MCG News 05/12/17




The Mens Shoot out on Sunday was held on a brilliant Summers day, the mercury just kept on rising as the day wore on, wearing the players to a frizzle. The standard of golf overall was excellent and this hotly contested Competition was played in the usual very friendly spirit. The eventual two survivors for the last hole played brilliantly, both scoring Nett 62’s.

Nineteen set off number one and it was Gavin Lovejoy who  could not overcome a bad tee shot who was first to board the wagon. Morris Lubricants sales rep Guy Walmsey suffering from a stiff neck could not survive the three way chip off on number two and graciously slipped out. Number three takes no prisoners and Bob Tosswill went OB then nestled his next shot into the trees to end his chances this year. Hole number 4 and all but one skipped over the fence, Tom Hindmarsh suffered from a rare wayward Tee shot and was shown the door. Bull Hill did not suit Rocky Hudson, he  got into a tad of trouble in the open drain and it was on the cards that he was facing an uphill battle and tried as he did, was dismissed. The Par threes cause all sorts of panic and Malcolm Wood stuttered with his putting and the subsequent chip out. Captain Bill having such a good round thus far unfortunately went into the drain on 7, faltered at the chip out to join in the festivities with the other could of should of’s. Number 8 was unlucky for our Life member and  Vets Champion  Bill Jones, he was getting tired and whilst normally a very good chipper, did not survive this time. Keeping it in the family, Bills son in law Derek found himself joining the wagon after a five way chip off on number 9. Hole number 10 claimed Mark Lucock who had been playing very steadily, he too failed in a chip out with yet another grouping of five. Graeme Mc Isaac feeling the searing sun was shown the door on the green at the 11th. Colin Wibley Smith did not have a happy time on the Par three 12th  and took himself out of the challenge and is looking forward to 2018. Hole 13 unlucky for Bob Goodley, who did very well with his moon boot to last this far. Probably the hard luck story goes to Chris Ranish, whose pesky little white ball impaled itself on a branch just short of the green on number 14, and as he was unable to locate it , he ceded the hole only for it to fall from its resting place as the last player teed off the 15th. Tora Boyne may have birdied the 15th the day before but a risky decision cost him this time and he too was shown the door, more disappointed that  the chilli bin was bare. The last par three 16th hole  has caused angst for Ro Griffith for a number of years and this year was a repeat , three putting and missing out on the chip out. With the remaining three all on the green in regulation, Gary Cuttance unfortunately charged his first putt and missed the second on the 17th. Lining up on the 18th tee, it was a titanic struggle between Terry Fraei and Patrick Pedlow finishing with the win to Patrick, the Shoot out title and the Stacey Hartnell Memorial Trophy for 2017. Congrats to you Patrick and many thanks to Adrian and  Robyn Blackett for nourishing the players and spectators en route.

The last Tournament of the year is a National one , Kiwi Challenge  at Martinborough on Sunday 17th December 2017, Teams of four. To enter please contact the Office on 06 3069076 or