MCG News 10/10/17



Over the past few weeks there has been a steady rise in the numbers of members playing on Tuesdays and we have seen a number of players reaping the rewards from playing very well. Results from the last couple of weeks . 1st Murray Blackwell on 43 stableford points 2nd Doug Fergusson on 40pts and 3rd equal Mike Hattrick and Terry Blacktop 39pts. From 3rd Oct 1st Alan Eagle on 42 points from Guy Walmrsley on 39 with Nick Allen and Andrew McKenzie on 38pts.

The nine hole Women played a stableford round last Wednesday 1st Sherryl Howie 19 points 2nd Julie Riddell 18 points.

The Mens Club Championships are underway and in the Senior Championships George Kirk has played his way into the semi finals, his next opponent is John Warner. The quarter final between Sheldon Mc Namara and Tom Hindmarsh will be a goodie and the winner of that match will be playing Chris Ranish in the other semi.

In the Intermediates the winner of coastal neighbours Bob Tosswill and Alistair Boyne will play number one seed Nick Morison in one semi, while Derek Stephens meets Craig Andrews in the other.

There a number of new or returning to golf players have entered in the Juniors along with a couple who are usually in the Intermediates. Ric Thompson v Nathan Fenwick will meet James Elworthy on the top half of the draw, while the winner of the quarter finalists Malcolm Bridge and Greg Dalton will meet  either Ro Griffith or Chris Wilkie on the other side to complete their semis.

A number of the gals from the District travelled up to Windross to watch Lydia and her pals who put on a fine performance, the weather unfortunately ruined Sundays viewing. While back at home the Club held the Jennian Homes Mens 72/ 36 hole Strokeplay Championships, Big thanks to the Kahui family from Wainuiomata Golf Club for contributing six players to this tournament, four playing in the pure format and and two of the lads Dads playing in the 36 holes.

The Spearman Burns brothers also returned, though they took the relaxed option playing in the 36 holes. A number of players from Royal Wellington also bolstered the numbers.

The Nett winners were the youngest and oldest competitors the field of 70.

Results of the 72 holes 1st local Wairarapa lad Troy Shaw from Mahunga  Gross 72,72,79,71=294, 2nd Caleb Kahui  Wainuiomata Gross 296, 3rd Craig Wilkins Te Maura Gross 309, 4th Joe Cuthers Judgeford Gross 313.

Nett: PNBH lad and local Liam Annis Nett 276, 2nd Dave Clarke Mornington 277, 3rd Hugo Daily RWGC 288, 4th Colin Whibley Smith  291 on a c/b to Davis Lester Clarke 6th Sheldon Mc Namara 292, 7th Mike Edginton Wainuiomata 294 8th Will O Connor 295.

The 36 holes Gross winner Nicolas Changarnier RWGC 76,75-131on a c/b to Peter Spearman Burn Miramar. 3rd Brother Thomas Spearman Burn Miramar Gross 155 4th Local Chris Ranish Gross 157.

Nett: Bill Jones has a stunning couple of rounds to win the Nett 131, 2nd Malcolm Bridge Nett133 3rd Ro Griffiths Nett135, 4th Grizz Kahui Wainuiomata Nett143, 4th Derek Stephens 144 on a c/b to Mark Burn on a c/b to Nick Allen. 8th Robert Kahui Nett148 on a c/b to Graham Archer on a c/b to Malcolm Wood on a c/b to David Kershaw.

Pins were in favourable places for there were loads of twos Winners of the Nearest the Pins were

On Saturday Nathan Astwood, Hagen Faith, Davis Lester Clarke (2) Joe Cuthers, Craig Wilkins and Dave Clarke (2).

George Kirk, James Wood, Chris Ranish and Ro Griffiths.

Sunday NTP.

Nathan Astwood ,Troy Shaw,Craig Wilkins (2),Liam Annis, Davis Lester Clarke, Ashley Davies and Darin Hiroki.

Neville Goldie, Chris Ranish, Bill Cathie and Malcolm Bridge.

Coming up the Finals of the Womens Club Championships, Good Luck to you all.

Photo Jennian Homes Mens Tournament – Bill Jones (Left) Winner of the 36 holes Nett with Liam Annis Winner 72 hole Nett. Bill was the oldest player in the field while  Liam  the youngest player in the field.
Photo Credit: Karen Stephens.