Tuesday Tome 23rd August 2022

It is very pleasant to be looking out of the office window and not watching the rain come down.  The course is open for play but extreme caution is still needed as there are still some very wet areas to be negotiated.  With this in mind please try to avoid taking trundlers through wet areas and also please do not take them across tees or close to the greens.

The AB Martin Mixed Foursomes is being played on Sunday 25th September so please send your entries to:  entries@martinboroughgolfclub.co.nz  and also Martinborough School 150th Year Celebration Ambrose Golf Tournament is being held here on Saturday 17th September for details go to:  https://martinborough-school-150th-year-celebration.lilregie.com

Sunday 4th September is the Mens 36 Hole Strokeplay Championship – sheet is up on the noticeboard if you wish to enter.

Before I give the results for last week below is a gentle reminder regarding tee bookings:

DotGolf tee bookings

As members think ahead to booking their next game at Martinborough, it may be useful to some to go over the different ways that tee times can be booked. First, you can ring the office and ask to be booked in from there. Or you may wish to book on-line. Please note – there are several options to go about this and you need to be aware of the differences.

  1. Booking from the Martinborough Golf Club website (martinboroughgolfclub.co.nz): this takes you straight to the Golf NZ booking page for Martinborough.
  2. Booking directly on the Golf NZ website (golf.co.nz): you need to select Martinborough (or wherever you wish to play) first.
  3. Book via the DotGolf app – if you need to find it in Play Store (or equivalent) and install it, it is the app that is in a blue circle with the dG symbol in white writing.

Using websites – it is important to note that the websites are designed to show what slots are AVAILABLE to book NOT what IS booked. If you are on your computer screen, you can easily see the tee times for any particular day and what spaces are available, right across the maximum four slots per tee time. If you are on your phone (or a device with limited screen space) you need to take care as you will not see all four slots. Scroll across to check the tee time you are considering to book. You must do this to avoid booking yourself in with others that have already taken up one or two slots on a tee booking time unless you are purposefully wishing to join with them to play.

Using the app – this is very user friendly. Once you have selected the course and date, you have the option of seeing either all the available slots (coloured green), or if any of your DotGolf friends have booked in and have spaces to play with them, or all of the above.

Last week I forgot to give the results from the previous weekend so Saturday 13th August was a Stableford round and Phil Collins won on a countback with 35 points from Colin Whibley-Smith and there were no twos.  On Sunday 14th another Stableford round was played with Malcolm Wood winning with 34 points from Doug Clark on 30.  Malcolm and Doug were the only ones to get a two.

There was a good turnout of Grumpies on Tuesday with the Club Captain leading the way with 37 points, Bill Gordon and Greg Dalton 36, Brent McKinlay 35 and Rob Smith and Kane Sim 33 points.  Twos went to Tony Taylor and Arthur Warren.

On Wednesday the Ladies played HPMC (Stableford) with Julie Weber winning with 34 points from Carol Parkinson on 33 and Jane Terpstra on 31 points.  Nearest the pins went to Julie Weber on #6 and Carol on #8 – Carol also got the only two of the day.

The 9 Holers had a Putting round with Sherryl Howie and Debbie Coom sharing the honours with 17 putts, Jill Murphy 18 and Mary Herrick 19 putts.  Nearest the pins went to Sandy Burgess on #8 and Ali Russell on #16.

Not quite as many as usual playing on Thursday and it seemed to be Chris Ranish’s day as he won the competition with 37 points, got nearest the pin and had 2 x twos.  Tony Taylor had 36 points along with Brent McKinlay and Jason Shaw had 35 points.  Matt Thomas and Sandra Petersen also got twos.

The competitions at the weekend were Shoot Out/Medal/Putting with Josh Hawkins winning on Saturday with nett 73.  Brent McKinlay won the putting with 27 putts and there were no twos.

On Sunday Derek Stephens won with nett 71, Jason Burt 73 and Malcolm Wood 74.  Derek won the putting with 23 putts.  Phil Eberlein and Emily Loughnan both had twos and Jason Burt will be a very happy man as he won the Birds Nest with 2 x twos.

That’s it from me for this week.