a c/b to Mike Hattrick on a c/b to Malcolm Wood.

Ed Elworthy picked up the Nearest the Pin on Number 8 just missing the conversion.

Shane Hislop picked up his two on number 16 while George Kirk got his on Number 6.

The Nine hole group headed to the beach and played at Ngawi on Wednesday. The comp was Putting and the course was looking magnificent. The group  thoroughly enjoyed their round with spectacular  views of the Kaikoura ranges across the Bay and the swell wasn’t too bad either for those who stopped off for a surf on the way home. 1st Julie Weber with 13 Putts, 2nd Sherryl Howie with 14 putts and 3rd Phil Reid with 15 Putts. The group would like to thank the greens staff at Ngwai for the great work they put into their course.

The Riverside Cup team played their final round at Carterton on Friday winning 3.5 to 2.5 against Masterton. Wins to Sandra Petersen 2 Up, Jenny Wilkie 1 Up, Karen Shaw 3/2 and a handy half to Jaclyn Kras. Congrats to Eketahuna for winning the Riverside Competition and to Runners Up Masterton.

The Tilson Salver team played at Mahunga against Masterton on Sunday and came away with 2 wins Sandra Petersen 5/4 and Cathy Taylor 1 Up. Congrats to Masterton, winner for 2017 and to Runners up Mahunga.

Jaclyn Kras and Jenny Boyne were a late entry into the Pahiatua Womens American Foursomes on Thursday and Jaclyn from the USA played really well to give them line honours winning the Tournament with a Nett 56. The format along with the  delicious soup and Port on offer thru the hatch was magic.

Next Tuesday the women are off to Royal Wellington Golf Club  to play the ladies of Heretaunga in the annual Lady Stout fixture. A reminder that Tee off is at 9am.

MCG News 24/07/17



The school holidays are over, the forecast is for fine sunny days and so there is no excuse for not being seen on the course this week unless you are skiing. Ok the ground is a tad soft but its important that you get along to see your friends and catch up with whats going on.

Some of you clearly thrive under these conditions while some of us just hit the ball so poorly that we may find ourselves in other divisions for the Club Championships.

Local interclub has suffered the most with Host clubs forced into rescheduling  their Riverside and Tilson Salver fixtures more than once.

On Tuesday the Grumpies played on a warm sunny afternoon. Greytown residents took the spoils with  Mike Hattrick on 43 stable ford points four points clear of  Raymond Matthews on 39 pts. In the evening they were joined by their partners for the annual mid winter dinner get together which as usual was enjoyed by one and all.

The carpark was reasonably filled on Wednesday morning, the nine  hole group played a stableford round 1st Ann Renall with 18 pts, 2nd Debbie Coom on 14pts on a c/b to June Sugrue. All Teed Up NTP on number 8 went to Ann Renall while Susan Stephens Leaders Real Estate NTP on Number 16 went to June Sugrue.

There were sixteen women entered in the days comp Par MSB. Player of the day was Angela Busby with +2. 2nd Marilyn Mackenzie on Par, 3rd Jo Loe -1. Jane Terpstra’s iron play was exceptional on the Par 3’s winning the NTPs All Teed Up on 6 and  Medici Cafe Voucher on 8 and slotting the only two of the day.

On Saturday a number of players chose to support their local Rugby Clubs on the sidelines and one in the field for the semi finals of the Rugby and were delighted to see both the Martinborough Senior A’s  and  Senior Reserves and Tuhirangi Senior reserves win their respective games.

Sunday however, they were there in numbers for the 2nd round of Order of Merit. Chris Ranish may have missed the first round but made up for it winning the days Nett Comp with a Nett 67. 2nd equal Phil Eberlein and Malcolm Wood Nett 72 4th equal Andrew Lawler and Captain Bill Crook Nett 73. Only two of the day went to Alistair Boyne, his only good shot of the day.

This weekend is the Mens 36 hole stroke Play championships, with a revised format of 18 holes played over two days, perfect way to spend a weekend.

And it is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of a very dear  foundation member of the nine hole group, Joanna Wilson.  Joanna was the nine hole Captain for a number of years and her skills and passion for  flower arranging will be missed by many groups she was involved with.

MCG News 01/08/17



Playing in the 36 Hole Strokeplay championships is all about stamina and consistency, for the Men this year the format was changed to 18 holes on Saturday and the other on Sunday, so consistency was the key if you wanted to do well.

On Saturday the players faced a rather uncomfortable  wintery southerly with driving rain and a chill factor in the negatives , this was paradise for Chris Ranish who put together a stunning round carding a Gross 76, and on a fine sunny Sunday he added an 81 to win the Senior Division (0-12) with a combined score of 157. In the Intermediates (13-17) Guy Warmsley preferred his walk on Sunday slotting birdies on number 1 and the difficult Par 3 12th to card a Gross 85 to add to his solid round on Saturday 89 to finish in top spot with Gross 174. In the Juniors (18-24) Alan Heath did not sway in the storm or sun to record a Gross 90 on both days with the scoring on all four nines the same to win his Division with a Gross 180 to retain the Trophy. Alan also took out the Overall Best Nett with a Nett 138. Congrats Alan - Whats your secret?

On Tuesday the Grumpies played a Par round with Rick Hargreaves the winner with a +2. 2nd Bill Jago all square.
The Nine hole group played Nett and Shootout. 1st Billie Holmes Nett 35, 2nd Julie Weber Nett 37 and 3rd Debbie Coom Nett 40.

NTP All Teed Up on Number 8 was won by Julie Weber and  Sandra Burgess took out the NTP Susan Stephens Leaders on Number 16.

It was all about Ju -Ju Allen on Wednesday, Ju won the days Competition ahead of Sandra Petersen and Jaclyn Kras. Ju took out the NTPs All Teed Up on Number 6 and the Medici Voucher on number 8, and with such good tee shots she also slotted two twos to win the rather full birds nest which she generously shared by shouting the gals.

Coming up on Sunday 20th August is the Trust House Bottle O Lefties Righties Tournament. Entries to the Details on our website or phone 06 3069076.

MCG News 04/07/17



Riverside Cup team travelled to Eketahuna last Friday and with the temp gauge reading 1 C on arrival it was going to be a challenging day playing the hosts. After two postponements due to unfavourable weather earlier in the year and traditionally the course being closed at this time, the green keeper and his helpers did a magnificent job of course preparation. The greens were true and  with no wind to evaporate the dew you had to remember to follow through with your putt. The sun came out as we were approaching the 18th Tee.

Unfortunately for us the locals were used to the approaches to the greens and nailed us 5-1. Sylvia Beavis the lone light for Martinborough, though we did not leave empty handed, scooping three raffle prizes.  Special mention must go to the ladies in the kitchen for the delicious morning tea and lunch. Last round is Friday week with Eketahuna  in the box seat 5 points ahead of Masterton now in 2nd place on 14 points realistically only needing one and a half wins to secure the Victory.

On Wednesday there were several Lions and All Black Supporters playing amongst the twenty something women playing  either their Captains Trophy matches or LGU Putting and shoot out. No changes to the shootout with the best Nett being 76 going to Nicola Warren. 2nd Marie Scrimshaw Nett 78 on a c/b to Jenny Wilkie. Putting 1st to Marie Scrimshaw 32 putts. The stewards took out the days NTP’s.  All Teed Up Nearest the Pin on number 6 went to birthday gal Felicity Warren while the Medici Voucher for NTP on Number 8 went to Sue Dalton.

The nine hole group had a good turn out for their Medal and Shootout Comp. Scores were on par with the 18 hole women and no changes to their Shootout standings either.

1st Ann Renall Nett 39, 2nd Di Bunny Nett 40 3rd Leonie Wilde Nett 41. NTP on number 16 sponsored by Susan Stephen of leaders was won by Jenny Tosswill.

The Tuesday lads played a Par round with Arthur Warren on +4 2nd Bill Gordon and Ro Griffiths on +2 4th Terry Blacktop on +1.

The green keepers revenge Ambrose Tournament on Sunday saw Women teeing off the Mens tees and the Men teeing off the Womens along with a few obstacles to chip over and around – tractors, hoses and rakes. Eleven teams of four took up the  challenge with Team Sweeney winning the day Nett 59. 2nd Vance Plumridge and Co Nett 59.875 ( 1st Gross 65) Chef Ants North and the sous chefs Nett 60 4th Guy Walmsley Nett 61.875.

And it is with our sincerest condolences that we acknowledge the passing of Mr Ian Cresswell. Ian until very recently has been a member of Martinborough GC for a number of decades who served on various Committees where he always put in 100 percent toward any project he deemed worthy of his time and to the benefit of the wider community, friends of the Golf Club along with the Tennis Club and Jazz in Martinborough will miss his friendly demeanour dearly.

MCG News 20/06/17



The ever popular Grandpas and Grandmas Tournament was held on Sunday in conjunction with Grans in waiting and the Nga Hau Trophies for Administrators and Life members. The days Best Stableford overall was won by one of our Life members Mariana Mc Dermott with a smashing 43 Stableford points.

Grandmas Winner Cathy Taylor 39 stableford points, 2nd Sandra Petersen 37 pts, 3rd Marilyn Mackenzie 36pts, 4th Emily Loughnan.

Grandpas Winner Ro Griffith 38 pts, 2nd Captain Bill Crook 38 pts, 3rd Malcolm Wood 37pts, 4th Chris Ranish 37pts.

Womens  non Grandparent  1st Mariana Mc Dermott 43 pts 2nd Womens Captain Kris Chamberlain 36 pts.

Mens non Grandparent 1st  Colin Whibley Smith 42 pts, 2nd Greg Stone, 3rd Sheldon Mc Namara 35 pts and 4th Richard Pither 35pts.

NTP on Number 8 Colin Whibley Smith and Lyle Griffiths.

Fortunately our very wise selector sorted accomodation in Wellington on Sunday for the last round of Silver Pennants on Monday at Miramar  so the team did not have to negotiate the slow crawl through the City or delays on the interchange.

They rewarded her with a 5.5 to 3.5 result against Manor Park. Wins in the singles to Pip Kirk 4/3, Sandra Petersen 4/3, Jenny Boyne 2/1 and Jenny Wilkie 3/1. In the four ball wins to Sandra and Jenny B 4/2 and a very handy half to Jenny W and Mariana Mc Dermott. Special thanks to our President for looking after Pips son while she played.

The nine hole Interclub team played against Pauatahanui on Thursday last week at Royal Wellington. Matches were all close with Mary Herrick and Suzanne Dowling just being pipped at the post both losing 1 down,  Sandra Burgess winning her match 3 up. They have one round to go at Waikanae at the end of the month.

The Wednesday group played a Par and Putting round. Results Par 1st Ann Renall -3, 2nd Billie Holmes -4 on a c/b to Pat Wood.

Putting 1st equal Pat Wood and Gaylene Selby Neal 20 putts.

The 18 hole women played Bisque par with the star of the day Jaclyn Kras +5, 2nd Angela Busby +3, 3rd Jenny Boyne +2. All Teed Up NTP Angela Busby while the medici Voucher on Number 8 went to Sue Dalton who also secured the only two of the day.

Perfect playing golf weather was ordered for Riverside Cup last Friday and the morning tea was delicious and coffee very good. There were plenty of fejoas featuring in the raffle prizes too.

Martinborough took advantage of local knowledge to have a narrow win against neighbours Featherston 3.5 to 2.5.  Singles wins to Sandra Petersen 7/5, Jenny Boyne 4/2, Sylvia Beavis 5/4 and a half to Karen Shaw.

Tilson Salver is on this Sunday at Riversdale, good golfing and remember down the middle is where your ball should be heading.

MCG News 13/06/17



The Marquis Shield Juniors pulled out all the stops on Sunday to win 3-1 against their hosts Masterton. The two Shanes lead the way winning their singles matches. Veteran Shane Hartnell 5/4 and Martinborough’s latest secret weapon  third generation member from Clan Colton-  Shane Colton 4/3. Paul Mc Kenzie and Bruce Ward both  finishing up with halves.

In the Intermediates Alistair Boyne 5/4 and Craig Andrews 3/2. The Seniors did not handle the hills too well with Chris Ranish securing a half.  Success at last in the four ball for the team with Chris Ranish and Sheldon Mc Namara a half,  Alistair Boyne and Peter Hudson, Craig Andrews and Sandy Bidwill,  Paul Mc Kenzie and Bruce Ward, Shane Hartnell and Shane Colton all with solid wins. We now have 2 points on the board.

The Silver Pennant Gals travelled to Otaki to play golf and the odd spot of retail therapy with wins in the Singles to Pip Kirk 4/2, Kris Chamberlain 2/1 and Jenny Wilkie 2/1 and in the four ball  Kris and Jenny won 4/3  securing 4 points against the formidable Kapiti Combo Team.

Last Tuesday the Grumpies played the Junior course for a change, which suited the accurate iron players, and of course meant there were no jugs, much to the satisfaction of a certain few.  The Red tees have a slope rating of 89 compared to the usual Whites 113 and the handicap is also adjusted.  No worries for our Bill Jones, carding a Gross 74  ( 12 pars, 2 birdies and 4 bogeys including one on the Par 3 6th. Bill racked up 48pts to take the Vouchers from Adrian Blackett and JD Smith on 45pts and Rick Hargreaves on 43pts. This week with the the weather bomb approaching only 8 hardy souls played. Not that Bill Jones was too concerned, this time he won with a mere 39 pts from Greg Dalton and Mike Hattrick on 35.

The two winners from last weeks Nine hole group teamed up this week to win the Thurlow 4 Ball Best Ball 1st Sherryl Howie and Gaylene Selby Neal 19 Stableford points, 2nd Billie Holmes and Jenny Tucker 17pts, 3rd Ann Renall and Jan Ferguson 14 pts. Only one two this week to Ann Renall.

The 18 hole women played HPMC Stableford with Carol Parkinson just too good taking the spoils with 38 stableford points. 2nd Sylvia Beavis 35 pts and 3rd Felicity Warren 32 pts. All Teed Up NTP #6 Sylvia Beavis, and the Medici Cafe voucher NTP #8 Robyn Blackett. Twos to Robyn Blackett and Angela Busby.

Coming Up – On Friday we host Riverside Cup and are playing neighbours Featherston.

This Sunday 18th June its the Nga hau Trophy for Committee members and the Grandpas and Grandmas Tournament, those of you who do not have an affiliation with either, theres a Section for you too. Tee off at 11am. Info our our club website