Tuesday Tome 21st June 2022

It was a cold and grey start to the day but that doesn’t seem to have deterred the Grumpies from going out to play.

Coming up this week the course will be closed on Sunday (26th) for the postponed round of Marquis Shield and if you are thinking of playing on Friday you will need to book a tee time as it is looking very busy.

On to results from last week:  Grumpies played a Par round with Chris Handley the winner on -2, Rick Hargreaves -3 and Nick Allen -4.  There were no twos.

On Wednesday the Ladies played a Stableford round with Robyn Blackett taking the money with 32 points, Julie Weber also had 32 points, Jo Loe, Honor Clark and Sandra Petersen 29 points.  Twos went to Jane Terpstra and Netia Morison.  Nearest the pin on #6 was Rosie Collins and #8 Netia.

The 9 holers had a Par round with Tania Williamson the winner all square, Jo Guscott -1 and Mary Herrick -2.

Thursday Club had a good turnout with Rob Lopez taking the money with 39 points, Sandy Bidwill also on 39, Nick Allen 38, Malcolm Bridge 37 and Stu Taplin 36 points.  Twos went to Rob Lopez, Kane Sim, Bob Lindberg, Glenn Harper, Richard Thompson, Martin Napier, Sandra Petersen, Guy Walmsley, Malcolm Bridge, Chris Ranish, Pete Griffiths, Doug Clark, Alistair Petrie and Bill Jago.  Nearest the pin and longest drives are now sponsored by Martinborough Brewery and the winners were Guy Walmsley and Matt Thomas respectively.

On Saturday the competition was Par with Phil Collins the winner on +5 and Sandy Bidwill +2.  Twos went to Sandy Bidwill and John Warner.

There was a good number out on Sunday playing a Par round with Doug Clark leading the way on +4, Bevan Sweeney +1 and Stu Taplin, Brian Russo and Darren Bevan all square.  Twos went to John Warner, Seamus O’Sullivan, Malcolm Wood and Doug Clark.

That’s it for another week – short and sweet



Tuesday Tome 14th June 2022

It is certainly very wintery today but at least the rain has stopped (for now).

Please note that carts will not be allowed on the course until further notice and placing through the green has been put in place.

It has been a very quiet week due to the weather so only have results from Grumpies and the Ladies.

Grumpies played a Stableford with Ro Griffiths taking the money with 37 points from Raymond Matthews, Seamus O’Sullivan, Brian Russo, Sandy Bidwill and Brent Mortensen all on 36 points.  Twos went to Tony Taylor, Rick Hargreaves, Sandy and Seamus.

On Wednesday the 9 holers played the finals of the Howie Cup handicap club championship with Debbie Coom the winner and Gaylene Selby-Neal the runner up.  The Plate winner was Billie Holmes and runner up Jo Guscott.  The rest of the ladies played a stableford round with 4 tied on 16 points:  Ali Russell, Jill Murphy, Sherryl Howie and Jaquee Reid.  Nearest the pins went to Jaquee Reid on #8 and Ali Russell #16.

The 18 holers played LGU/Shoot Out/Putting with Bernadette Pither the winner on nett 74, Julie Dondertman 75, Adele Cairns, Julie Weber and Sandra Petersen 76.  Twos went to Julie Weber and Sue Dalton.  Nearest the pin on #6 was Marion McKenzie and #8 Karen Shaw and Alison Tipler won the putting on a countback with 28 putts.

Thursday Club had to abandon ship due to thunder and lightning and Marquis Shield on Sunday was postponed for a couple of weeks.

That’s it for this week – short and sweet.


Tuesday Tome 7th June 2022

It is hard to believe that we are already into June – not sure where this year is going but it certainly seems to be going quickly!

This Sunday (12th) we are hosting Marquis Shield so the course will be closed from 11.00am so if you are thinking of playing you will need to be off the course by then as it is a multi tee start.

Onto results from last week:  Grumpies played a Stableford round with Ro Griffiths leading the way with 38 points, Sandy Bidwill and Nick Allen 36, Bob Tosswill 35 and Raymond Matthews 34 points.  Twos went to Seamus O’Sullivan, Malcolm Bridge, Andy Morison, Jason Shaw, Raymond Matthews, Ro Griffiths, Brett Abercrombie, Sandy Bidwill and Bob Tosswill.

On Wednesday the Ladies played a Par round with office buddy Carol Parkinson the winner on -1, Jenny Wilkie and Marie Scrimshaw -4, Alison Tipler -5 and Honor Clark -6.  Nearest the pin on #6 was Alison and #8 Angela Busby – there were no twos.

Not quite as many as usual out playing Thursday Club with Rob Smith leading the way with 40 points, Nick Allen 39, Bob Tosswill 36 and Seamus O’Sullivan 35 points.  Twos went to Andy Morison, Sandy Bidwill and Jason Shaw.  Nearest the pin was Malcolm Wood.

Saturday was Shoot Out/Medal/Putting with Raymond Matthews winning with nett 73 on a countback to Peter Schenk.  Malcolm Bridge was the only one to get a two and he also won the putting with 29 putts.

Sunday was also a Shoot Out/Medal/Putting round – this time Bevan Sweeney was the winner with nett 69 from John Warner 71 and Derek Stephens 73.  Malcolm Wood was the winner of the putting (on a countback) with 29 putts and there were no twos.

On Monday there was a fun competition of a combined stableford.  The winners on the day were Andrew & Philippa Smith with 69 points, 2nd Pete Griffiths & Malcolm Bridge 66 and 3rd Derek & Karen Stephens 64 points on a countback.  Twos went to Bob Schofield, George Kirk, Angela Busby, Alison Tipler, Derek Stephens and Robbie Walters.

That’s it for another week.


Tuesday Tome 31st May 2022

A rather damp start to the day -it will be interesting to see how many Grumpies come out to play today.

Next Monday (Queen’s Birthday) there is a fun competition if anyone is interested.  It is a combined stableford (pairs – any combination – 2 men, 2 women, 1 man/1 woman) and is open to all players and you can tee off anytime from 8.30am to 12.30pm – all you need to do is book a tee time and let me know on the day who your partner is – cost for this is $5/player.

Can I remind you that if there is a frost no play is allowed before 9.30am even if you have an earlier tee time booked.

On to the results from last week:  Grumpies played a Stableford round with Jason Shaw taking the money with 40 points from Brian Russo also on 40, Malcolm Bridge 38 and Seamus O’Sullivan 37 points.  Twos went to Brian Russo, Bill Gordon and Jason Shaw.

On Wednesday the 9 holers played their second round of Handicap Championships.

The 18 holers played HPMC (Home Pennants Murphy Cup) which is a Stableford round.  The winner was Pamela Messervy with 38 points, Sherry Weatherstone 36, Marion McKenzie 34 and Bindy McLeod 32 points.  Twos went to Alison Tipler, Pamela Messervy and Karen Shaw.  Nearest the pins went to Bindy McLeod #6 and Ju Allen #8.

On Thursday there was an amazing turnout for the Doug & Jan Ferguson Farewell tournament with 76 people out playing on a very chilly day.   The winner on the day was Jason Shaw 42 points, Michael Tosswill, Andrew Sim and Nicola Warren 40, Sandra Petersen 38, Vern Anton and Alistair Petrie 37, Nick Allen, Glenn Harper, Chris Ranish and Sandy Bidwill 36, Jack Allen and Nick Morison 35.  Twos went to Debbie Donaldson, Sandy Bidwill, Alison Tipler, Nicola Warren, Malcolm Bridge, Martin Napier, Darren Bevan, Jason Shaw, Shane Hislop and Nick Morison.

Thanks to Doug Ferguson for his generous donation of prizes and also to Doug Clark for organising the meat packs and Trevor Petersen for supplying the meat.  We wish Doug and Jan every happiness in their new home and look forward to seeing them in the future.

On Saturday the competition of the day was Par with Paul McKenzie the winner on +1, Brian Russo 0, Jason Shaw -1.  Twos went to Jason, Tim Richards and John Warner.

On Sunday we played Ngahau Trophy/Grandmas and Grandpas tournament in glorious conditions.   Ngahau Trophy Ladies winner was Alison Tipler, 2nd Lyle Griffiths.  The winner of the Ngahau Trophy for the men was Sandy Bidwill with Dayle Scrimshaw 2nd.   The Grandmas winner was Alison Tipler with Lyle Griffiths 2nd, the Grandpas winner was Chris Ranish with Alan Isaac 2nd.  The Non-Grandma winner was Debbie Donaldson and Kris Chamberlain 2nd, and the Non-Grandpa winner was Charlie Cresswell, 2nd Carl Donaldson, 3rd Sheldon McNamara and 4th Pete Griffiths.  Twos went to Jason Shaw (2), Brian Russo (2), Dayle Scrimshaw, Nick Allen, John Warner, Sheldon McNamara, Ed Brown, Mary Isaac and Netia Morison.

That’s it for another week – have a good one.


Tuesday Tome 24th May 2022

Beautiful day out on the course today with a good turnout of Grumpies enjoying the sunshine.

Coming up this week we have the Jan & Doug Ferguson Farewell Tournament on Thursday – everyone is welcome – please have your card in before midday – you can make up your own four or you can go in the draw.  The cost for this is $10.

On Sunday we have the Ngahau Trophy/Grandma and Grandpas tournament – for those of you who do not qualify for any of the above there are divisions for non-grandmas and non-grandpas.  Registration is 10.00am with tee off at 11.00am.  Please let me know if you wish to play.

For those of you who put your names down for the Martin 4 Ball the draw is up on the noticeboard.

On to results from last week:  Grumpies played a Par round with Arthur Warren leading the way on +1, Malcolm Bridge 0, Rick Hargreaves, Rob Smith and Greg Dalton -1.  Malcolm Bridge was the only one to get a two.   It should be noted that one of the Grumpies may need to go to Specsavers as they managed to drive off in the wrong cart and didn’t notice until they went to get their driver out!!!!

On Wednesday the 9 holers had an away day at Eketahuna where they played a nett fun round then drew out 5 random numbers from 1-9 and counted those 5 holes to get their winners – Sandra Burgess and Tania Williamson both on 28.  This was combined with a putting round – winners Debbie, Sherryl and Stephanie all on 17 putts.

The 18 holers hosted their Open Day last Wednesday.   There was an excellent field of 62 players from far and wide with Jill Lockett from Masterton winning the Sherry Weatherstone Trophy for the best nett.  Div 1 gross winners were 1st Pip Smith (Royal Wellington), 2nd Wendy Rhodes (Judgeford), 3rd Kris Chamberlain.  Nett 1st Sherry Weatherstone, 2nd Carol Parkinson, 3rd Christine May (Shandon) and 4th Ju Allen.  Div 2 gross winners were 1st Francie Duffy (Eketahuna), 2nd Bindy McLeod and 3rd Lindy Williamson (Masterton).  Nett 1st Ann Hart (Castlepoint), 2nd Jane Williams (Masterton), 3rd Nora Priest (Hastings), 4th Marie Scrimshaw, 5th Britta Fraser (Judgeford), 6th Jane Terpstra, 7th Amy Prince (Hutt Park), 8th Rosie Collins and 9th Alison Tipler.  Longest drive:  Div 1 Pip Smith, Div 2 Britta Fraser.  Nearest the pin #6 Yuriko Manabe (Shandon), #8 Jo McKenzie (Shandon), #12 Lindy Williamson #16 Angela Busby.  Twos went to Robyn Orton (Hastings), Kris Chamberlain and Jane Williams.

Thursday Club had a good turnout but unfortunately the weather wasn’t very kind and a number of players were called in off the course due to thunder and lightning.  The winners on the day were Malcolm Bridge 37 points, Kris Chamberlain, Andrew Sim, Andy Morison, Rob Coy, David Kershaw and Seamus O’Sullivan all on 36 points.  Twos went to Mariana McDermott, Kris Chamberlain, Doug Clark, Andy Morison, Jason Shaw and Paul Riddiford.  Nearest the pin went to Tora Boyne.

Saturday was a Shoot Out/Medal/Putting round with Alison Tipler winning with nett 75, Ro Griffiths and Andy Morison 77.  Andy won the putting with 26 putts and Ju Allen was the only one to get a two.

Sunday was a Stableford with Olivia Clark taking the money with 38 points on a countback from Phil Eberlein, Julie Dondertman 37 points and Jason Burt 36.  The only two of the day went to Malcolm Wood.

On Sunday the men were playing Marquis Shield at Masterton against Carterton with wins going to John Warner, Steve Croft, Brent McKinlay, Peter Gray, Malcolm Bridge, Paul McKenzie and Tora Boyne and halving their matches were Chris Ranish, Shane Hartnell and Glenn Harper.  In the 4 balls John and Jason halved, Chris and Brian Russo won as did Steve and Brent, Peter and Malcolm, Shane and Paul and Tora and Glenn.

That’s it for another week.


Tuesday Tome 17th May 2022

It is looking very autumnal out on the course and now is not the time to be going in the drain on the 7th!!!

Coming up this week:  tomorrow (Wednesday) the ladies are hosting their Open Day so the course will be closed until mid afternoon.  We have the last round of Interclub for Div 3 who are playing at home on Saturday against Wainuiomata and on Sunday we are hosting Petone Working Mens Club.

Thursday 26th May is the Ferguson Farewell Tournament – $10 entry, everyone welcome – cards in by midday.

Sunday 29th May is Ngahau Trophy/Grandma & Grandpa Tournament – please send your entries to:  entries@martinboroughgolfclub.co.nz

Results from last week:  Grumpies played a Stableford with Richard Thompson winning with 39 points, Derek Stephens 38, Lachie McLeod 37 and Brian Russo 36 points.  Twos went to Malcolm Bridge, Andrew McKenzie, Seamus O’Sullivan, Derek Stephens, Jason Shaw and Brian Russo

On Wednesday the ladies played LGU/Shoot Out/Putting with office buddy Carol Parkinson the winner with a nett 69, Ali Tipler 73, Julie Dondertman and Marion McKenzie 74 and Honor Clark 75.  Twos went to Honor Clark and Mary Desbonnets.  Nearest the pin on #6 Honor and on #8 Marion McKenzie.  Ali Tipler took out the putting with 24 putts.

The 9 holers had their first round of Handicap Championships with Sandra Burgess getting the only two of the day.

Thursday Club had a good turnout with Paul Riddiford winning with 39 points, Doug Clark 38, Mike Charteris 37, Pete Griffiths 36 and David Stevenson 35 points.  Glen Schofer was the only one to get a two and nearest the pin was Rob Smith.

Saturday was a Stableford round with Guy Walmsley taking the money with 31 points.  There were no twos.

On Sunday we hosted the Eastwood Motor Group Beef & Burgundy Ambrose with a full field of 36 teams.  Thanks to Eastwoods for their continued support and for providing the bbq throughout the day.  Results:  1st Tai Walters, Owen Lloyd, Sam Iraia and Alex Walters 55.12, 2nd Bob Lindberg, Garth Hurrell, Lloyd Warren and Graham Smith 56.25, 3rd Brian Russo, Alistair Boyne, Johnson Williams and Byron Hegglin 56.62, 4th Cuong Truong, Blake Walker, Scott Nielson and Richard Tosswill 57.37, 5th Brent McKinlay, Josh Hawkins, Jason Shaw and Jack Allen 58.25, 6th Lyall Callaghan, Colin Whibley-Smith, Phil Collins and Carol Parkinson 58.5, 7th Aaron Huddleston, Hamish Rees, Bradley Aldridge and Michael Bing 58.87, 8th Ant North, Martin O’Connor, Tony Price and Mark Lucock 59.12, 9th Robert Graham, Geoff Taylor, Kevin Clapp and Trevor Dewis 59.5 and 10th Debbie Donaldson, Carl Donaldson, Martin Napier and David Stevenson 59.5.

On Monday the ladies hosted the final round of Silver Pennants – our girls were playing Paraparaumu – Debbie Donaldson and Sandra Petersen won their 4 ball and in the singles Debbie had a good win along with Ju Allen and Carol Parkinson.

Good luck to the Marquis Shield and Tilson Salver teams who are playing on Sunday.

That’s it for another week.


Tuesday Tome 10th May 2022

It has been a very sad start to the week with the news of the passing of Sally Fairbrother – she will be remembered fondly by us all.  Our condolences go to Charlie.

Can I please remind all members that when they are teeing off the 3rd and 12th tees to please wait for any traffic to pass – I had a gentleman in the office last week whose car now has a large dent in the bonnet!!!

This Sunday is the Beef & Burgundy – please remember to let me know of any changes to your team prior to Sunday morning.

Results from last week:  There was a good turnout for Grumpies with Malcolm Bridge taking the money with 40 points from Mariana McDermott 39, Doug Ferguson 38 and Raymond Matthews and Richard Harvey both with 36 points.  Twos went to Andrew McKenzie, Brian Russo and Andy Morison.

On Wednesday the ladies played a Stableford round with Katrina Burgess leading the way with 41 points, Ju Allen 39, Mariana McDermott, Carol Parkinson and Rosie Collins 38 points.  Nearest the pins went to Marilyn McKenzie on #6 and Katrina on #8.  There were no twos.

The 9 holers played an LGU/Sue Bunt Nett/Shoot Out round with Jill Murphy nett 34 winning on a countback from Billie Holmes, Debbie Coom 36 and Tingay Davidson nett 37.  Nearest the pins went to Jill Murphy #8 and Jane Fanselow-Price #16.

The 9 holers had interclub at Miramar playing against Waikanae – Jaquee Reid had a good win with the other three having close matches.

There was a strong turnout last Thursday with Sandra Petersen taking the honours with 40 points from Pete Griffiths also on 40, Chris Hanson 39, Sheldon McNamara 38 and Shane Ireland and Bevan Sweeney 37 points.  Twos went to Darren Bevan and Trevor Petersen and nearest the pin was Jason Shaw.

Competition on Saturday was a Par round with Robin Brasell leading the way on +3 and Angela Busby +2.  Robin had the only two of the day.

Sunday was Shoot Out/Medal/Putting – Ant North was the winner with a nett 69, Mark Lucock 70, Warwick McKee 72 and Phil Eberlein, Bob Tosswill and Dayle Harwood 74.  Twos went to Ant, Malcolm Wood, Derek Stephens, Bob Tosswill, Mark, Chris Handley and Phil.

On Saturday Div 3 played at home against Karori with John Warner, Josh Hawkins, Lyall Callaghan and Tim Fenwick all halving their matches and Tim Richards, Kingi Kaiwai and Sheldon McNamara all winning theirs.  John and Tim R halved their 4 ball and Chris Ranish and Sheldon won their 4 ball.

Div 11 were in the play offs at Trentham against Te Marua.  In the 4 ball matches Rob Coy and Brent McKinlay and Peter and Jackson Gray won their games and in the singles Shayne Cater, Rob Coy, Tora Boyne, Pete Griffiths, Malcolm Bridge, Peter Gray and Jackson all had wins and Brent McKinlay halved his match.  This takes them through to the finals this Saturday when they will be playing Royal Wellington.  Good luck to the team – go Martinborough!!!!

On Monday the Silver Pennants team played at Manor Park against Masterton in very wet conditions – and some of us “don’t do rain!!”  In the 4 ball Sandra Petersen and I had a win and Ju Allen and Netia Morison halved their match.  In the singles Sandra and Jenny Wilkie won and Netia halved her match.  Hopefully everyones clubs will be dry by next week.

It is a busy week coming up for the ladies – this Friday they are hosting Riverside Cup, Silver Pennants on Monday and Ladies Open Day on Wednesday.

That’s it for this week – have a good one.


Tuesday Tome 2nd May 2022

It is another beautiful sunny morning here at the golf course with a number of players out enjoying the weather.

From this weekend a couple of changes have been made to the booking system.  As a result of the weekends being particularly busy with visitors, the Committee has decided that space should be freed up for the members.  On Saturdays tee times are reserved for members between 11.00am and 12.30pm and on Sundays between 10.30am and 12.30pm – you are still able to book online, however, if you wish to bring a visitor or Martinborough is not your home club then you will need to contact the office to book.  This will be trialled until the end of June when it will be reviewed.

Sheet is on the noticeboard for entries for the Martin 4BBB – first round is due to be played on 21st May – draw will be done on Thursday 19th.

Can I please remind those of you who like to use the bridge by the 8th green when leaving the 18th to go to the 1st tee to NOT walk between the bunker and the green.  Thank you.

On Thursday 26th May Thursday Club are hosting The Doug & Jan Ferguson Farewell Tournament – everyone is welcome to play, entry is $10.

Results from last week:  Grumpies played a Stableford with Richard Thompson the clear winner with 44 points, Pete Halstead and Greg Dalton 40 and Malcolm Bridge and Griff Page 38 points.  Twos went to Paul Harris and Bob Tosswill.

On Wednesday the 18 holers played HPMC (Stableford) – Ju Allen was the winner with 41 points, Lyle Griffiths 39, Ann Hume 38 and Nicola Warren 37 points.  Karen Shaw was the only one to get a two.  Nearest the pins went to Karen on #6 and Jo Loe on #8.  Ann is leaving us today to go back to the USA and we look forward to seeing her back here in December.

The 9 holers played Thurlow 4BBB – Lizzy Thomson & Jenny Tosswill winning with 24 points, Leonie Wilde 23, Jo Guscott and Tania Williamson 20 and Billie Holmes also 20 points.  Nearest the pin on #8 was Ali Russell.

Yesterday the 9 holers hosted the Southey Honda which is a competition between Martinborough and Masterton.  The winner was Fran Stewart (Masterton) with a nett 30, 2nd Jane Fanselow-Price 32 on a countback from Sue Williams (Masterton).  Longest drives went to Di Herbert and Barbie Wallace and nearest the pins Helen Ordish and Pru Andrew all players from Masterton.  Jill Murphy got the only two.

Thursday Club had a good turnout with Chris Handley taking the money with 42 points, Vern Anton 40, Chris Ranish, Ro Griffiths and Andy Morison 38 points.  Twos went to Glen Schofer (2), Kane Sim and Marie Scrimshaw.  Nearest the pin was Warwick McKee.

Competition on Saturday was Shoot Out/Medal/Putting with Chris Ranish winning on countback from Shayne Cater with nett 70, Warwick McKee 71.  Chris got the only two and Guy Walmsley had 25 putts.

Sunday was Stableford – Barry Johnson winning with 43 points, Ray Matthews 40, Malcolm Wood 39 and yours truly 38 points.  Twos went to Malcolm Wood and Dayle Scrimshaw.

On Sunday the men played Marquis Shield at Carterton against Eketahuna winning 10.5-7.5.

This weekend Div 3 are playing at home against Karori and we are also hosting a Div 11 play off match – Mahunga vs Trentham.  Our Div 11 men are playing their play off match against Te Marua at Trentham.  Good luck to both our teams.

Finally for this week if you are entered in the Beef & Burgundy Ambrose can I please remind you that if you have any changes to make to your team that you let me know before 5pm on Saturday 14th and it would be appreciated if your entries are paid before then as well.

That’s it for this week.





Tuesday Tome 26th April 2022

It was another very busy weekend with plenty of green fee players out enjoying the course and the weather.  I am sure a number of you will be pleased to know that this weekend is looking a lot quieter – however, with the Martinborough Fair on Saturday that might change!!

Entries for the Beef & Burgundy (Sunday 15th May) have come in thick and fast with only a couple of slots available so if you are thinking of playing please get your entry in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

On Wednesday 18th May the Ladies have their Open Day – 18 hole Gross, Nett & Stableford competition – why not bring a friend and join in the fun.  Entries to:  entries@martinboroughgolfclub.co.nz

Last Friday one of our members, Shane Egan, not only had an eagle on the 17th (yes I know a number of you have managed that numerous times) but he also had an albatross on the 11th – first one that I have heard of – but I am sure someone will correct me on that!!!  Congratulations Shane.

For those of you interested in the Rules of Golf there is a Level 2 Rules Course being held at Boulcotts Farm on Sunday 12th and Sunday 19th June – details are on the noticeboard.  We already have a Rules Official amongst our members – would be great to have a couple more.

Results from last week:  Grumpies played an Irish Stableford with Andrew McKenzie the clear winner with 86 points, Peter Warren 79, Malcolm Bridge and Chris Handley 73 and Lachie McLeod 71.  Twos went to Chris, Lachie, Allan Eagle and Ritch Wood.

The Ladies played Par MSB with Sandra Petersen winning on +2 on a countback to my office buddy Carol Parkinson and Netia Morison +1.  Nearest the pins went to Mariana McDermott #6 and Robyn Blackett #8 – there were no twos.

The 9 holers had a putting competition with the winner Tingay Davidson 15 putts, 2nd equal Jill Murphy and Tania Williamson with 17.  Nearest the pins went to Jane Fanselow Price #8 and Debbie Coom #16.

On Thursday the 9 holers played interclub at Waikanae against Shandon with Debbie and Tingay both having good wins.

Thursday Club had a good turnout with 54 out playing.  The winner was Ailsa Malneek with 41 points, Vern Anton 40, Rick Hargreaves, Jason Shaw, Rob Coy and Tony Taylor 38 points.  Twos went to Ailsa, Jason, Bob Schofield and Malcolm Wood and nearest the pin was Jason.

Competitions at the weekend were Stableford with Guy Walmsley taking the money on Saturday with 35 points from Peter Schenk with 34.  They were also the only ones to get twos.

On Sunday the winner on a countback was Terry Fraei with 41 points, Bob Schofield 41, Jason Shaw and Chris Ranish 40 and yours truly 38.  Twos went to Chris Ranish who won the birds nest,  Bob, Malcolm Wood, Phil Eberlein, Jason and myself.

This weekend is a Shoot Out round on Saturday and on Sunday the Marquis Shield men are playing at Carterton.

That’s it for another week.


Tuesday Tome 19th April 2022

I hope you all had a good Easter – the course was extremely busy over the long weekend with a steady stream of green fee players.

This weekend we have a large group from Porirua playing on Saturday morning teeing off from various tees at 9.00am so if you are playing it could be slow.

On to more mundane things – for those of you who enter the clubhouse through the door on the 9th tee could you please remember to close the door behind you as the lounge gets full of leaves at this time of year if you leave it open.

Results from last week:  Grumpies played a Par round with Arthur Warren coming in on +9, Bob Schofield +3, Bill Gordon +2 and Andrew McKenzie and Lachie McLeod +1.  Twos went to Arthur, Seamus O’Sullivan and Tony Taylor.

On Wednesday the 9 holers played LGU/Sue Bunt Nett/Shoot Out with Ali Russell winning with a nett 33, Tingay Davidson 35 and Sandra Burgess 37.  Nearest the pins went to Jill Murphy on #8 and Jane Fanselow-Price on #16.

The 18 holers played LGU/Captains Trophy Qual 3/Shoot Out with Kelly Taylor having her best round with a nett 66, Jenny Wilkie and Angela Busby 71 and Sherry Weatherstone 72.  Twos went to Carol Parkinson, Ju Allen and Mariana McDermott and nearest the pin on #6 was Carol and #8 Mariana.

Thursday Club had a good turnout with Lloyd Warren winning with 47 points, Shane Colton and Nick Morison 43, Trevor Petersen 40, Bou-Dean Hawkins, Jason Burt and Seamus O’Sullivan 39 points.  Twos went to Nick Morison (very greedy he had 3!!!), Brian Russo, Andrew McKenzie, Doug Clark, Andy Morison, Brent McKinlay and Seamus O’Sullivan.  Nearest the pin was, yes you’ve guessed it, Nick Morison.

The competitions at the weekend were Par – on Saturday the winner was Jason Shaw who finished all square and he also won the Bird’s Nest but unfortunately there wasn’t a lot in it as it had only been won the week before.

On Sunday the winner was Ed Brown on +4 on a countback from Russell Kirk, Philippa Smith +3, Derek Stephens +2 and office buddy Carol Parkinson +1 and there were no twos.

That’s it for this week – short and sweet.