MGC News 16/11/14

Martinborough Golf Club

By Honor Clark

Tuesday’s “Grumpies” played a Stableford round last week, with Griff Page winning on 40 points, from Ray Lind on 39.

On Wednesday, the 18 Hole Ladies played a Bisque Par fun competition, winding down to the end of the season. The 9 Hole Ladies had their yearly “Bring a Friend Day” Ambrose. This year 4 new golfers came along to try the game of golf, 3 of which are possibly looking to join the club next year.

Thursday Club again attracted a big field of golfers. First this week was Bill Jago on 46 Stableford points, followed by Andrew Sim on 45, Griff Page on 42, Reuben Crook and Paul Shepherd on 41, and Roger Parkinson and Andy Morison on 40. Reuben Crook and Andy Morison both had two’s.

On Saturday the club hosted the Toast Martinborough Stableford Tournament. Division 1 was won by Gavin Lovejoy on 38 points, from Chris Rendle on 37, Caleb Everson on 36 and Bill Jones on 34 (on a countback). Division 2 was won by Gary Cuttance on 45 points, from Ian Stewart on 43, Simon Murfitt on 40, Dayle Scrimshaw on 38, and Graeme McIsaac and Richard Wiechern on 37. The Ladies Division was won by Kris Chamberlain on 35 points from Pip Kirk on 33. Gary Cuttance and John Warner had two’s.

Sunday saw a Bisque Par competition. The winner was Dayle Scrimshaw with an impressive +9, from Terry Fraei, Ian Stewart, and Stu Taplin with +7, and Bevan Sweeney with +5 (on a countback). Dayle Scrimshaw, Bevan Sweeney and Garry Paterson all had two’s.

MGC News 03/11/14

Martinborough Golf Club

By Honor Clark

Tuesday’s “Grumpies” played a Par round last week, with Griff Page winning on +6, from Bill Rattray on +3, and Doug Fergusson and Nick Allen on +2.

On Wednesday, the ladies played the final of their Shoot Out competitions. The 18 Hole Ladies Shoot Out results were: 1st Jane Terpstra, 2nd Jude Gould, 3rd Mary Desbonnets, 4th Sherry Weatherstone, 5th Jan Lankow, 6th Kaye McIssac, 7th Mariana McDermott, 8th Karen Shaw, 9th Sharon Jephson, and 10th Michelle Krause. The 9 Hole Ladies Shoot Out results were: 1st Barbie Cox, 2nd Katherine Lawrence, 3rd Jenny Tucker, 4th Jenny Tosswill, 5th Jill Colton, 6th Louise Lyster, 7th Leonie Wilde, 8th Carole Butler, 9th Viv Malneek, and 10th Pat Wood.

Thursday Club was won last week by Gary James on 41 Stableford points, followed by Rocky Hudson, Paul McKenzie and Sandra Petersen on 40, Martin Lawrence, Roger Parkinson, Lachie McLeod, Doug Clark and Ali Holmes all on 39. Nearest the Pin was Bob Barker, and Colin Whibley-Smith, Bill Jones, Mike Charteris and Allan Eagle all had two’s.

Saturday and Sunday saw the Pain & Kershaw 72/36 Hole Mixed Foursomes Matchplay Tournament. The 72 Hole Championship, H & M McMaster Cup, and Centennial Plate (Best Nett) winners were Murray Wolland and Sereana Phillipps, followed by Bill Crook and Kris Chamberlain, and Reuben Crook and Mariana McDermott. The Championship Flight was won by Aage Terpstra and Jenny Kight, followed by Terry Blacktop and Sandra Petersen, and Mary Isaac and Horst Pauleit. Group 1 was won by Edwyn Kight and Jane Terpstra, followed by Charlie and Sally Fairbrother. The Group 1 Flight was won by Gary & Colleen Cuttance. The 36 Hole competition Best Gross was won by Chris and Sharon McGeown, Best Nett by Lachie and Bindy McLeod, and Best Stableford by Ro & Lyle Griffiths. Mary Isaac had a Hole in One on #16, her second in two weeks!

On Monday this week the 9 Hole Ladies hosted their Open Day, a Stableford Competition, with members from 7 different clubs playing. Results, Division 2: 1st and winner of the Barb Smith Martinborough 9 Hole Open Day Trophy, Helen Ordish (Masterton), 2nd Dawn Nippert (Manor Park), 3rd Pat Wood (Martinborough), 4th Jaquee Reid (Martinborough), 5th Viv Smith (Shandon), and 6th Lindy Williamson (Masterton). Closest to the Pin was Steph Mizzi (Shandon), Longest Drive was Nat Donaldson (Martinborough). Division 1: 1st Debbie Quennell (Pauatahanui), 2nd Honor Clark (Martinborough), 3rd Viv Malneek (Martinborough), 4th Susie Williams (Masterton), 5th Sherryl Howie (Martinborough), and 6th Cherryl Baillie (Manor Park). Closest to the Pin was Colleen Howard (Pauatahanui), and Longest Drive was Geri Southey (Masterton).

MGC News 27/10/14

Martinborough Golf Club

By Honor Clark

Tuesday’s “Grumpies” played a Stableford competition last week. The winners were Bill Rattray and Nick Allen on 42 points, followed by Ali Holmes on 40 points.

On Wednesday, the 9 Hole Ladies played the last round of their Canadian Foursomes for the year. Sherryl Howie and Leonie Wilde won on a count back with Nett 36 from Elizabeth Nicholls and Mary Herrick, and Jenny Tosswill and Viv Malneek. Kerry Campbell and Carole Butler finished one shot further back. Maureen Thurlow had Closest to the Pin on No. 8, and Barbie Cox had Closest to the Pin on No. 16.

The ladies play the final of their Shoot Out competitions this week.

Thursday Club was won by Griff Page on 44 Stableford points, followed by Tom Bunny on 43, Rocky Hudson, Gary James and Bevan Sweeney on 42, and Nick Allen on 41 points. Nearest the Pin was Bevan Sweeney, who also managed to convert his two. Kambel Barham and Sheldon McNamara also had two’s.

Saturday and Sunday were Medal/Putting/Shootout qualifying rounds. Saturday’s Medal round was won by Derrick Thorley with 84, and the Putting competition was won by Rueben Crook with 26 putts. Two’s went to Gary Patterson and Malcolm Wood. Sunday’s Medal round was won by Wayne Hunter with 90, and Rueben Crook again won the Putting with 26 putts.

The Order of Merit, a competition played over 6 rounds throughout the year, also finished on Sunday. The final results were: 1 Wayne Hunter, 2 Sandra Petersen, 3 Bob Goodley.

Coming up this weekend is the Pain & Kershaw 72/36 Hole Mixed Foursomes Matchplay Tournament.

MBA GOLF OOM – Leaders After Rnd 6 (Final)


Final Leaderboard After Round 6
Entrant Placing Competition Points Earned
    Today Previous Total to Date
Wayne 1 2000 5250 7250
Sandra 2 1750 4466.66 6216.66
Bob 3 500 5706.66 6206.66
Bill C 4 450 5577.5 6027.5
Terry B 5 616.66 4800 5416.66
Reuben 6 1150 3900 5050
Bill J 7 400 4112.5 4512.5
Phil E 8 1150 2690 3840
Tora 9 0 3762.5 3762.5
Ians 10 616.66 2990 3606.66
Malcy 11 800 2716.66 3516.66
Rocky 12 0 3325 3325
Dayle 13 350 2150 2500
Terry F 14 616.66 1765 2381.66
Banjo 15 900 1050 1950
Colin 16 0 1712.5 1712.5
Trevor P 17 0 650 650
Kris C 18 0 325 325
Alan H 19 0 0 0


MGC News 19/10/14

Martinborough Golf Club

By Honor Clark

Tuesday’s “Grumpies” again played a Par round last week. Ray Lind was the winner on +9, followed by Tom Bunny on +8, and Bill Jones on +7. That’s some good golfing.

On Wednesday the Ladies played a Murray Halberg Day for Eagles Golf. Ju Allen took the honours with 42 Stableford points, from Susie Matthews on 41, Jaclyn Kras on 37, and Sue Dalton on 35.

The 9 Hole Ladies played a Par round, with Nat Donaldson and Sandy Burgess winning on +1, from Margaret Edwards, Ann Renall, Margaret Edwards and Leonie Wilde all square. Louise Lyster won the All Teed Up sponsored Closest to the Pin on No. 8, and Sherryl Howie won the Susan Stephen, Leaders sponsored Closest to the Pin on No. 16. Entries are now open for the Martinborough 9 Hole Open Day on Monday 3 November, which includes a Men’s division this year.

Thursday Club last week was won by Club Captain, Ro Griffiths on 48 Stableford points. He was followed by Trevor Petersen on 44, Terry Blacktop on 43, Greg Dalton, Rocky Hudson and Sandra Petersen all on 41, Bill Jones on 40, and Griff Page and Graeme McIsaac on 39 points. Two’s went to Martin Lawrence and Martin Napier.

Saturday saw a Par round, with Andrew Lawler and Derrick Thorley winning with +6, from John Hambleton on +5, and Garry Paterson on +4. John Hambleton and Graeme McIsaac both had two’s. Congratulations also to Andrew Lawler who had a Hole in One on the 8th!!

On Sunday 49 played the Murray Halberg Day, of which 13 were Eagles golfers. Trevor Petersen won on count back with 41 Stableford points, from Reece Everson, Andy Morison, Terry Blacktop, and Ro Griffiths also all on 41, Raymond Matthews on 40, Janice Duffy and Alex Ross on 39, and Susie Matthews and Stu Taplin on 38. Nearest the Pin was Stu Taplin. Bevan Sweeney, Bill Jones, Colin Whibley-Smith, Andy Morison, George Kirk and Paul Harris all had two’s.

Coming up on Nov 1st and 2nd is the Pain & Kershaw 72/36 Hole Mixed Foursomes Matchplay Tournament.




(L to R): Honor Clark, Trevor Petersen, Leonie Wilde, Peter Hudson, Carol Parkinson, Doug Fergusson, Ian Henderson Lyall Callaghan, Liz Baker, Marion Mc Kenzie

The photo with the plate winners includes Mariana Mc Dermott and Bruce Ward

MGC News 12/10/14

Martinborough Golf Club

By Honor Clark

Tuesday’s “Grumpies” played a Par round last week, with Nick Allen winning on +5, followed by Bill Jones and Andrew Simms both on +4.

On Wednesday 18 of the Ladies went out and played a fun round at Riversdale. It was a lovely day, enjoyed by everyone, and weather was far better there than in Martinborough that day. The ladies also participated in the Cotter Rose Bowl at Castlepoint on Friday.

There was no 9 Hole golf on Wednesday due to the weather.

Thursday Club was won by Shayne Hammond last week on 43 Stableford points. He was followed by Derrick Thorley and Dean Schaef on 42, Bob Goodley, Pete Hudson and Alisa Griffiths on 41, Ro Griffiths on 40, and Arthur Warren on 39. Nearest the Pin was Raymond Matthews, and two’s went to Malcolm Wood, Alisa Griffiths, James Elworthy, Greg Dalton, Colin Whibley-Smith, Derrick Thorley, David Stevenson and Bill Crook.

On Sunday the club hosted the WBS Lamb and Chardonnay Open Ambrose Tournament. The day was an absolute stunner, so much better than the originally planned date of two weeks earlier. An excellent field of 30 teams participated in the event, and prizes of beautiful Wairarapa lamb and Nga Waka Chardonnay were given out right down to 11th place. The winning team comprised of locals Malcolm Wood, Mark Lucock, Bob Goodley and Phil Eberlein with Nett 55.125. 2nd was Sandra and Trevor Petersen, and Honor and Doug Clark; 3rd JJ Jackson, Stu Northe, Karl Churchward and Dean Curtis; 4th Pete Hudson, Derek Stephens, Terry Fraei and Anthony North; 5th Jeff and Alison Saunders, Owen Lloyd and Dean Hands; 6th Roger Cooper, David Phillips, Mark Whalen and Mike Patterson; 7th Patrick Pedlow, Ian Henderson, and Kaye and Graeme McIsaac; 8th Godfrey Bowden, Mark Bowden, Zoe Lyttle and Dan Lyttle; 9th Alisa Griffiths, Nigel Malneek, Craig Colton and Scotty Reid; 10th Sharon and Chris McGeown, and Nic and Pete Yarral; 11th Kane Lloyd, Mark Andersen, Rick Mikara and Jaxom Chivers.

The club hosts the Murray Halberg Day this Sunday, 19 October, which is open to all.

MGC News 05/10/14

Martinborough Golf Club

By Honor Clark

On Tuesday last week the winner was Bill Jones on 42 Stableford points, from Ali Holmes and Tom Bunny on 41.

The ladies played a Nett/Medal LGU round on Wednesday.  Jaclyn Kras took the honours, scoring an amazing Nett 56, from Jenny Boyne and Pam Messervy with 75, Ju Allen with 76, and Jan Lankow with 77.

The 9 Hole ladies also played a Nett competition, with Leonie Wilde winning with Nett 31, from June Sugrue with 39 and Gaylene Selbyneal with 40.  Nearest the Pin was Mary Herrick.  Gaylene Selbyneal had a two.

Thursday Club held a special day last week, the “Yummy Scrummy Meat Tournament”, which attracted a big field of 46 golfers.  Jimmy Christensen and Malcolm Wood shared the spoils with 42 Stableford points.  Other prize-getters were Raymond Matthews, Bob Goodley and Sandra Petersen on 41, Martin Napier, Sheldon McNamara and Bill Jago on 40, Bill Jones, Roger Parkinson and Dean Schaef on 39, and Ali Holmes and Brian White on 38.  Nearest the Pin and a two went to Lloyd Warren.  Malcolm Wood, Bindy McLeod, Bob Goodley and Terry Blacktop also had 2’s.

On Saturday and Sunday the club hosted the Trust House Men’s 72/36 Hole Strokeplay Open.  The field was brilliant, the weather behaved, and the meat prizes were fantastic, thanks to Scotty’s Meats.  In the 72 Hole competition the results were: Division 1 Best Gross: 1st Caleb Kahui (295), 2nd Owen Lloyd (309), 3rd Brendan Malcolm (314); Best Nett: 1st Steven Lyall (290), 2nd Graeme Orchard (294), 3rd on count back Jack Clout (294), 4th Graeme Black (295).  Division 2 Best Gross: 1st Brendon Curtis (320), 2nd Bruce King (330), 3rd Naren Patel (332); Best Nett: 1st Tora Boyne (266), 2nd Reuben Crook (291), 3rd Tony McLaughlin (292), 4th Grizz Kahui (298). The 36 Hole competition results were: Division 1 Best Gross: 1st Malcolm Wood (155), 2nd Doug Clark (163), 3rd on count back Mok Baker (163), 4th George Kirk (170); Best Nett: 1st Bill Jones (132), 2nd Bob Goodley (145), 3rd Bob Tosswill (147), 4th on count back Dean Schaef (149).  Division 2 Best Gross: 1st Bruce Ward (175), 2nd Terry Blacktop (180), 3rd Ray Matthews (181), 4th Graeme Kershaw (190); Best Nett: 1st David Stevenson (138), 2nd Veron Boyce (140), 3rd Ed Elworthy (145), 4th Peter Stevens (149).  Ex-local Graeme Orchard had a hole-in-one on number 16 on Saturday (worth coming from Sydney for!).

The Lamb and Chardonnay Tournament has been re-scheduled to this Sunday, 12 October.

2014 Trust House 72/36 Open Results

Results   Men’s 72/36 Hole Open 2014    
72 Holes          
Div 1 Gross 1 Caleb Kahui (295) Div 1 Nett 1  Steven Lyall (290)  
  2 Owen Lloyd (309)   2  Graeme Orchard (294)  
  3 Brendan Malcolm (314)   3  Jack Clout (294) CB  
        4  Graeme Black (295)  
Div 2 Gross 1 Brendon Curtis (320) Div 2 Nett 1  Alistair Boyne (266)  
  2 Bruce King (330)   2  Reuben Crook (291)  
  3 Naren Patel (332)   3  Tony McLaughlin (292)  
        4  Grizz Kahui (298)  
36 Holes          
Div 1 Gross 1 Malcolm Wood (155) Div 1 Nett 1  Bill Jones (132)  
  2 Doug Clark (163) CB   2  Bob Goodley (145)  
  3 Mok Baker (163) CB   3  Bob Tosswill (147)  
  4 George Kirk (170)   4  Dean Schaef (149) CB  
Div 2 Gross 1 Bruce Ward (175) Div 2 Nett 1  David Stevenson (138)  
  2 Terry Blacktop (180)   2  Veron Boyce (140)  
  3 Ray Matthews (181)   3  Ed Elworthy (145)  
  4 Graeme Kershaw (190)   4  Peter Stevens (149)  
Gross Overall     Nett Overall    
Round 1   Caleb Kahui Round 1 Steven Lyall  
Gross Overall     Nett Overall    
Round 2   Caleb Kahui Round 2 Alistair Boyne  
Gross Overall     Nett Overall    
Round 3   Caleb Kahui Round 3 Alistair Boyne  
Gross Overall     Nett Overall    
Round 4   Caleb Kahui Round 4 Bill Jones  


2014 Trust House Martinborough Men’s 72/36 Hole Open Draw

72 & 36 Hole Stroke Play Tournament 4th & 5th October
Draw for Sat 4th Oct
TEE #1 AM   72 HOLE   TEE # 9 PM
8.00 H Puha S Holden T Sharp 12.30
8.07 B  Malcolm J Warner R Fahey 12.37
8.14 C Kahui D Hiroki J Clout 12.44
8.21 S Lyall       O Lloyd R King G Black 12.51
TEE # 9 AM   72 HOLE   Tee # 14 PM
8.00 M White C Elers B Crook 12.30
8.07 J Kahui G Orchard R Gerrand 12.37
8.14 N Walsh M Peck D Fahey 12.44
8.21 M Williams D Clarke B King 12.51
TEE # 14 AM   72 HOLE   TEE # 1 PM
8.00 B Curtis N Patel C Pulsglove 12.30
8.07 S Elers K Conaglen R Crook 12.37
8.14 A Lawler G Kahui N Pratap 12.44
8.21 K Sami      A Boyne    G Walmsley    T McLaughlin 12.51
TEE # 1 AM   36 HOLE    
11.30 M Lucock M Wood K Stratford G Kirk
11.37 D Clark D Stevens G Watt B Tosswill
11.44 M Napier A Morison W Press B Park
11.51 G Pearce F Clouston B Jones G McIsaac
TEE # 9 AM    36 HOLE    
11.30 B Goodley B White I Stewart T Blacktop
11.37 P Hudson J Wood K Kelly J Taylor
11.44 B Ward J Spry A Eagle G Kershaw
11.51 D Stevenson R Matthews R Griffiths G Cuttance
TEE 14 AM    36 HOLE    
11.30 G Baker D Schaef W Sommerville D Kershaw
11.37 N Allen G Ritson R Bourke D Scrimshaw
11.44 E Elworthy W Hunter J Hutton V Boyce
11.51 S Cranfield P Stevens L McLeod J Welch
NB. Draw for Sun 5th Oct available after completion of Sat play.