Men’s 72/36 Hole Open – Results

Results   Men’s 72/36 Hole Open 2013
72   Holes 
Div 1 Best Gross 1 Thomas Spearman-Burn (285) Div 1 Best Nett 1 Caleb Kahui (281)
2 James Donnelly (287) 2 Brendon Curtis (284)
3 Tony Russo (292) 3 Steve Lyall (284)
4 David van Drimmelen (286)
Div 2 Best Gross 1 Bill Crook (311) Div 2 Best Nett 1 George Wilkins (274)
2 Jack Clout (315) 2 Walter Barber (282)
3 Graeme Orchard (318) 3 Josh Kahui (283)
4 Reece Everson (284)
36 Holes
Div 1 Best Gross 1 Derek Stephens (159) Div 1 Best Nett 1 Bob Goodley (135)
2 Doug Clark (160) 2 Andy Morison (141)
3 Anthony North (160) 3 Jack Stephens (142)
4 Bill Jones (143)
Div 2 Best   Gross 1 Kevin Kelly (186) Div 2 Best Nett 1 Vernon Boyce (141)
2 Raymond Matthews (187) 2 Lachie McLeod (143)
3 Neville Goldie (190) 3 Gordie Ritchie (144)
4 Roly Ellis (145)
Best Gross Overall Best Nett Overall
Round 1 James Donnelly (70) Round 1 Walter Barber (66) c/b
Best Gross Overall Best Nett Overall
Round 2 Thomas Spearman-Burn (69) Round 2 Bob Goodley (65) c/b
Best Gross Overall Best Nett Overall
Round 3 Tony Russo (69) c/b Round 3 Zach Boyle (66)
Best Gross Overall Best Nett Overall
Round 4 Thomas Spearman-Burn (72) Round 4 Jack Clout (67) c/b

Men’s 72/36 Hole Open – Draw

2013 Martinborough Men’s Open

72 & 36 Hole Stroke Play Tournament

Martinborough Golf Club
Saturday 5th Oct – Sunday 6th Oct

Draw for Sat 5th Oct

Tee No 1 am Tee No 9 pm
8.00 T Spearman-Burn J Donnelly 12.30
8.07 T Russo T Shaw M Ursin 12.37
8.14 J Warrington S Lyall D van Drimmelen 12.44
8.21 a Boyne Everson S Elers
Tee No 9 am Tee No 14 pm
8.00 C Kahui Z Boyle C Elers 12.30
8.07 M Oliver B Bernard B Curtis 12.37
8.14 J Warner B Crook J Clout 12.44
Tee No 14 am Tee No 1 pm
8.00 B Pengelly B Goodwin G Orchard 12.30
8.07 J Kahui C Everson G Wilkins 12.37
8.14 G Lovejoy A Lawler G Kahui 12.44
8.21 C Pursglove M Quinn R Griffiths 12.51
Tee No 1 am
M Williams M Hatrick 11.30
A North M Lucock D Clark 11.37
G Watt B Jones D Stephens 11.44
I Stewart G Pearce A Morison 11.51
Tee No 9 am
B Goodley W Mowat W Press 11.30
J Talyor J Stephens K Kelly 11.37
N Goldie T Fraei R Matthews 11.44
Tee No 14 am
G Kershaw P Barrett J Welch 11.30
D Kershaw G Ritson D Scrimshaw 11.37
T McLaughlin P Stevens S Cranfield 11.44
V Boyce L McLoed R Ellis 11.51

Warm on the Course

It would appear summer is just around the corner as the warmth has brought a few more to the course in recent days.

24 Grumpy’s ventured out last Tuesday which was won by popular leftie Ray Lind and no jugs were recorded for the third week in a row.

Carole Butler won the 9 hole ladies putting and shoot out round on the 14th, new member Juliana Allen was second and Sherryl Howie was third. On Wednesday 21st a nett round was played and Jill Colton won on a count back from June Sugrue on count back and Jenny Tucker was third on another count back. Katherine Lawrence and Juliana Allen were closest to the pins.

To the18 hole ladies and here Louise Smith easily won with a Nett 66. Karen Shaw was runner up with a Nett 71 and Jenny Boyne was third with a Nett 72. Diana Donald and Jude Gould were fourth equal with a Nett 73.

38 turned up for Thursday club and the winner with 45 points wasAsh Reed. Bob Goodley also showed good form to come second with 43 points. Matt Thomas and Graham Jacobson were third equal with 41 points and Ro Griffiths had 40 points together with niece Ailsa. Matt Thomas won nearest the pin.

The final of the Harry Kershaw Plate was played on Saturday and the winners were Malcolm Wood andAsh Reedbeating Bill Crook and Colin Whibley-Smith. The Stableford comp was won by Bill Jones with 40 points.Ian Hendersonand Graeme McIsaac finished second equal with 39 points. In fourth place and a welcome return to golf were Ted Peacock and Bob Goodley. Nearest the pin which is now sponsored by Jeff Barber of Property Brokers wasIan Henderson.

Medal, Putting and Shoot out was the comp for Sunday and the winner was Stuart Taplin with a Nett 66. Terry Fraei was second with a Nett 66, while Bruce Ward and Bill Crook were third equal with a Nett 67. Bruce, George Kirk andIan Hendersonall had twos.

Coming up this weekend is round two of club champs and a Stableford on Saturday and a South African Stableford is planned for Sunday.


Good Golfing & Good Luck

The Latest News from KC

Club Update – 29 July 2013

Bob Tosswill had one of his best rounds for awhile last Tuesday and was the winner of the Grumpy’s competition.

The 9 hole women played a par round and the winner was Leonie Wilde. Runner up was Katherine Lawrence, Sandra Burgess was third and June Sugrue was fourth. Leonie was nearest the All Teed Up sponsored hole while Ann Renall won nearest the pin on #16.

The 18 hole ladies played a Nett round and the winner here was Marilyn MacKenzie with a very impressive Nett 66. Bindy McLeod was runner up with a Nett 73 then Karen Shaw and Diana Donald were equal third with Nett 74. Karen Shaw was nearest the pin on the All Teed Up sponsored hole and also got the only two for the day.

40 played on Thursday in splendid conditions and the winners with 44 points were Sandra Peterson and Caleb Everson. Brother Reece was third with 43 points. Then on 40 points were Malcolm Wood, Darren O’Dwyer and George Wilkins and Ro Griffiths with 39 points was seventh. Nearest the pin was Lance Phelps and it was great to see him back playing again. Twos were scored by Matt Thomas, Reece Everson and Guy Walmsley.

Saturday’s shoot out for the best Nett and putting was won by Roger Parkinson and Malcolm Wood with a Nett 65. Walter Barber was third with a Nett 66. Bob Goodley and Reece Everson with Nett 67 were fourth equal. Ian Stewart, Bill Jones and Roger all scored twos but Chris Rendle did not have a very happy day at all.

Sunday’s shoot out was won by Lyle Griffiths with a superb Nett 63. George Wilkins who had a DNF on Saturday was second equal with Ro Griffiths with a Nett 67.

Terry Fraei, Wayne Hunter and Walter Barber all finished with a Nett 68. The putting was won by George Wilkins however the highlight of the day was Club Captain Ro scoring a hole in one on the 16th hole and funny-man Phil Eberlein had a round he would rather forget.

Coming up this weekend is Round 3 of the Harry Kershaw 4’somes on Saturday (3 Aug) and names are still being taken for the 36 Hole Strokeplay Championship which will be held on Sunday (4 Aug).

Good Golfing & Good Luck – KC



Weekly report – September 3

At long last the course is starting to dry out with the result that apart from Tuesday’s Grumpy’s the fields are starting to fill up.

Ladies 9 holers played a Par round and the winner was Carole Butler with 2 up. Runner-up with a par round was Honor Clark and third was Juanita Edwards who was 2 down. Carol Parkinson won the Property Brokers nearest the pin.

The ladies 18 holers played a medal round. The winner with a Nett 70 was Marion McKenzie. Runner up was Jane Terpstra with a Nett 71 and Jenny Wilkie was third with a Nett 72. Bindy McLeod won the putting from Shirley Rattray and Jane Terpstra. Closest the pin on #6 was Lyle Griffiths and on #8 was Jenny Boyne.

The Thursday turnout was brilliant; 46 played and the winner with an impressive 48 points was Bob Goodley. Runner up was Ash Reed with 45 points and third was Bill Jones with 43 points who is once again showing a bit of his true form. Ro Griffiths and Graham McIsaac finished their rounds with 40 points while at the bottom end of the scoring was Whitney Griffiths. Nearest the pin went to Matt Thomas and there were ten two’s.

So to Saturday and the winner of the Stableford round was Doug Clark with 44 points. Runner up with 41 points was Adrian Blackett, good to see him back. Bob Goodley and Bill Jones also had 41. Malcolm Wood got Bill the Builders nearest the pin and there were four two’s.

It was another good day on Sunday with over 40 in the field. George Wilkins and Patrick Pedlow were joint winners with 42 points and Andrew Lawler was third with 41 points followed by Roger Parkinson on 39. Andrew and Patrick struck the bird nest having two twos.

On Sunday the course will be closed for the Cancer Tournament.

Good Golfing & Good Luck 

Weekly report – August 27

Although the course is playing very heavy at least some golf is being played but I was told the scores were rubbish from the Grumpy’s last Tuesday.

Marion McKenzie was the winner of the 18 holers on Wednesday with a Nett 73 and second was Jenny Wilkie with a Nett 75. Gretel Dick, Marilyn Mackenzie and Lyle Griffiths all finished with a Nett 76. The putting was won by Gretel Dick with 27 putts and Elaine Howe and Lyle Griffiths were second equal. Felicity Warren and Adele Cairns scored the only two’s.

30 came out and played on Thursday and the winner was Doug Clark with a very commendable 45 points. Bill Crook was second with 43 points, third was Roger Parkinson with 42 points and Peter Hudson was fourth with 40 points. At the other end of the scale was Martin Lawrence with 23 points, however he did get a two and Bill Crook was nearest the pin.

So to Saturday where a Bisque Par was the competition played and the winner with a very impressive 10 up on par was Shane Hartnell. Runner up was Colin Whibley-Smith on 7 up. Andrew Lawler, Derek Stephens and David Stevenson all finished on 6 up. David Stevenson, Terry Fraei and Colin Whibley-Smith all had two’s while Andrew Lawler struck the birds nest. Nearest the pin was Graeme McIsaac.

Sunday a Par round was held and the winner was Bill Crook who had a 9 up on par. Bill has had a great few days – runner up in the Thursday comp and placed third with Bill Jones at a tournament in Featherston on Saturday and he also struck the birds nest with Doug Clark on Sunday. Doug’s was quite something though; he had an Eagle 2 on the 7th hole. Ian Stewart finished third with a 4 up on par and Tora Boyne and Ro Griffiths were 3 up. Malcolm Wood, Ro Griffiths and Graham Jacobson all scored two’s.

There are still openings for the Lamb & Chardonnay Tournament and entries are also being taken for the Men’s 72 hole Open in October.

Good Golfing & Good Luck