MGC News 15/09/14

Martinborough Golf Club Update

By Honor Clark

The Club Championships are up to the finals stage in most divisions. The Combined Finals day is Saturday 27 September this year, with the following players matching up: Men’s Senior Division Lyall Callahan v Matt Thomas; Intermediate Dean Schaef v Doug Ferguson; Junior Gary Cuttance v Peter Hudson; and the Bellingham Cup Trevor Petersen v Nick Allen. The 18 Hole Ladies are still to play semi finals in the Silver and Bronze A Divisions, while Ju Allen and Marion McKenzie meet in the Bronze B Division final. The 9 Hole Ladies Division A final is between June Sugrue and Honor Clark, and the Division B final is between Nat Donaldson, a new golfer this year, and Leonie Wilde.

The Tuesday “Grumpies” was won by Nick Allen this week with 44 Stableford points, from Mark Trafford on 41 points.

Thursday Club was well supported again this week. Paul McKenzie and Arthur Warren shared the spoils with 45 Stableford points, from Guy Walmsley and Ed Elworthy on 41, and Griff Page, Lloyd Warren, Sheldon McNamara and Chris Cole all on 39 points. Nearest the Pin was Bill Jones. Guy Walmsley, Doug Ferguson, Bill Jones, Gary James, Paul McKenzie and Bill Jago all had two’s.

Saturday saw a Par round, with Ian Henderson, Ian Stewart and Derek Stephens joint winners on +4, from Bill Jones, Phillip Collins, Matt Thomas and Bill Crook all with +2. Patrick Pedlow and Club Captain Ro Griffiths had two’s.

Entries are now open for The Trust House Men’s 72/36 Hole Strokeplay Open to be held on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 October.

MGC News 08/09/14

Martinborough Golf Club Update

By Honor Clark

Thank goodness we have finally had some nice sunny days to enjoy golf.

The Wednesday Ladies are deeply involved in Club Championship matches each week. The men are also involved in the Club Championships at the moment, with a number of quarter-final matches to be played this weekend.

Again Thursday saw a good crowd of golfers. This week Sheldon McNamara took the honours with 46 Stableford points, from Mark Trafford on 43, Bob Tosswill and Bill Crook on 41, Ailsa Griffiths on 40, and Peter Hudson, Lloyd Warren, Shayne Hammond and Bill Jones all on 39.  Nearest the Pin was Lloyd Warren, and Malcolm Wood, Matt Thomas, Lloyd Warren, John Errington, Doug Clark, David Stevenson and Bill Crook all had two’s.

On Saturday the Wairarapa Open 36 Hole Mixed 4’s Strokeplay Tournament was played at Martinborough.  Best Gross and the winners of the Wairarapa Open Challenge Cup were father and daughter team, George and Pip Kirk with 164, from Colin Whibley-Smith and Sharon Harper with 166.  Best Nett and winners of the AB Martin Cup were Bill Crook and Carol Parkinson with 138, from, still engaged couple, Nigel Malneek and Ailsa Griffiths with 144.  Best Stableford was won by Andrew Lawler and Cathy Ward with 71 points, from Alan and Mary Isaac with 70 points.  Nearest the Pin were Mary Isaac and George Kirk.

The Sunday Competition was a South African Stableford.  The winners were Bruce and Cathy Ward with 81 points, from Malcolm Wood and Sheldon McNamara on 80 points, and Wayne Hunter and Lyall Callaghan third.  Colin Whibley-Smith, Lyall Callaghan, Terry Fraei, and Sheldon McNamara had two’s.

The next main event on the club calendar is the WBS Lamb and Chardonnay Open Ambrose Tournament on Sunday 28 September.  It is wonderful for the club that this event already has a full field.

Wairarapa Mixed Fours Results

Best Gross George & Pip Kirk 164 Challenge Cup (Wairarapa Open)
Best Nett Bill Crook & Carol Parkinson 138 AB Martin Cup
Best Stb Andrew Lawler & Cathy Ward   71
2nd Gross Colin W Smith & Sharon Harper 166
2nd Nett Nigel Malneek & Ailsa Griffiths 144
2nd Stb Alan & Mary Isaac   70


MGC News 01/09/14

Martinborough Golf Club Update

By Honor Clark

Despite all the rain over the last month, the course is holding up very well and some good scores are still being posted.

On Wednesday the 18 Hole Ladies played a Stableford round, with relative newcomer Jo Loe winning on 42 points, followed by Sandra Petersen and Mary Isaac on 38 points. Nearest the Pin were Mary Isaac and Karen Shaw, with Mary converting her two. The 9 Hole Ladies played Canadian Foursomes. First were Jenny Tosswill and Viv Malneek with a Nett 37 on count back from Leonie Wilde and Sherryl Howie, with third being Nat Donaldson and Katherine Lawrence on Nett 38. Closest to the Pin was Jenny Tucker.

A good field of 35 played on Thursday, with Arthur Warren winning with 45 Stableford points, from Malcolm Wood on 44, Dean Schaef 43, and Doug Clark and Peter Hudson on 42 points. Bob Tosswill had 2 two’s, and Ali Holmes, Bob Goodley and Pete Hudson also had two’s.

Saturday saw a Par round, with Mark Lucock and Cathy Ward sharing the spoils with +6, from Tora Boyne third with +3. Sandra Petersen, Ian Stewart, Mark Lucock, Peter Bain and Bob Goodley all had two’s.

The Sunday Competition was a Nett round. Malcolm Wood and Sandra Petersen were equal first with a Nett 65, from Terry Fraei with 67, Bill Crook with 68, and George Kirk with 69. Malcolm Wood, Stuart Taplin, Andrew Lawler, George Kirk and James Elworthy had two’s.

The 2014 Club Championships are now in full swing. The first round of the men’s matches have been completed and the ladies matches are starting this week.

MGC News 25/08/14

By Kevin Campbell

At long last the weather is starting to settle down which in turn is bringing smiles to the faces of the golfers. The match committee can stop pulling their hair out now as all matches are being played on time.

The lefties / righties tournament was held recently which proved to be very successful and mainly dry weather-wise. Of the locals to feature in the prize list, Shane Hartnell and partner Andy Small won best Nett on the day with Tora Boyne and Wallace Millar runners-up. Nigel Messenger, a mate of mine from over the hill and his partner Jim Walsh were 3rd Nett and Derek Stephens and Peter Hudson finished 4th Nett.

The women’s division was won by Mariana McDermott and Audrey Messenger; the fourth year in a row they have been playing together.

The Grumpy’s numbers are static – Terry is very pleased with what’s going on. There is a new winner every week either from the top or from the bottom of play; it usually depends on how Terry played apparently.

Both 9-hole and 18-hole ladies enjoyed a successful combined day recently. “Las Vegas” Ambrose- style was the order of play and an enjoyable day was had by all.

There was a minor miracle on 23 August when Lance Phelps got out of his truck and played Andrew Lawler in their senior championship match. Lance won 2/1 but Andrew said it was one of the most enjoyable games he had played. It is great to see matches have been started in the various divisions.

Good numbers still turn up for Thursday Club every week; I noticed that Reuben Crook won with 45 points one Thursday, unbelievable!

September is another busy month for the club with the 36 Hole Mixed Fours Stroke-play (AB Martin Cup) tournaments and the ever popular Lamb & Chardonnay Open Ambrose.

Good Golfing & Good Luck

Bottle O Leftie/Rightie Results



1. Brendon Curtis & Paul Fairweather                                  147

2. Jeff & Andrew Wood                                                            152

3. Johny Shu & John Mitchell                                                  156

4. Owen Enoka & Brian Pengelly                                            161


1. Shane Hartnell & Andy Small                                              134

2. Tora Boyne & Wallace Miller                                              135 (C/B)

3. Nigel Messenger & Jim Walsh                                            135

4. Derek Stephens & Peter Hudson                                       138

Net Ladies:

Mariana McDermott & Audrey Messenger                           160

Net Mixed:

Jo Bird & Graeme Dick                                                            140 (C/B)

Nearest The Pin AM only:

#6:    Nigel Messenger

#8:    Pat Melaugh

#12:  Corran Crispe

#16:  Andrew Wood

36 Hole Stroke Play Results

MGC 36 Hole Strokeplay Results played 27/07/14

SENIOR GROSS: Lyall Callaghan -149

INTERMEDIATE GROSS: Bevan Sweeney – 168

JUNIOR GROSS: – Terry Blacktop – 177

JUNIOR B GROSS: – Trevor Peterson – 211 (Bellingham Cup)

BEST NET: Bill Crook – 135 (South Wairarapa Fuel Services Trophy)

MGC News 30/06/14


There were 27 players in the Grumpy’s last week, another good turnout. The winner was Mark Trafford who was a very ‘happy chappy’ as it was his best golfing round ever.

The 9 hole ladies played a Stableford round and the winner was Honor Clark. Barbara Cox was runner up and third was June Sugrue who also got nearest the pin.

45 turned up for Thursday Club and the winner was Ailsa Griffiths with a massive 45 points. Runners up were Sandra Petersen and Malcolm Wood with 43 points. Bill Jones, Bob Tosswill, Sheldon McNamara and Alison Sim all finished with 40 points. Nick Allen, Andrew Lawler, Edward Elworthy and Doug Clark finished the prize list off with 39 points. Ali Holmes had a round he would rather forget.

Saturday’s bisque par was won by Shane Arndell with a brilliant plus 9. Young Caleb Everson was runner up with a very good plus 8. Guy Walmsley was plus 6 and Derrick Thorley finished plus 5. Guy Walmsley and Bob Tosswill scored the only twos and Trevor Prescott took out nearest the pin.

Not too many turned up to play the Chicago Stableford on Sunday but a very good contingent from Featherston enjoyed the course.

The winner was Garry “Banjo” Paterson with 40 points. Club Captain Ro Griffiths was runner up with 38 points. Bruce Ward and Chris Rendle both finished with 37 points.

The next major happening at the club is the Lefties/Righties tournament on Sunday 17 August sponsored by Bottle-0 and entries are now being taken for this ever popular event.

Good Golfing & Good Luck

Kev C

MGC News 27/06/14


26 Grumpy’s turned up last Tuesday to play in dismal weather. The competition was won by Ed Houlter with a very good 42 stableford points. It is quite fitting that Ed won as he travels in from Tora and is always the first one to arrive at the course.

It was a putting and shoot out round for the 9 hole ladies and the winner was Louise Lyster with an amazing 14 putts. Runner up was Natalie Donaldson with 17 putts on a count back from Honor Clark. Honor also had the only two on the Susan Stephen sponsored 16th hole.

Numbers were down quite a bit for the18 hole ladies from previous weeks. However Marilyn McKenzie, Lyle Griffiths and Sandra Petersen all shared a Nett 75. Laraine Nix finished with a Nett 76.

Thursday club and here 39 played in pretty good conditions. Matt Thomas was the eventual winner with 46 points and took out nearest the pin as well. Trevor Hawkins and Nick Allen shared second spot with 43 points each. Roger Parkinson had 42; Bill Jones and Guy Walmsley both had 41 and Sandra Petersen had 40 points. Ailsa Griffiths and Graeme McIsaac finished off the prize list with 39 points. Unfortunately Sandra Petersen’s hubby Trevor had a miserable round.

The members only mid winter Ambrose on Saturday attracted 72 entries which was an excellent turn out and made for a successful tournament despite the treacherous wind conditions. The winners were Malcolm Wood, Terry Fraei, Mark Lucock and Lyall Callaghan with a very impressive Nett 54.7. Great to see Lyall back and he’s still in top form. In second place were Terry Blacktop, Bill Crook, Reuben Crook and Wayne Hunter with Nett 58. Nick Allen, Sheldon McNamara, Bruce Ward and Dean Schaef were third with a very good Nett 58.9. Colin Whibley-Smith, Caleb Everson, Paul Collins and Derrick Thorley had a Nett 59.8. Nearest the pins ladies were Bernadette Pither and men’s Caleb Everson.

The earlier tee off time for the tournament proved great and the spirit in the club house at the conclusion of the tournament was one of camaraderie and friendship; all in all a great day was had by all.

Good Golfing & Good Luck

Kev C

Harry Kershaw 4Some’s 2014

  1st Rnd 2nd Rnd 3rd Rnd Final
Sd 5.07.14 19.07.14 2.08.14 23.08.14
1 Scotty/O’Dwyer
16 Bye Scotty/O’Dwyer
8 Whibley-Smith/Collins  Paterson/Lind
9 Paterson/Lind Paterson/Lind
4 JT/Stewart  JT/Stewart
13 Malneek/Colton JT/Stewart  (WINNERS)
5 Tora/Hartnell  JT/Stewart
12 Griffiths/Cuttance Tora/Hartnell
2 Wardy/Fraei
15 Bye Wardy/Fraei
7 Blacktop/Jones  Blacktop/Jones
10 Hudson/Wood Blacktop/Jones
3 Crook/Crook  Clark/Petersen
14 Clark/Petersen Clark/Petersen  (RUNNER UP)
6 Goodley/Eberlein Clark/Petersen
11 McNamara/Schaef McNamara/Schaef