Tuesday Tome 20th June 2023

The Tome this week will be very brief.

For those of you who use carts you are out of luck this week as the ground is too soft – fingers crossed for some dry weather so that you can get out in the near future.

The link below is an article on the Los Angeles Country Club where the US Open was played at the weekend which you may find interesting:


Results from last week:  Thursday Club had a good turnout and looking at the scores conditions were obviously not a problem for some.  The winner on the day was Kheinan Morrissey with 41 points, Stu Taplin 40, Charlie Cresswell 39, Shane Hislop 38, Chris Handley, Al Petrie and Arthur Warren all had 37 points.  Stu Taplin was the only one who managed to get a two and he was also closest to the pin.

The competitions at the weekend were Par and John Warner was the winner on Saturday on -2 and Bevan Sweeney on Sunday on +4.  There were no twos.

Competitions this week are:  HPMC for the 18 holers, Best Nett/Shoot Out/LGU for the 9 holers, and the weekend competitions are Medal/Putting and Shoot Out.

That’s all from me for this week.