Tuesday Tome 12th December 2023

It is a hive of activity here at the Club today with tomorrow looking at being even busier with a number of you volunteering to come in and help clear out/pack up the clubhouse.

On Thursday it is the annual Smiddys Tournament – entry fee is $10 with the usual start time and as always loads of prizes up for grabs.

Results from last week:  last Tuesday was the last Grumpies until next year when they played a Stableford round – Rick Hargreaves was the winner with 42 points from Chris Handley on 41, Pete Halstead 40 and Paul Riddiford, Malcolm Wood and Terry Blacktop all on 39 points.  Twos went to Dayle Harwood, Terry Blacktop and Chris Ranish.

There was a good turnout for Thursday Club with George Kirk leading the way with 41 points, Tony Taylor 40, Greg Dalton and Raymond Matthews 39, Alistair Boyne 38, Chris Ranish, Shayne Hammond, Martin Napier, Kheinan Morrissey and Rick Hargreaves all on 37 points.  Nearest the pin was Ro Griffiths and twos went to Rick Hargreaves, Seamus O’Sullivan and Karen Stephens.

Last Sunday was Closing Day/Prize Giving – it was pleasing to see such a good turnout on what turned out to be quite a cold day.  The competition was Ambrose (Gross/Nett) and the winners were as follows:

Gross:  1st Josh Hawkins, Tony Taylor, Johnny Gray & Mike Charteris (67), 2nd Olivia Clark, Ed Brown, Chris Brooks & Mark Mason (68 c/b), 3rd Whitney Griffiths, Pete Griffiths, Chris Ranish & Jason Shaw (68), 4th Carol Parkinson, John Warner, Neil McKirdy & Steven Croft (69 c/b) and 5th Bindy McLeod, John Thomson, Nigel Malneek & Sandra Petersen (69).

Nett:  1st Martin Napier, Alan Isaac, Steve Lewis & Trevor Petersen (58.25), 2nd Ju Allen, Raymond Matthews, George Kirk & Lizzie Thomson (59.5), 3rd Brett Abercrombie, Karen Stephens, Alison Tipler & Doug Clark (59.62), 4th Dayle Scrimshaw, Brian Russo, Shane Hartnell & Ailsa Malneek (60.5) and 5th Derek Stephens, Seamus O’Sullivan & Kelly Taylor (61.67).

Don’t forget that if you wish to play you do need to book tee times as the course is starting to get busier by the day.

That’s all from me for this week.