Tuesday Tome 14th February 2023

The course is once again looking good for ducks but not golfers – same could be said for the office as well!!

At the weekend the Interclub boys played with Div 3 at home having a good win against Karori.  In the four ball matches wins went to Jason & Troy Shaw, Kingi Kaiwai & Josh Hawkins, Randal Warner & Dayle Harwood.  John Warner & Tim Richards halved their match.  In the singles wins went to Troy, Jason, Kingi, John, Tim, Randal and Dayle.  Div 10 were over at Waikanae with Colin Whibley-Smith and Rob Lopez winning their four ball and Colin also went on to win his singles match.

On Monday the Pennants teams were out with Silvers playing at Manor Park against Royal Wellington Green.  Wins went to Emily Loughnan & Jenny Wilkie in the four ball and Carol Parkinson and Jenny also had wins in their singles matches.

The Combo team were playing at Te Marua against Manor Park with Julie Weber & Honor Clark and Angela Busby & Julie Dondertman winning their four balls.  Julie W halved her singles match and Angle and Julie D won theirs.

Last week there was a good turnout of Grumpies with Rick Hargreaves leading the way with 38 points, Ro Griffiths and Ali Holmes 37, Rob Lopez, Andrew McKenzie, Greg Dalton, Bob Schofield and Wayne Phelps all on 36 points.  Pete Price was the only one who managed to get a two.

On Wednesday the Ladies had their Opening Day with a very good turnout of both 18 and 9 holers who played a 12 hole competition.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the day judging from the laughter coming from the lounge.

Not quite as many as usual played Thursday Club last week with Michael & Ro Griffiths both coming in with 40 points, Paul Riddiford 39, Sandra Petersen, Lisa-Marie Ireland, Wayne Phelps and Neil McKirdy all with 38 points.  Nearest the pin was Sandra and Jason Shaw was the only person to get a two.

On Sunday it was Opening Day when a Mystery Partner 4BBB was played – this seemed to go down very well with everyone as nobody had any idea who their partner was (not even the organisers!!).  Gross results:  1st Shane Colton & Robbie Robinson (75), 2nd Brian Russo & Netia Morison (76), 3rd John Warner & Tora Boyne (76) and 4th George Fenwick & Vern Anton (78).  Nett results:  1st Brett Abercrombie & Michael Griffiths (58), 2nd Mark Mason & Honor Clark (60), 3rd Rosie Collins & Whitney Griffiths (61) and 4th Lyle Griffiths & Malcolm Bridge (61).  Stableford results:  1st Andy Morison & Sarah Monaghan (49), 2nd Marilyn MacKenzie & Robbie Walters (47), 3rd Julie Dondertman & Shayne Hammond (46) and 4th Carol Parkinson & John Monaghan (45).    Nearest the pins went to Robbie Walters #6, Sarah Monaghan #8, Michael Bing #12 & Josh Moorby #16.  Twos went to Sandra Petersen, Paul McKenzie, Sarah Monaghan and Lyle Griffiths.

This week competitions start (weather permitting) with the Ladies playing LGU/Shoot out, 9 holers have a putting round and at the weekend the competition is Par.

Interclub boys are playing at home on Saturday so the 1st tee is closed until 10.30am.

Coming up next month we have Featherborough Golf Thursday Open on 23rd March and Friday 31st March is St John Wairarapa Charity Golf Tournament.


That’s it from a very damp golf course.