MGC NEWS 15/09/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

After a wet wash-out last weekend, it’s looking more favourable this weekend, just as well as we have plenty of golf to look forward to!!

Grumpies first up, 1stBill Jago on 40, 2nd= Pete Price and Rick Thompson on 39, and Sandy Bidwill on 37. There was only one two and that was Rick Hargreaves.

Ladies not involved in club champs played a stableford round; 1stSandra Petersen 38, 2ndJulie Weber 36, 3rdLouise Smith 31. Sandra had the only two of the day and Sandra and Julie both were nearest the pin.

Thursday club was a cracker of a day, and for those not tied down with lawn mowing duties, there was plenty of good golf to be enjoyed!! 1stJames Elworthy 42 (great to have you back looking so well and playing good golf Sky!), 2ndPaul McKenzie 40, 3rdBill Jones 39, 4th= Stu Taplin, Matt Thomas, Tony Taylor & Colin Whibley-Smith 38. Twos; Dean Schaef, David Donald and Mariana McDermott – who also got nearest the pin.

No weekend golf was played due to the inclement weather – so a short report this week!!

Lamb and Chardonnay is on this weekend – so results to follow next week; fingers crossed it’ll be a good rugby game on Saturday night – go the All Blacks!!  Enjoy the more settled spring weather and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 08/09/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we venture into the unpredictable spring weather hopefully there is some fine weather on the horizon; as the days are noticeably extending surely there must be more time for some golf?!

Grumpies results 1st Griff Page +7, 2nd = Gary Cuttance and Bill Jago on +5, and 4th Alan Eagle on +4. Twos were Bill Gordon and Gary Cuttance.

Ladies news for this week; the Wairarapa 4 ball best ball went ahead on Friday with only a couple of showers to dampen the day.  Debbie Donaldson will have har name put on the trophy again this year for having the best gross score of 78 along with her partner, former Martinborough Club member, Pip Smith (nee Kirk).  Well done to the pair of you.  Also running hot were Angela Busby and Louise Smith who had the best nett score of 62.  Sandra Petersen and Sereana Phillipps (Masterton) were second on 65 and another Martinborough pairing of Bindy McLeod and Julie Weber were third with 67.  That was on a countback from Sue Ross and Melinder Wheeler (Pahiatua and Pongaroa)  and Sylvia Beavis and Lizzie Goodall.   Longest Drives were achieved by Pip Smith and Angela Busby and Nearest the Pins by Anita Karaitiana (Mahunga), Jaclyn Kras (Royal Wellington but formerly Martinborough), Debbie Donaldsonn and Marie Scrimshaw.  Thanks to Elaine Howe for the women’s reports!

Thursday club was totally rained out.

Results from Sunday; a stableford competition. 1st = Phil Eberlein and Richard Mills, 3rd = Mike Charteris, Allan Eagle, Sandra Petersen & Doug Clark. Twos – Phil Eberlein, Karen Stephens and Bill Jones.

Coming up…. Club champs first round is Saturday 21st September.  Lamb & Chardonnay is the day after.  AB Martin Mixed foursomes is Sunday 29th September.  This is for members only so find a partner and let Kris know please.  Men’s open tournament is October 5th and 6th this will be a 54 hole /36 hole Tournament – it would be great to get back to a full field for this so bring a friend or two along for this guys!!

That’s all from me, enjoy the more settled weather ahead and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 01/09/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Well hopefully you all made the most of the end of winter and celebrated by getting a dry round of golf in…I fear the only golf we’ll get to play over the next ten days will be with wet weather gear and canoe optional…… IF the forecast is to be believed!!

Grumpies played Chicago Stableford round; 1st Phil Reid 49,  2nd Griff Page 45 and 3rd Paul Riddiford on 43. Twos were Griff Page and Paul Riddiford.

The 9-holers played the Thurlow Cup 4BBB, 1st: Jane Fanselow-Price & Tingay Davidson  19, 2nd: Adrienne Sisson & Debbie Coom 17, 3rd: Katrina Burgess & Jo Guscott 15; Nearest Pin #8:  Debbie Coom.

Our ladies attempted to regain the Cotter Rose-bowl they won last year at Masterton, and although they put up a good fight, unfortunately the home team had the advantage.  Martinborough was second though. On Wednesday results were 1st = Julie Weber and Adele Cairns 37 points, 3rd Angela Busby 35, 4th = Louise Smith and Alison Tipler 34.  Adele and Mariana won nearest the pins.

Thursday club was taken out by Doug Clark and Tony Taylor 41, 3rd Alison Sim 40, 4th = Julie Weber & Bill Gordon.  Nearest the pin Chris Ranish, and he got his two, along with Doug Clark and Andrew McKenzie.  Greg Dalton also got a two…but his was an eagle – a two on number 9 – well done Greg!!

The 36 hole tournament was played over the weekend and the 0-10 winner with 170 (82 & 88) was John Warner, 2nd Liam Annis 172 (90 & 82). 10-17 winner George Kirk 165, 2nd Peter Gray 172, 3rd Michael Rust 173.  Division 18-25 winner was Scotty the Butcher 186, 2nd Alan Heath 196. 25+ winner Jackson Gray 211.  The Nett winner was George Kirk with 143.  

That’s all for this week, take care, stay well and if you do venture out into the unpredictable spring weather……good golfing!!

MGC NEWS 25/08/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Goodbye winter – hello spring, and I think the mornings are definitely getting lighter and the afternoons are stretching out too – hooray!!

Kicking us off this week are the Grumpies, and congratulations to the head honcho Grumpies organiser Mr. Terry Blacktop who gat a hole-in-one on number 6 last week, I believe there may have been a few celebratory drinks in the clubhouse that afternoon!! 1st Alan Eagle  41, 2nd  Bill Jones, 3rd =  Bill Jago and Nick Allen 38.  Twos , Roger Smeaton, Ro Griffiths, John Thomson, Andrew Lawler and Murray Blackwell. 

9-holers played a Putting Round last week 1st: Sherryl Howie 16 putts, 2nd: Jane Fanselow-Price 17 putts, 3rd Jaquee Reid 18 putts, nearest the Pins Pat Wood and their new member Kim – welcome!

Ladies golf, and the winner was…yes you guessed it….Julie Weber! It was a Par round and Julie got +3.  2nd = Bindy Mcleod and Jenny Wilkie all square, 4th   Sandra Petersen -3.  Jenny and Sue Dinnison got twos.  Nearest the Pins Marie Scrimshaw and Jenny.

Thursday club 1st Rob Lopez 39, 2nd David Kershaw 38, 3rd = Ed Elworthy, Dayle Harwood, Paul Riddiford & Richard Warren, only one (lucrative) two – Rob Lopez, nearest the pin Paul Shepherd. 

Sunday’s competition was stableford, 1st = Nick Allen, Bill Jones & Julie Warner 39, 4th Tony Taylor 37, 5th Trevor Hawkins 36. Twos – Sandra Petersen, John Warner & Bill Jones.

Messages from the match convener….. List is up for Club Champs so please put your names up so all divisions are well supported. First round is Saturday 21st September.  AB Martin Mixed foursomes is Sunday 29th September.  This is for members only so find a partner and let Kris know please.  Men your open tournament is October 5th and 6th so please keep this in mind. This will be a 54 hole /36 hole Tournament.

That’s all from me, have a good weekend and enjoy the (forecast) sun – and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 18/08/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we prepare to farewell the last week of winter (hooray), we’ve had some testing weather over the last week, but at least we got to enjoy the snow-capped mountains as a reward when the rainclouds cleared!!

First up this week, the 9-holers had a special celebration and held a very successful reunion of 21 Years of 9 Hole Golf in Martinborough last weekend, it started with a Meet & Greet at the Clubrooms on Friday night, followed by 35 playing Ambrose Golf on Saturday morning followed by a Soup & Cheese Roll lunch, and a birthday cake.  A delicious dinner for 60 was served at the Village Café on Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  Their results from the previous Wednesday are 1st Jaquee Reid 16, 2nd  Jan Ferguson 12 and 3rd Adrienne Sisson 10.

Grumpies results: – 1st Pete Price 37, 2nd  Nick Allen 36 and 3rd Terry Blacktop 34.

Ladies golf and Julie finished first (again!) with Bindy McLeod second and Honor Clark and Sue Dinnison equal 3rd.  The putting was won by Julie Dondertman with 29, followed by Marie Scrimshaw on 31 and Ju Allen with 32.  There was no change to the shootout scoreboard.  Nearest the pin on All Teed Up No 6 was Ju and Jenny Wilkie was closest on Cafe Medici No 8.  Bindy had the only two.

Thursday had a good turn-out of 50 players making the most of the sunshine, 1st Michael Tosswill 43, 2nd Chris Ranish 41, 3rd Rob Lopez 40, 4th = Doug Ferguson, Nick Allen & James Blundell 39. Twos: JD Smith, Nick Morison, Doug Ferguson, Rob Lopez, Craig Andrews, Michael Tosswill & Brent McKinlay – nearest the pin Rob Lopez.

Saturday was the Lefties/Righties Tournament; Best Gross Andy Morison & Ray Matthews, Best Nett Shane Hartnell & Andy Small, 2nd Nett Bill Ward & Rob Lopez, 3rd Nett Roger Ngahooro & Steve Mawdesley.  Best Nett Women Jenny Boyne & Jenny Lloyd, Best Nett mixed – John & Julie Warner. Nearsest the pins – Jacky Nathu, Dave Workman, Andy Morison & Guy Walmsley.

On a sad note, we give our condolences to our new Featherston members with the loss of Norman Douglas in his 94th year; he served on the committee for years and was a life member, he will be sadly missed by all, RIP Norm.

That’s all for this week – Lamb & Chardonnay on 22nd September – get your entries to Kris in the office asap as places are limited and go like hot-cakes!!  Have a good week and good golfing everyone!You

MGC NEWS 28/07/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

After a balmy weekend, we’re back to a few wintry days, so stoke up that fire or warm yourself up with a brisk game of golf!!

Grumpies got washed out last week, so no results from them!

Ladies played a Stableford competition 1stAdele Cairns 34, 2ndJu Allen 33, and 3rd Angela Busby 32.  Nearest the pins were: All Teed Up no 6 – Sherry Weatherstone and Cafe Medici no 8 – Bindy McLeod.  Bindy also scored two twos and Jenny Wilkie had one (two that is, not a hole in one!).

Thursday was another stunner of a day and there were nearly 50 players that turned up to enjoy the sunshine! 1stMariana McDermott 45, 2ndPaul McKenzie 41, 3rd= Guy Walmsley & David Kershaw 39, 5th= Raymond Matthews, Dean Schaef, Bill Gordon & Tony Taylor 38. Twos: Rob Smith, Malcolm Bridge, Dean Schaef, Richard Mills and Sheldon got two twos and nearest the pin.

Sunday’s tournament was medal, putting and shoot-out, 1stAngela Busby 63, 2ndGary Cuttance 68, 3rd= Bill Jones & Sweenz 69, 5thMalcolm Wood 70; Mark Lucock won the putting with 25 putts.

We say a very fond farewell and thanks to Sue Berger our office manager who has been at the helm for 14 years, and welcome to Kris Chamberlein – a new but familiar face in the office.

Congratulations to both the seniors and thirds rugby teams on Saturday – it was fabulous to see so many Marty supporters at Memorial Park;they were very well-deserved wins, you made your town very proud!!

That’s it for me for this week, look after you and yours and good golfing everyone!!

MGC NEWS 21/07/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

After another weekend of eventful weekend of sporting activities (a lucky scrape through for the All Blacks and a triumphant win to the Silver Ferns!), it was good to see the Dick Bennett Memorial – being played in Martinborough for the first time; participants enjoying a good day of golfing despite the weather being on the wintry side.

First up the Grumpies had a lower turn out than usual due to the inclement weather; the winner on the day was Andrew Lawler on 41, 2nd  Nick Allen and Sandy Bidwill on 39. The only 2 was Greg Dalton.

Ladies played a Par round on Wednesday and in first place (yet again) was Julie Weber with +2, 2nd Angela Busby -1, 3rd Ju Allen -2.  Julie also got nearest the pin on All Teed Up no 6 and Marilyn MacKenzie on Cafe Medici no 8. Twos were scored by Marilyn, Ju and Sandra Petersen.

Thursday was a cracker day with sunshine and some good heat in the day despite being rather soggy underfoot!  1st = Andrew Sim & Malcolm Wood (40), 3rd = Trev Hawkins & Tim Loe (38), 5th = David Kershaw, Doug Clark & Pete Price (36).  Twos: Malcolm Wood, Bob Tosswill, Sandra Petersen & Sandy Bidwill – nearest the pin Rick Hargreaves.

Saturday’s comp was medal – 1st Sandy Bidwill 73 (is he living in the club flat?!), 2nd = John Warner, Tim Loe & Malcolm Wood 74, twos – John Warner, Malcolm Wood & Tim Loe.

Sunday’s Dick Bennett Memorial was taken out by Jackson & Peter Gray! In the men’s division 1st Jackson & Peter Gray 50, 2nd Scotty the Butcher & Shane Hartnell 47, 3rd John Taylor & Carl Petersen 46, 4th Nuki Gordon & Jason Paku 45, 5th Doug Clark & Stu Taplin 45, 6th Eddie Brown & Johnson Williams 45, 7th Richard Mills & Mike Charteris 45.  Mixed division, 1st Nick & Ju Allen 44, 2nd Mr & Mrs Gumboot 40, 3rd Tim & Jo Loe 39, (is Tim flatting with Sandy?!).  Women 1st Mariana McDermott & Sally Fairbrother.  Twos – Brian Russo, Jackson Gray, Glen Harper & Bindy McLeod, Nearest the pins Bindy McLeod & Carl Petersen, longest drives Sandra Petersen & Richard Mills.

Coming up – the Bottle-O lefties/righties 36-hole tournament Saturday 17th August, entries to the office.  Good luck to the Martinborough Seniors this Saturday against Gladstone, wear your green & black to Memorial Park!  That’s it for this week – good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 14/07/19

Martinborough Golf Report 

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Well, hopefully everyone has caught up on their sleep and recovered emotions from Monday morning’s events!  As we continue through winter, we’re still getting the odd good golfing day, and the course is still playing well although a bit longer now it is wetter underfoot!

Wednesday was Julie Weber’s day.  She won the putting with 29 followed by Nicola Warren and Jenny Wilkie who both had 31 putts. Julie also had the lowest nett score with 70, with Nicola Warren next on 74 and Ju Allen third with 76. Julie and Ju both had twos. Nearest the Pins were Alison Tipler on All Teed Up No 6 and Ju Allen on Cafe Medici No 8. 

Thursday club winner was Stu Taplin back in form with the only two on the day too – a lucrative day for him!! 2nd Chris Ranish 36, 3rd = Bob Tosswill, Ed Elworthy, Keith Rayner, Tim Loe and Mariana McDermott 35.  Nearest the pin Dean Schaef.

No results from the weekend, but no surprises there as the weather was pretty uninspiring on Sunday!

This Sunday is the Dick Bennett Memorial – 4-ball best ball stableford, men’s ladies and mixed divisions, entries to the office.  Good luck to all involved and hopefully the weather forecast will clear – finger’s crossed!

Enjoy the weekend, stay warm and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 30/06/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Well, it’s official, we’re over half way through the year, and in our middle month of winter; the frosts have been hard, and judging by the results the golf has been too!!

Grumpies, 1st= Roger Smeaton and Lachie McLeod on 37, 3rd= Peter Price, Rob McCreary and Nick Morison on 36. There were 4 twos, Roger Smeaton, Rob McCreary, Bill Jones and Rick Hargreaves.

Ladies = 1stAdele Cairns 34, 2nd Julie Weber 32, 3rd Jenny Wilkie 30.
There were no twos. Nearest the pin All Teed Up No 6 was Angela Busby and Cafe Medici No 8 was Ju Allen.

Thursday club had a good turn out, and it was a cracking day…the golf was less than impressive with no-one breaking 40; 1st =Andy Morison & Chris Ranish 39, 3rd= Nick Allen, Chris Hanson & Brian Russo, 6thRob Smith & Nick Morison. Twos: Chris Ranish, Nick Allen, Doug Clark, Kris Chamberlain, Craig Andrews, Sky Elworthy & Sandy Bidwill, nearest the pin Gary Cuttance.

Saturday’s comp was medal, putting & shoot-out, 1stBrian Russo 70; Bob Schofield won the putts with 30, twos went to Glenn Harper & Edward Brown.

Sunday’s golfers played a stableford round, 1stNick Allen 42, 2ndEd Brown 38, 3rdTerry Fraei 37, 4thMalcolm Wood 35 and 5thBrian Russo 34, twos: Sandra Petersen, Ed Brown & Malcolm Bridge.

That’s all for this week, take care in these icy conditions and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 23/06/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

It is with great sadness that I open the golf report this week; every club member will remember Adrian Blackett, and our deepest condolences go to Robyn and the Blackett family.  Adrian was a stalwart of the club, a regular Grumpy and a willing volunteer over the years.

Grumpies results last week, 1st  Garry Cuttance and Andrew Simm on 39, 3rd Kenna Boyd and Elizabeth Goodall on 35. There were no twos.

Ladies saw 21 players battle the course in a Par round.  In first place all square was Jane Terpstra, 2ndVenetia Morison -1, 3rdNatalie Donaldson and Julie Weber -2. Good to see Jane and Natalie playing again.  Nearest the pins were Jane Terpstra on and Sandra Petersen.  Jane and Jenny Wilkie both had twos.

After an exceptionally cold start on Thursday morning the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for a round of golf. 1stShaun Richards (Paraparaumu Beach) and Malcolm Wood 41, 3rdTrevor Hawkeye and Sandy Bidwill 40, 5thBrian Russo and Sweenze 39. Twos, Shaun Richards (he had 3!!), Malcolm Wood (2), Doug Clark, Brian Russo and Frank Colton – who also got nearest the pin.  It was fantastic to see our very own Lance Phelps back out on the course, he got a 2 too…as you would expect – we look forward to seeing plenty more of you Lance!

Congratulations to Mariana McDermott and Kris Chamberlain for their recent induction into the Eagles. They have been rightly recognised for their years of work for the Club and devotion to the sport.  Well done girls!

The Marquis Shield team was organised by Brian Russo this year, and he did a great job wrangling men for the teams, he is pictured holding the senior and intermediate team trophies – well done to all the guys who took part.

Coming up: The Dick Bennett Memorial (one of Featherston’s popular tournaments) – 4-ball, best ball, Stableford; men’s, ladies and mixed sections being held Sunday 21stJuly – register entries to the office.

Finally – good luck to all the boys heading over to the GC for their boys trip –  good golfing everyone!

Photo: Brian Russo