Tuesday Tome 25th January 2022

Firstly, please note the course is closed tomorrow in preparation for the Pro Am on Thursday – if you can spare an hour or two in the morning to help clear up around the course (as per my email this morning) that would be great.

Secondly, the Committee has redefined a couple of areas on the course, namely on the left hand side of the 11th fairway where there are new Totara plantings, this is now OOB and the GUR on the left hand side of the 17th is now a penalty area (red pegs).  This will come into effect from Thursday.

This Saturday the Mens Interclub teams are both playing at home – good luck to them.

Grumpies will be starting back next Tuesday (1st February).

Results from last week are:  1st Dayle Scrimshaw 41 points on a countback from Richard Mills, George Kirk and Anna Possenniskie 40, Kane Sim and Chris Handley 39 and Martin Napier, Steve Lewis, Malcolm Wood and Bill Gordon 38 points.  Twos went to Shayne Hammond, Wayne Eagleson, Ed Elworthy, Doug Clark, Peter Griffiths, Richard Mills, George Kirk and Anna Possenniskie.  Nearest the pin went to Arthur Warren.

Short but sweet this week – lots to do before Thursday.  Good luck to all who are playing and fingers crossed for some good weather.


Tuesday Tome 18th January 2022

Another beautiful day out on the course.  Coming up this weekend we are hosting Titahi Bay on Saturday morning with approximately 70 players teeing off multiple tees and from lunchtime there is a wedding party of 30 players teeing off multiple tees so if you were thinking of playing please make it later in the day.

Next Thursday (27th) we are hosting the Spark Pro Am so the course is closed.  The course is also closed on Wednesday (26th) to allow the greens staff to prepare the course.   The only players allowed out on Wednesday will be Pros wishing to practice.

Some of you may have noticed that we now have new bins out on the course – it would be appreciated if you could ensure that you put your rubbish in the correct bin – they are clearly marked and for those tees that do not have bins on them please take your rubbish with you and not leave it lying around.

Results from Thursday Club :  there was a very good turnout last week with Griff Page taking the money with 44 points from David Stevenson and Vern Anton 40, Shayne Hammond, Emily Loughnan, Mariana McDermott, Richard Mills and Neil McKirdy 39 points.  Nearest the pin went to Al Petrie and twos went to Seamus O’Sullivan (2), Sandy Bidwill, Andy Morison, Chris Cole, Kris Chamberlain, Kane Sim, Peter Griffiths, Al Petrie, Sandra Petersen, Doug Clark, Shayne Hammond, Emily Loughnan and Dayle Scrimshaw.

That’s all for this week – have a good one.




Another beautiful day in the sunny Wairarapa with a steady stream of golfers going out to play.  To all of you who are booking tee times thank you – makes our job in the office a lot easier.

This week Thursday Club will be back to normal with catering and bar.

Results from last Thursday:  Nearest the pin Rob Smith, 2s went to Jason Burt, Brian Russo, Bruce Ward and Pete Griffiths.  1st was Bruce Ward with 41 points from Pete Griffiths and Kane Sim 40, myself, Brian Russo and Kim Andrews 38 points.

Very short and sweet this week.


MGC NEWS 15/12/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

As we prepare for Christmas in less than a week and get ready to farewell 2019, there is still plenty of golf to be played out there… the recent rain will give the grass a new lease on life; and although the water tanks will be singing out, the mowers of lawns are inwardly groaning!! 

Grumpies results from last week – 1st Bill Jones on +8, 2nd = Guy Walmsley, Jason Shaw, Mariana McDermott and Alan eagle on +7, 6th = Rick Hargreaves, Sandy Bidwill and Terry Blacktop on +5. The only two was Tony Taylor.

Last Thursday was another jaw-dropping, mathematical, phenomenon… 1st Rob McCreary 54, 2nd Dayle Scrimshaw 47. 3rd Mariana McDermott 46, 4th Bill Gordon 45, 5th Ro Griffiths 44, 6th = Gumboot Petersen & Ed Elworthy.  Twos, Malcolm Wood (2), Gumboot, Colin Whibley-Smith, Dean Schaef, Andrew McKenzie, Greg Dalton & Johnson Williams who also took out nearest the pin.

The weekend before last was the mixed foursomes – 36 holes played over the weekend, Gross – 1st Pip & George Kirk 163, 2nd Debbie & Martin Napier 169, 3rd Kris & Rob 176. Nett – 1st Team Gumboot 131, 2nd Team Scrimshaw 133, 3rd, Team Loe. Stableford – 1st Billie & Ali Holmes 83. 2nd Lizzie & Pete 79, 3rd Felicity & Andrew 72. 

Last weekend was the Club Christmas Closing day and a good day was had by all involved! Results as follows (nett), 1st Irene Lovejoy, Doug Clark, Bob Schofield & Steve Lewis 54, 2nd Tingay Davidson, Derek Stephens, Gary Cuttance & Malcolm Bridge 55, 3rd Malcolm Wood, Richard Mills, Andy Morison & Rob Lopez 55, 4th Jason Shaw, Gumboot, Dean Schaef & Terry Blacktop 56.125. Nearest the pins went to Ro Griffiths, Rocky Hudson, Doug Clark & Emily Loughnan. 

We sadly said our farewells to Graham Stephenson this week; he and his wife Leonie have been caterers at our club for the last few years.  Graham’s cheery disposition and support for his community will not be forgotten – our thoughts are with Leonie, Tony & Jan and Nina.

We wrap up the year with Smiddy’s tournament today – good luck to all playing… prepare for a long round, and enjoy the company of your fellow golfers in memory of our good mate Neil Smith.

Look after you and yours, kia kaha and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 02/12/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

This week saw the exciting unveiling of a new mower in Martinborough.  The “Thursday Club” players are gathered around a new greens mower which has been purchased due to the kindness of the late Ian Henderson (nicknamed Spacey) who left a very generous bequest to the club. Ian was a real stalwart of Martinborough for many years holding roles as president and patron during his golfing life. He was also a life member and an Eagle. His family presented the bequest at a recent tournament. The mower has been appropriately branded to his memory.

Mens Shootout Final
It was a balmy day for the men’s shoot-out on Sunday.  Fresh from driving over the Hill Kevin Williams lost in a six-way chip on the first hole. After a wayward tee shot, followed by some drains, Shane Hartnell was next to leave. Number 3 is always tricky and Pete Griffiths second wanted to wander right into the vines.  Phil Eberlien short of the Womens Tee was not what he had in mind on his departure card at gate four. Bull Hill saw a three-way chip off with John Errington given a yellow card. Another chip off on number 6 saw a six-inch differential with debutante Doug Ferguson told to try again next year.  Rounding the Oaks on number 7 the Referees were forced to bring out the tape measure and with a dead heat on the first chip, it was Dale Scrimshaw who was shown the door.  Bob Schofield departed after a three-way chip on number 8. Richard Mills planted a stunning drive down the fairway on nine only to lose with a short chip. The tenth caused angst to first timer Rob Lopez, he learnt that you just go for it. Another soul to fall from a wayward tee shot and no shots Colin Whibley-Smith hopped on the trailer at 11.  Ro Griffiths was one of two to hit OB on 12 unfortunately his recovery was not good enough to stay the distance. The 13th and Glen Harper found himself in a five-way chip off and there were no ands for him. Another chip off on 14 and Gary Cuttance was given the order. On the 15th four of the five remaining had another chip off, this time Trevor Petersen was told to park his cart.  Onto the 16th and the two players without shots chipped off with John Warners chip four inches too long.  Going up 17th the players were clearly tiring at this stage with Alec Donderman finally faltering after a magnificent 16 holes.  The last two standing were Guy Warmsley and Mark Lucock. Great drives from both with solid seconds, their third shots very average, Guy missed his four-foot putt to hand Mark the Stacey Hartnell Memorial Trophy for 2019. Not bad considering he survived after having a nine on number two and being a party to numerous chip offs.   Congrats to Mark and everyone who made the day very entertaining – Thanks to Tora for the write-up!

MGC NEWS 24/11/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Grumpies results 1st Malcolm Bridge 43, 2nd Doug Fergusson 42, 3rd = Randall Warner, Bill Jones, Alan Eagle and Griff Page 0n 41. Twos went to Randall Warner, Bill Gordon, Doug Fergusson, Alan Yates and Sandy Bidwill.

The ladies had their closing day last week so are all wrapped up for the season – I don’t have a full results list but I understand Sandra Petersen cleaned up pretty well with a number of trophies!!

Thursday was a stunner of a day and a good crowd turned up and moaning was minimal as they were directed to all corners of the course!!  1st = Paul McKenzie & Colin Whibley Smith 44, 3rd Sheldon McNamara 43, 4th Davis Lester Clarke, 5th = Rob Lopez, Mariana McDermott, Dayle Scrimshaw, Kris Chamberlain & Ro Griffiths 41.  Twos went to Paul McKenzie, Brian Russo, Richard Thompson, Sheldon, Greg Dalton, Gary Cuttance and Malcolm Bridge, nearest the pin Tim Loe.  Smiddy’s tournament is being held on 19th December – it’s now in it’s 9th year in remembrance and celebration of the great man Neil Smith; it’s a super fun day – all are welcome.

This weekend is the Masterborough Trophy at Masterton on Saturday and the Men’s Shoot Out final on Sunday – a great spectator day for those not involved.

The AGM is being held in the clubrooms next Wednesday at 5:30.

Take advantage of this run of beautiful weather and get out on the course and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 17/10/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Grumpies results; 1st Bob Tosswill on +4, 2nd = Griff Page, Malcolm Bridge, Bill Gordon, Gary Cuttance and Terry Blacktop on +2. Twos went to Nick Allen and Bill Jago.

Ladies played a stableford competition last week, 1st Nicola Warren, 2nd Pamela Messervy, 3rd Julie Weber.  Nearest the pins were Gretel Dick and Nicola and Sandra Petersen had the only two.

Thursday had a high turnout of players despite the relentless winds, 1st Richard Mills 45, 2nd = Pete Griffiths, Colin Whibley-Smith & Ed Elworthy 42, 5th Griff Page 41, 6th Brian Russo 40. Twos went to Ro Griffiths, Brian Russo and Sheldon McNamara, nearest the pin Tony Taylor.

The  Murray Halberg Day was held on Saturday and was a big success with 61 players taking part (men, women and 9 hole players) and over $2000 being raised.  In the men’s division, 1st Ro Griffiths 43, 2nd Alec Dondertman 42, 3rd = Bill Jones, Martin Napier, Chris Hanson 41, 6th Brian Russo 40. The ladies division 1st Jenny Boyne (Royal Wellington) 38, 2nd = Sandra Petersen & Elizabeth Goodall 37, 4th Mariana McDermott 36. The 9-holers 1st Jaquee Reid 21, 2nd Debbie Coom, 20, 3rd Jenny Tosswill 17, 4th Sherryl Howie 12. Nearest the pins went to Dean Hanson, Mike Newport, Paul De Bernado and Richard Warren, twos – Kris Chamberlain, Elizabeth Goodall, Richard Warren, Ro Griffiths and Paul De Bernado.

A select group turned out on Sunday, the rest of town seemingly enjoying Toasting….or hiding away from Toasters!! 1st = Tora Boyne & Terry Fraei 40, 3rd Rob Lopez 39, the only two went to Trevor Hawkins.

Coming up…… On Saturday 30th November is the Masterborough Trophy at Masterton – this is an annual Stableford competition which is combined with their Open Xmas Tournament.  A bus has been arranged to take players to Masterton, speak to Kris for details.  Sunday 1st December is the Men’s Shoot Out final – please check the website to see if you have qualified and if so please let Kris know if you will be playing.  Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December is 36 Hole Mixed Foursomes. Thursday 19th December is the annual Smiddy’s Tournament – just turn up on the day – everyone is welcome.

Have a good week, enjoy the warmer weather and good golfing everyone! 

MGC NEWS 10/11/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

Grumpies results, 1st Mariana McDermott on +10, 2nd Rick Hargreaves on +8, 3rd Ali Holmes on +7 and 4th Gary Cuttance on +6. Twos went to Chris Cole and Malcolm Bridge.

The 9-holers had their last game of the year and they played a putting competition, 1st Debbie Coom  14, 2nd: Jenny Tosswill 16, 3rd = Di Bunny & Jenny Tucker 17.  Nearest the Pin #8: Sherryl Howie.

After a certain amount of indecision about the day, the ladies shootout final was played last Wednesday; and if the photo is anything to go by they had a very fun day out!!  Sylvia Beavis reportedly played out of her skin and took home top prize, 2nd Pamela Messervy, 3rd Gretel Dick.

Thursday Club produced some jaw-dropping stableford scores, but kicking the main prize was Gumboot Petersen 1st with an astonishing 50 points! 2nd Paul Riddiford 48, 3rd Ali Holmes 46, 4th = Sky Elworthy & Mariana McDermott 45, the ‘also-rans’ were Gary Cuttance, Griff Page, Bill Jago, Doug Clark & Lisa-Marie Ireland on 43. Twos – Pete Griffiths, David Kershaw, George Kirk & Joel Macklin who also got closest to the pin.

The men’s club champs were finalised over the weekend and results are as follows: – Tony Russo beat Colin Whibley-Smith (Seniors), Dayle Harwood beat Doug Clark (Intermediates), Alan Heath beat Grant Newdick (Juniors) and Richard Mills beat Jackson Gray (Bellingham Cup).  Congratulations to the winners and well done to all who took part.

Good luck to all of those playing in the Murray Halberg comp on Saturday – you can still turn up on the day – be down there by 1030 for registration; and for those going Toasting on Sunday – have fun and take care!!  Good golfing everyone

MGC NEWS 03/11/19

Martinborough Golf report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

The 9 Hole Ladies Group played their final of the Shootout last Wednesday in superb weather conditions. The winner was their youngest member Katrina Burgess, second was their eldest member Billie Holmes and third was Gaylene Selby-Neal.  It was a great day and a lot of fun!!

Tuesday’s Grumpies: 1st Ali Holmes on 44, 2nd Bob Schofield on 40  and 3rd Gary Cuttance on 39. There was only one two by Randall Warner.

Last week the ladies played the 36 hole strokeplay competition and there were some amazing scores.  Carol Parkinson’s gross score was 182 and following in equal second place with 184 were Marilyn MacKenzie and Jenny Wilkie.   Marilyn also came first with a nett score of 134 with Alison Tipler on 140 and Carol on 141.

Thursday Club was another massive day with 15 groups being sent off from all over the course, winner on the day was Doug Clark shooting an impressive 73 and 46 points, 2nd = Gumboot Petersen, Bill Jago & Tony Taylor 43, 5th = Dayle Scrimshaw, Griff Page, Craig Andrews & Colin Whibley-Smith. Twos – Doug Clark 2, (one of which was on number 14’s par 4, a long putt from off the green for 2!), Gary Cuttance, Dean Schaef, Cool Change Jimmy, and Sky Elworthy – who also got nearest the pin.

Coming up – Murray Halberg Day on Saturday 16th November 18-hole stableford competition.  Morning tea at 10am, registration starts at 10:30, just turn up on the day and enjoy a fun day of golf with raffles and an auction; $15 entry fee which goes to a great cause.

Good luck to all of those in their club champs’ finals!  Make the most of this warm weather and good golfing everyone!

MGC NEWS 27/10/19

Martinborough Golf Report

Reporter: Ailsa Malneek

First up, congratulations to Pat Wood who was NATIONAL WINNER of the Sue Bunt Salver – Home Links Competition for this year.  The 9 holers held their 9 Hole Open Day on Monday, and had a field of 68 from 9 Clubs attending. The weather was kind and made for pleasant playing conditions.  Results:  Mens Division:  1st Pat Tito – Kapiti; 2nd: Murray Crawford – Manawatu; Ladies Division 1:  1st Shona Thomson – Paraparaumu, 2nd Ruth Wiley – Masterton; 3rd: Jean Trang – Paraparaumu. Ladies division 2; 1st Michelle Quinn – Paraparaumu – Winner of the Barb Smith 9 Hole Open Day Trophy; 2nd: Helen Ordish – Masterton; 3rd: Beet Horrocks – Masterton.

Grumpies results from last week; 1st Rob McCreary on 40, 2nd Bill Jago 39, 3rd = Pete Price, Bill Gordon, Ro Griffiths and Murray Blackwell on 38. Bob Tosswiil had the only two.

The ladies have been washed out 2 weeks running but are hoping to have played their 36-hole tournament yesterday – results to follow.

Thursday Club conditions were fine but windy which seemed to suit the winner out in the lead – 1st Alison Sim 43, 2nd = Ro Griffiths, Doug Clark, Stu Taplin & Bill Jago 39. Twos, Jimmy McKinnel, Gumboot Petersen, Pete Price, Bill Jago, Ro Griffiths and Nick Allen – nearest the pin Randel Warner.

Sunday’s competition was stableford, 1st Rob Lopez 38, 2nd = Marie Scrimshaw, Dayle Harwood, Cathy Taylor, Dayle Scrimshaw & Kris Chamberlein 37. Twos, Dayle Scrimshaw and Edward Brown.

Coming up: Murray Halberg Day 16th November, 36-hole mixed foursomes 7th-8th December – all entries to the office.  Take advantage of this warm spell of weather and good golfing everyone!