Matchplay using h’cap. Please arrange own tee times to be played on or before the next date shown.
  10.3.19 23.3.19 07.04.19 04.05.19 19.05.19
Sd 1st Rd 2nd Rd 3rd Rd 4th Rd FINAL
1 Shane Hartnell Shane Hartnell
32 BYE Doug Fergusson
16 Dayle Scrimshaw Doug Fergusson
17 Doug Fergusson Doug Fergusson
8 Terry Blacktop Terry Blacktop
25 Dave Stephenson Terry Blacktop
9 Col Whibley-Smith Col Whibley-Smith
24 Dayle Harwood Steve Croft (RUNNER-UP)
4 Rob Lopez Rob Lopez
29 George Kirk Kevin Williams
13 Rick Hargreaves Kevin Williams
20 Kevin Williams Steve Croft
5 John Taylor John Taylor
28 Paul Harris Steve Croft
12 Bill Jones Steve Croft
21 Steve Croft
2 Randal Warner Brian Russo
31 Brian Russo Brian Russo
15 Trev Petersen Trev Petersen
18 Martin Napier Darren O’Dwyer
7 Darren O’Dwyer Darren O’Dwyer
26 Guy Walmsley Darren O’Dwyer
10 Andrew Lawler Malcolm Bridge
23 Malcolm Bridge Tora Boyne (WINNER)
3 Gary Cuttance Alan Heath
30 Alan Heath Craig Andrews
14 Craig Andrews Craig Andrews
19 Ro Griffiths Tora Boyne
6 Bob Schofield Bob Schofield
27 Dean Shaef Tora Boyne
11 Tora Boyne Tora Boyne
22 Chris Ranish